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Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Tops Pre-Order Chart

The special edition Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword box set has become the number one pre-ordered item at GameStop. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle includes The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a music CD soundtrack, and a Gold Wii Remote for $69.99. Who’s already got this pre-ordered?


69 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Tops Pre-Order Chart”

    1. Sin&Punishment Conqueror

      Yeah man… limited edition I think… that Gold Wii Remote Plus is nice, even nicer that it’s bundled with a game especially because Flingsmash sucked (or at least that’s what I heard) and Wii Play: Motion seemed too casual to me. Before this all I really have Wii Motion Plus for is Red Steel 2.

  1. Ordered mine from today.

    I asked Game and they were ‘most’ helpful like they always are. Denying any existance of a Gold Wii-Mote or anything extra with the game. And told me if I pre-ordered then it would be for the ‘lite’ version if there are two versions.

    I was however told I could pre-order Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 or Modern Warfare 3…. *sigh*

    1. Sin&Punishment Conqueror

      Man… Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3? Two of those “3”
      games being shooters? Funny how they expect gamers to all be idiots buying a shooter game that’s exactly the same as last year’s shooter game (or any other shooter game really) for FULL PRICE!

      Zelda FTW! It actually works your brain, tells a good story, and puts you on an unforgettable adventure each time. Nobody would dare be stupid enough to say COD does all three of those things.

      1. All three of those games you mentioned were shooters. Not two. And have you seen battlefield 3? It’s not the same as “last years shooter”. If it’s not game of the year I’ll freak out.

        And I’m glad someone’s buying Skyward Sword. I’ve never been so uninterested in a Zelda game, and I’m a huge Zelda fan.

        1. Obvious troll is obliviously obvious.

          ‘A Zelda fan uninterested in SS’. Really? A true 1 to 1 motion control Zelda game with orchestrated pieces, enhanced swordplay, new story line based on the origins and creation of the Master Sword and you’re a fan who’s not interested? Come on you can do better than that.

          I have to agree as well with the comment preceding yours. While B3 looks amazing (some of the scenery and animation looks fantastic), it’s just another generic shooter bringing little to no originality or innovation to its genre. Granted the multiplayer looks really cool with the vehicles, but at the end of the day it’s just another online multiplayer shooter like CoD albeit a better single player campaign (from the looks of it) and ‘zomg’ realistic graphics. The majority of people that’ll be purchasing the game will be getting it cause its a wartime shooter with online playability and snazzy graphics. Just like half the other games swarming the market these days.

          1. Lol I’m not trolling anything. Just saying how I feel about it. While I do agree the market is flooded with brainless FPS’s I’m really looking forward to it. BF:BC2 was one of my favorite games of the last few years just because of how competetive and cool the team play felt.

            That’s just it. I’m not interested in a 1:1 motion controlled Zelda. The motion control thing is dead for me and I’m really ready for that fad to end. The story sounds awesome, and I think the graphic style will be beautiful even if it is only in 480p. I just know that I would not have a good time having to play it with full on motion controls.

            I probably won’t end up buying it, but I hope it sells really well after miyamoto’s comment he made at E3 about ending Zelda, and I’m ready to see what they do with Zelda on WiiU.

            And I am a huge Zelda fan. My only reason in buying a 3DS was for OoT 3D, and it was an amazing experience. I just started Master quest last week and am loving it.

        2. Also, I find it funny how Nintendo fans are always commenting how they hate sequels when their most famous franchises are sequels after sequel after sequel.

          1. but the difference is that nintendo franchises:
            1. don’t get a sequel every year (usually one game per console… which means every 3 years or so. There’s Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart Wii. And Mario Kart 7 (3DS). All of which play on different consoles. For Zelda games it’s even more, usually up to 5 years for a console title.)
            2. Every Nintendo Sequel is (usually) fundamentally different (just look at Zelda games. Look at Wind Waker, look at OoT, look at MM. Look at PH and look at SS. They bear no resemblance other than the mechanics and the dungeon system. It’s completely original content.)
            3. Not ever Mario game is a Mario sequel. I agree that mario is overused but other than him being the mascot games like Mario Kart and Mario Volleyball and Mario Baseball and Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy don’t have much in common.

            There is only one 2D Mario Jump’n’Run per Nintendo Console (New Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros Mii for DS, Wii and WiiU respectively. There is (usually) only one 3D Mario game per Nintendo Console (with the exception of Mario Galaxy which had a sequel on the same Console, which I am not going to defend.

            All the Mario Sports games aren’t even on the DS, but only on the Wii.

            4. Allright, Mario Party. You win that one. Wait nvm, there’s only one for DS and one for Wii.
            5. That is all. Please Consider it when you compare Nintendo sequels to games like CoD and EA Sports games.

  2. Gonna beat the game in one day XD

    yup, went in the other day and they were like, yeah, we have that as an available pre-order AND you can get it at midnight XD. Guess who’s not sleeping saturday/sunday the 19th/20th…though it would be fantastic if it were coming out the 18th in the us as well.

    1. Sin&Punishment Conqueror

      Better hurry boy! Get those Pegasus Shoes and RUN! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN! TO THE PREORDER PLACE! I did Amazon…

  3. I’d pre-order it from Amazon, but with the shipping and handling to Brazil and everything, the value rises to 208 dollars… :-/
    If anyone knows of a site with better fees, I’d appreciate it. xD

  4. I’ll not preorder until GAME actually updates the Zelda info. They’re always the last website I check (amongst others such as HMV, Amazon, Play etc) to actually update their Game info – And they’re a GAME website! They really need to start adding these details, or people will buy from else ware.

    1. I’ve never pre-ordered from them before, but I can say in my experience they’ve been very reliable for standard purchases. They’ve been speedier than amazon on many occasion. But I’ve preordered Skyward Sword from though. Slightly cheaper and also free 1st class delivery.

      1. I’d also recommend Shopto. You generally receive the games a couple of days early. I’ve been using them for a while and have always received great service.

  5. The only reason I got a Wii. Bought it on Tuesday an pre-ordered it the same day. This will actually be the fist Zelda game I play as soon as it gets released. Just finished Twilight Princess and am working my way to Windwaker for the first time to hold me over until then.

  6. Pre-ordered mine lat week. It’s supposed to be a limited edition bundle, but how limited will it be? I mean, people who pre-order it should get one, but what if too many people pre-order it? Do they have like a limit to how many pre-orders they will get or something? I’m just curious.

    1. I work at GameStop. Our system will automatically not list a certain game (like a collector’s edition) when it becomes unavailable to preorder. This varies game by game on when that is. Some games are given a time limit (example: you have to order it minimum 2 weeks ahead of time) OR when the manufacturer receives their limit on how many they are making (such as the Gears of War 3: Epic Edition because of each statue being individually made).

      So seriously, preorder any game you think you’re going to get as soon as you can since we can run out pretty quickly. For example, we are out of Dead Island. The only copies we have are the ones that were preordered (since they are the special editions, we couldn’t even sell them to other customers even if we wanted to). Sure, we’ve had a shipment or two of them, but they’re all gone same day. The number of copies we receive is completely based off of how many are preordered.

      So again, not trying to be annoying by saying this so many times, but please, preorder a game if you think you’re getting it (or even might get it) because you can ALWAYS cancel if you change your mind and get your money back.

  7. Now i just have to pre-order this. This is probibly going to be the last good Wii game until the Wii U comes out.

    If i find this bundle in my local game store, I just need to pre-order, I don’t have a Wii motion plus anyway.

    This already looks like a brilliant upcoming game!

  8. The bundle is still unavailable on Amazon DE… They have it listed, but without a price etc. I registered for the product notification though and will preorder as soon as possible!

  9. WANT!!
    This is such a great deal. I wish more per-orders were like this. When it’s made worthwhile for the player, then it’s a much better option to buy the special edition. That’s just me, though…

  10. I just preordered mine today!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) <—-can you tell im super excited?????

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  12. I pre-ordered my copy of skyward sword on the 22nd of last month at Gamestop before this limited edition stuff came around, should I still be getting the bundle? Like do all pre-orders of the game automatically become the limited edition bundle or do you have to specify?

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  15. i had it preordered months ago paid in full and today i went to gamestop and swithed the reservation over to the bundle pack

  16. OMG, I dont really think any game will beat Skyrim, hopefully it gets game of the year !! Bethesda is an awesome game company and Oblivion was awesome too !!
    My brother is pre – ordering it for his birthday, and I’m gonna pre – order Skyward Sword because I <3 Zelda !! I cannot wait for it's release !!

  17. To all haters out there … You may complain about how “shitty” the graphics are but Shigeru Miyamoto could’ve made the graphics as great as he wanted too. But he purposely made them like this to create a more classical experience during gameplay by using graphics the same as the ones in Wind Waker etc. And bobbross, you are truly not a Zelda fan if you are un – interested in this game, you are not loyal like the rest of us and do not know the meaning of being a “true fan”.

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