Nintendo Wii: Check Out This Resident Evil Value Package For Wii

Capcom is reissuing Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles in an exclusive bundle for Japan. The Biohazard Chronicles Value Pack goes on sale in Japan for 3,990 yen ($51). Is this something you would pick up if it came to the West?


  1. good idea, but were all focused on RE^ , this would be a good idea if you never played the games and you wanted to try both

    1. They don’t suck, their just a different style. They are on the rails which isn’t the best, but it can still be pretty fun and challenging.

    2. No, I agree. Even for an “On-Rails Shooter”, those two games were pretty bad. I enjoyed the first one for a couple hours before it got stale, but to each their own, yeah?

      And to answer the article’s question: No. No, I would not buy this.

  2. I played the 1st one and thought it was quite good! Never got around to the 2nd one as I heard it wasn’t as good. I’d buy this without a second thought if it came to the UK though. :)

  3. i’m gonna stop following this site if you can’t type a proper article. capitalizing every word and using lousy grammar isn’t proper. i don’t what class you took on this topic. but you either had a lousy teacher, or failed it.

    1. The article didn’t have any mistakes, with the exception of an extra word in the last sentence. All of the capitalizations are meant to be there because they are part of the titles of each game. Your post, on the other hand, had six errors. Your last sentence is an incomplete thought, the word “know” is missing in one of your sentences, and four sentences of yours start with lower case letters, dummy.

      1. Jim, you just got served.

        Well played Kevin!

        On topic: I would definitely get this if it came to the UK. I never got a chance to try these games and I’m a big fan of the RE series! Never played the originals sadly. Only the NGC and DS ones.

  4. For a full price, no. Maybe $39.99 or something; then again, I have both, so I don’t care. It would be awesome if they re-released the remake, RE 0, and RE 4 in one package. I don’t have the first 2, but I have played them and liked them, specially RE 0 which has Rebecca as the main protagonist.

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