Nintendo DS: Level 5 And Studio Ghibli Show Off Amazing New Footage Of Ni No Kuni

Level 5 has released a trailer for the beautiful Ni no Kuni. The trailer is for the PlayStation 3 version of the game but Studio Ghibli and Level 5 have also worked on a version for the Nintendo DS which came out in Japan on December 9th. Personally I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking game, what do you all think?

Tip: Chris Smith


  1. this game looks very interesting to play. the visuals are amazing but don’t make the game. for me its the music and the game play mechanics that have to draw me into it.

  2. Soo a ds version instead of 3DS version??? Y??? That’s like kirby’s mass attack. I mean there needs to be more games for the 3DS…

  3. Level 5 have been one of my favourite developers ever since Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle. I’m really glad that they’re making a game that isn’t a professor Layton game. Although it’s a terrific series, i miss the wide open worlds they create, and mixed with terrific animators from Studio Ghibli, this is a game I will definatly have to get.

    1. Figured as much, but i’m glad that I have a PS3 to play it on. From what i’ve researched aswell it doesn’t seem there’s been a western release for the DS version yet, but the PS3 version will be coming to the west.

  4. The game looks beautiful, reminds me so much of Ponyo (Believe it’s the same artist?) and Eternal Sonata. After watching this, it just gave me the impression that it won’t be sold in the west. Learning that a DS version launched in Japan last year further confirms this… :(

  5. The only game I can compare this to would be Valkyria Chronicles; actually, I think VC looked better (the first one). Then again, we are only comparing visuals here.

  6. Do you really think it looks/will look anything like that on the DS ?
    You’re basically helping Sony, which I like, since I’m a big fan of both sides. Thanks ! (:
    And to the video itself, I really like the style of it. Looks something like a mix of The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, but still really different from both of them.
    I’d probably buy it for PS3

  7. This game has got Ghibli written all over it. It’s like one of their movies come to life (or rather, game life). Looks amazing–I’m always intrigued by games that use different art styles instead of high resolution textures.

  8. That looks amazing, if I had money and it came out in the UK i’d buy a ps3 just to play it :)
    The DS version probably won’t look as good

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