Nintendo 3DS: Second Analogue Stick Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

We heard the rumours and now it turns out to be true, Nintendo are adding a second Circle Pad and triggers to the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not a revised model as previously thought but rather an attachment that slides underneath your Nintendo 3DS system. Personally I’d rather have a revised model than the attachment but that’s just my opinion. What do you guys and girls think?

Thanks to everyone that sent the tip in!


  1. to be honest, it doesn’t look very attractive,
    it looks big aand clumsy. and it probably won’t fit in your pockets anymore.

    But, it’s better than a redesigned new console i suppose.

    But, as a compensation, it should also contain a larger battery in there,
    it looks a bit like a battery pack,
    I think it should contain a battery extension so we can play longer than 4 hours on the 3DS without having to recharge it every other minute.

  2. A revised version would be good as well maybe later on but the 3DS just came out and had a price drop and i don’t think they should be making revised models already because rly, one analog stick is good enough imo

    1. agreed. It’s not like Nintendo’s handheld success has been due to FPS… I don’t see what all the fuss is about. An attachment makes much more sense than a redesign at this point.

        1. I also agree. Nintendo would just be silly to release a revised model when the sales are picking up with the 3ds. I’m kinda happy they did it this way, I dont get why people think it’s uglyé. imo it’s just too big to fit in a pocket, and i can’t say I really caresince I prefer to put my console in my backpack. Iit still registers steps accurately.

  3. Depends on how comfortable it feels. I’m glad they didn’t make a new model, considering I’d be really disappointed because I got my 3DS about a month after the release. Let’s hope, then, this feels right and isn’t very expensive or faulty.

  4. I hope they do revise the model, that attachment looks plain ugly ):
    Definately can’t see me out and about with that attached

    1. Seriously it’s not about looks its about functionality. the fact of the matter is if they did a whole new redisign you’d have to pay for a new model as well because your newer games wouldnt work on the old model. This is cheaper for the comsumer and solves the problem all at once. this is gaming not a fashion show.

    1. you need to understand that its not about looks its about functionality. i’d much rather have this then have to buy a new system when i paid the launch price for mine.

      1. I’d rather not have to pay at all for more than I’ve already paid to get the “full” system that I paid for. I just hope this add-on is completely optional to make some games better. I don’t really care if it looks “ugly”, however i do care that it looks very uncomfortable.

  5. I’d say offer both, make the new 3DS’s with 2 analogue sticks, but also offer the attachment so people who already own a 3DS don’t have to buy a new one for certain games.

    1. I got a better idea trade in our old 3ds and get the revised model for free! If there is going to be any

  6. Meh, I probably won’t be playing any games that would make a lot of use of it anyways. I don’t mind the extra width, it might make it easier to hold for longer periods of time I’d say.

  7. It looks weird. But it would b nice 2 get a revised model. But what of us early adopters? Do we get credit towards a new 1? That’s probably why it’s just an adapter. We shall see on 9-13.

  8. I think it looks awful to be honest, i imagined they would have designed something small and simple but this looks ridiculous, dont get me wrong i adore the 3ds system and i will probably grow to like this (depending on the games available for the new control stick) but its a very ugly piece of kit, hopefully it wont be too expensive

  9. Since I’m not made of money and about a year later they’ll have a fully revised with the pad (opinion). I like this better! *sigh of relief

  10. I think that it’s not a bad idea to have a slide-on. And a revised model this soon after 3DS launch and especially after the price cut would be unwise. Stocks will definitely drop for Nintendo. Which will be sad :( So I think it was a good move by Nintendo. Though yeah, I too would have preferred a revised model XD

  11. I bet people are about to complain about it, though I’m not sure why. It’s better than announcing a new 3DS. Plus, you don’t have to buy it. I’m sure that if there are games that make use of that circle pad, you can opt out and use the touch screen instead. Sort of how certain games for Wii can use the Gamecube controller, but also the Wii remote.

  12. does look a bit silly.. but I’m glad there’s no revised edition :) I agree people will be more willing to use it if it serves as a battery pack too! Additionally what about bundling it with games that can use it in future?

  13. Really happy about this. Not having a revised model for it means that it doesn’t fuck over the ambassadors, and it’s only ten bucks so no issues tbh. Width is a little annoying, but I’m sure you can detach it when you don’t need it.

  14. I’m glad it isn’t a revised model so I dont have to pay another sum of money to get the new 3DS that wouldn’t have much more than the slide pad/extra shoulder buttons. I think this is a great idea because it likely won’t cost too much, won’t be THAT uncomfortable (even if it LOOKS clunky-ish), and at least you’re getting one. They could have chose to not ever make a second analogue stick just like Sony did with the PSP. So pretty much this is more of a gift to you. So top complaining bitch ass ho.

  15. Thank god I didn’t buy it yet, I would have been very disappointed with that fucking soap dish stuck to my system, and I hope that new model has more than just the second circle pad, bigger screens anyone?

  16. Hmm… I think, for now, it’s best to have an attachment rather than a revised version as the 3DS is fairly new since not many people have it. I think the attachment idea is great. Eventually Nintendo will create a more advanced system that they will, hopefully, go over more carefully to eliminate the possibility of creating attachments. I really hope they re-make game cube games!

  17. This is a bit of a desperate ploy I think. They should have waited like 2 years and released the 3DSi with a second circle pad in my opinion. It looks horrible and whilst still more portable than the PS Vita in my opinion, it just looks trashy and annoying. I’d buy a new console in a year or two if they released it rather than attach this to be honest. I know what they’re trying to do, it’s like the Wii Motion Plus attachment, but that wasn’t an inconvenience, this is.

    I’m glad they’re stepping up and adding a new circle pad, but this design is horrible, it looks clunky, even if it extends battery life and adds ZL+ZR buttons all that accomplishes is really kinda saying “Look we REALLY dropped the ball when we made this console and we’re looking at the bigger picture”.

    Obviously you’ll need this attachment to use it as a WiiU controller too, I’m surprised no-one else has mentioned it until now, but I gotta say this just smacks of desperation by Nintendo, the price drop was bad enough, but they got through that relatively unscathed.

    If they released a new console later down the like “WITH” the ability to transfer my data from on 3DS to another I’d buy it in a heartbeat, this looks clunky and bad though.

    1. its like they never saw this coming, i mean you were competing with the god damn PSP. and i totally agree, they should of waited 2 years or so for the new 3ds with everything in it, i dont care if by playing with the touchscreen as a left anolog gives you a risk of carpel tunnel . this is just commercial suicide, ppl gonna think its ugly and are going to look at the psvita side, depressing. all that comes to mind is “what are nintendo doing?!”

  18. So let me guess, I’m GOING to have to buy this because there are going to be some games that require right? Dang it, that’s just stupid, the thing looks big and bulky, clumsy, and uncomfortable to hold. I don’t like it.

  19. They had better make it an attachment. They will severly piss off users of it if they made you buy a new console just to play games that should of been playable on the first one. Unless nintendo would of offered an upgrade for free that is. Even still they’d piss off the users if they did that. So yes this is a wise move for them.

  20. OMG thank god it’s not a revised model. I would feel like Nintendo is giving up on the old 3DS. This is good, I like it. Except it looks kinda funny.

  21. who gives a fuck what it looks like? the 3ds is getting a 2nd analog thats fine by me. and it will not be more comfy to hold and fuck anyone thats sayin nintendo just copied sony. sony took the idea of duel controls from nintendos VB and the N64s Stick.

    1. who gives a fuck what it looks like? a lot of ppl, portables are mean to be light and trim, this is just big for no reason. and come one buddy stop with the “sony took this shyt” stuff, at some point all consoles needed anoloug sticks

  22. It looks really clunky and huge… And not to mention I doubt I’ll be able to put my LoZ ocarina of Time case on anymore:( God I don’t want this on my 3Ds, but it probably isn’t an option.

      1. Any confirmation from Nintendo itself? Also, come on now, look at that second analog stick and compare it to the left one

  23. if they wanted an extra stick they should have put it on during launch .. but does nintendo ever get shit right… NO … That looks clunky an i highly doubt it will change any of the games. they need to stop tying to make 3ds a frickin xbox controller an let it just be NINTENDO .. without trying to follow fads.

  24. A model revise would make Nintendo go broke, for sure.
    They couldn’t even sell the “first” 3DS before price drop so it would be just plain stupid to release a new revised version, which would be more expensive than the first one of course. Nobody would buy it. Would have been smart if they had two circle pads from the beginning, instead of wasting money for that attachment.
    Anyways, I’m fine with the looks of that thing, but I don’t think that there will be a lot of games that will need it. As long as they don’t release a revised version of the 3DS, I’m fine with it. And as I heard, they don’t plan on releasing a new version in near future anyway. I hope that’s true.

  25. If they decide to make a redesign with a second circle pad built in, then Nintendo better give us 10 N64 games and 10 Gamecube games for free or i won’t buy a Nintendo product again.

  26. We can all agree it doesn`t look good, but making a new 3DS model so soon will be a very bad idea, hopefully this attachment is not going to be expensive (it doesn’t look exepnsive)

    And i think, since Monster Hunter Tri G was announced with this in the magazine, it’s gonna be a bundle, the game with the attachment.

  27. Looks like s**t. Sorry but that’s the first thing that occurs to me when seeing this adapter. I don’t know how, but I always hoped the second slide-pad would be placed on the right side below the buttons. If it’s placed like that I honestly have no idea how I’m supposed to reach the abxy buttons. And in that case the addition shoulder buttons aren’t very helpful either. :(

  28. That looks cool. I’m glad it’s not a redesign, but rather, an add-on; that way, everyone gets to have it. Plus, with the new triggers, we get more buttons. I bet this is a strategy to get developers to have more games developed on the 3DS that could potentially Vita exclusives. My only complain would be that my Zelda case would have to go away for this to fit on my system.

  29. When the revised model comes out, I’m going to sell my 3DS for the new model. They better give us a discout. Like only pay ten dollars extra.

  30. Wow all I see is “oh it looks bad, it looks horrible”. I don’t give a shit what it looks like. If its doing its job shut the fuck up. At least now it would be more ease to play certain game genres, Especially Fps games. More third parties would be willing to make games if it works well.

  31. I’m wondering what Nintendo are planning to do with the second stick

    A lot of developers were disappointed with the lack of dual analogs, but by adding an accessory like this a year in, developers will have to choose between programming two control schemes, or limiting their games to one group of gamers.

    If you program single analog only, you may have to compromise with your control scheme. If you program dual analog, you’ll be excluding gamers who bought the 3ds and don’t have this ugly accessory.

    Nintendo have essentially created fragmentation on a single piece of hardware, and it could have been easily avoided if they’d had the foresight to include dual controls to begin with.

    My prediction, Nintendo are going to release a 3DS Duo ASAP to compete with Vita. It will be a slap in the face for early adopters, who will be forced to buy this accessory or miss out on the ‘full experience’ on new games, but it’s the only way that they can get hardware parity with Vita.

    I’m sure Nintendo know that here in East Asia we’ll play Monster Hunter on whatever platform has better controls… and that platform will sell millions

    1. So, did that stop Kinect or Move? NO :P Your forgetting that people WILL buy the attachment if they want a game, no problems there.

  32. I’m glad they aren’t making a revised model, it’d be really fucking annoying… seeing as I forked out $350 for a console that is now $250… 20 free games that I won’t ever use doesn’t really give me my money back, now does it… add-ons are a good idea… as long as they make a case that will fit it and not charge an arm and a leg, i’m happy =)

  33. I personly dont like the idea at all. the add on makes the 3DS look big and bulky, and its almost like the PSP with 2 analog sticks, but i think its good for people who are left handed.

    I was looking on N gamer said on Twitter about the idea when it was a rumor and they said that its a bad idea, many nintendo fans say its a bad idea, i say its a bad idea. We’ve already got an analog stick and Nintendo has possibly made another mistake again.

    Why is Nintendo making many mistakes with their 3DS recently, With the president having a 50% price cut, 3DS not selling as expected, and now people are complaining about the Second analog stick. Is it time to say it’s Game Over Nintendo?

    1. All companies make mistakes. Iwata took that price cut to make up for the loss in sales and help the transition to the price cut, yes. But the cut is working out amazingly for them (you should know the details by now. 3ds sales skyrocketed).
      Yes people are complaining about it. People complain about EVERYTHING. There are also people who like the idea, and some who are neutral to it. Point is, it’s an add-on. Tell me one way and add-on that you don’t have to buy can be negative? People who want it, use it and visa versa. There were a bunch of people who wanted a second one to make some types of games easier to play (FPSs for example) Now they are happy. I’ll say it again, don’t like it? Don’t buy it.
      There is no possible way for this to backlash. (unless it works well, one or 2 games, maybe monster hunter make it mandatory, and you have to shell out an extra 10 or more bucks for bundle. Not a big deal) Nintendo is doing a great job taking responsibility for their actions and listening to fans (again, calling it a bad idea doesn’t work logically, from our perspective for the most part). Game Over? Nintendo’s got a ton of continue’s stocked up. (sorry for ending that with a corny joke ;P )

  34. I’m planning on getting one of those Nyko batteries when I get a 3DS, I hope these two fit together.
    Otherwise, it does seem interesting. This may not actually break the theory that there is going to be a new model, this might be a way for people who own the first 3DS to access these controls.

    1. But if they’re releasing a new model, I’ll buy that instead. That second analogue’s position is just weird being just to the right of the buttons.

  35. That actually looks very comfortable. The 3DS is simply too “flat” on the back to feel good in your hands. This might fix that. And people saying this won’t fit in your pocket: It’s just as slim as it always was, just a bit longer, so no trouble there. And it’s WAY better than a new console ;)

  36. I personally think this is perfect. I don’t have to worry about buying a whole other system, and since it’s detachable, you can leave it at home when you don’t need it and want to save space in your pocket or whatever.

  37. Still unconvinced, especially because it looks horrendous and illegit, ill wait for an official announcement on the 13th or something…

  38. I better get a fee 2nd analogue stick attachment(I’m a 3DS ambassador which is someone who bought 3DS on a launch day) or I’m complaining to Nintendo.Why should we who have already bought a 3DS have to pay for a new analogue stick?

    1. How do you feel now about Nintendo adding a second analogue stick attachment to the 3DS?

      This was your comment in an article somewhere in this site about EA thinking the Vita has a better chance than the 3DS:
      Sean Bassett
      on August 26, 2011 at 8:36 am said:
      Well,OOT will obviously have better graphics than Battlefield 3 because Battlefield 3 and all them kind of games are crap and unreleastic nonsense
      Dual Analogues=unneccessary pointless nonsense from Sony.
      How can you cope without 3D?I love 3D.If a film I want to see comes out,I always have to go for the 3D option.3D rules supreme.
      3DS-1 PSP Vista-minus 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

      PSP Vita is a EPIC FAIL.

      Haha. Epic fail huh?
      So, having dual analogue sticks on a handheld is “unnecessary pointless nonsense” huh? I’d rather have dual analogue sticks right out of the box than to have an ugly, chunky cradle attachment like this. You’re trying to defend the 3DS’ single analog stick when the company who made it is regretting not putting a second one and now they’re releasing a second analog stick attachment! Thats… Weird.

      Well, do you think that this attachment is “unnecessary pointless nonsense”?

      1. i for one dont see the point of a second analog stick, i’ve yet to see a game that uses it for anything more than a camera gimmik. not the best for that either so yes the system can do fine with out it and is honestly doing great with out it currently. Now if it was something like it added a whole new depth to combat like a scrolling inventory screen or was used a trigger for weapons fire, it might be different. But honestly adding it for a camera control gimmik is stupid. the can fix that by having movement dictated by the left stick and move the camera would be pressing and move the left stick. I actually think this attachment is a better solution than a whole new system int doesnt box you into using something you dont want.

        1. If it’s stupid, then why is Nintendo making this attachment then? And I was talking about the Vita when I said that I’d rather have a second analogue stick right out of the box, not a whole new revision of the 3ds.

          1. Because unfortunately the gaming market is flooded with idiots that think games like Madden and Fifa and FPS are good types of games. So they have to pander to these idiots because they are buying these horribly crappy games and allowing the market to be flooded with them. This couple with the fact that for some reason Nintendo products have been aimed towards the causal market instead of the actual market. Since Nintendo is trying to recover from a less than stellar launch of the 3DS they figure a little cheek kissing is in order. They are doing this by adding on stupid features to try and make it more appealing.

            1. I wouldn’t say FPS are bad games:
              Battlefield 3
              -Good Game 19.5/20 rubber chickens
              -Gamespot 8.5/10
              -IGN 9/10

              Call of Duty: Black Ops
              -Good Game 18.5/20 rubber chickens
              -Gamespot 9/10
              -IGN 8.5/10

              Halo: Reach
              -Good Game 18/20 rubber chickens
              -Gamespot 9.5/10
              -IGN 9.5/10

              There are much, much more, like Half Life 2, Bioshock 1 2 3, Call of duty 4: Modern Warefare, Doom, Unreal Tournament, blah blah blah. I don’t want to list them all; I couldn’t be bothered. It’s up to you if you want search them all up, though.

              First Person Shooters ARE good games. It’s your opinion for thinking that FPS’s are “horribly crappy” and people who like them are “idiots”. The gaming market is not flooded with Fifa or FPS’s or Madden… No… The Gaming Market is flooded with SHOVELWARE that are released at a rate of dozens upon dozens per month! (I’m looking at you, Wii and DS)

              Admit it, it’s true.

              1. You just made the point that fifa, madden, and first person shooters are shovel ware. They come out every year, the stories in all of them sucks, and the only difference from one to the next is the fact that they slightly tweaked the play system. Critics jobs are also to pander to the masses and have been proven that they are driven by mass opinion over actual fact. There have been many games that were way better than critics ever gave them credit for, and then games like castle crashes that sucked horribly and were critic favorites. Games like sports games are aboimnations upon the gaming industry and should be removed. shooters are just stupid with little story, no replay value you, and the challenge of trying to figure out which button to button next on your shirt.

                1. Did you even read what I said? I didn’t say that first person shooters are shovelware. I said they are good types of games. I’ve said it multiple times. Of course they come out every year, that’s what all games are supposed to do. Oh and why would sports games need a story, anyway?

                  So the critics’ rating on a game depends on people’s opinion? Then what about Castle Crashers? If it “sucked horribly”, then why are they critic favourites?

                  If shooters are just stupid with little story and no replay value, why are they soo popular? That means it’s the opposite. Offline and online multiplayer adds a lot of replay value to any game. The developers still make FPS games because there’s a HUGE consumer demand. They wouldn’t be making them if MOST people don’t like it.

      2. I’m really glad nintendo is making a second analog attachment… imagine more fps games!!!! woooooh! :D

  39. I’m down with this setup. Especially if it has an extra battery pack for longer play. The slightly larger form will help against cramping for my hands. Plus I might not need the second stick all the time. The added bonus is I won’t have to wait until a new model and give my old one to my wife. She can get her own when Mario Kart comes out.

  40. Wait, wait, wait … I just read that this will only be a bundle with MH3G and that’s all. This should be written in that article, is that true?

  41. I think it all comes down to how it feels. I don’t mind it looking a bit odd if it feels natural and enhances gameplay (or if it is actually required for some games.) I’d trade mine in for a revision though.

  42. Wow. Just wow. Nintendo is surely becoming very desperate. First, with the $80 price drop after the handheld has only been out for 4-5 months, & now with THIS news. They have a full year headstart on Vita, a FULL YEAR HEADSTART, & yet, they just keep screwing up time & time again.

    If anything, this is just pushing those like myself who doesn’t own a 3DS yet into buying a PS Vita when it comes out. I’m just not going to even bother with the 3DS until the inevitable redesign comes out for it. Ugh.

  43. I personally think that for the gamer who are used to controllers like the xbox and PS3 controller,then this will be brilliant,however if you are a PC gamer (like me) it will make it extremely diffiucult…

  44. I hope I dont have to buy 1 or isf there s a new version we should be able to trade in our 1 and get the new 1 for free

  45. This is confirmed via Nintendo UK. So, it is the real thing. Also, since 01Net is the one, that has been right all along, be it with their infos on the Wii U or this 3DS Addon, then I guess their other infos should be true too. Meaning: Nintendo is going to be launching a new 3DS by 2012. A 3DS, which is less focused on 3D and with two analog sticks. Just look it up, guys.

    I believed from the start, so I am not surprised, not one bit. Actually, since they have been right do far, I will wait to purchase the 3DS. If it somehow survives what is coming for it (huge dissapointment by the userbase), then I will buy the new revision.

    Suck it.

    1. okay first of let me say that just because i site has gotten something right once doesnt mean it’s a reliable source. Secondly um duh! of course they are going to make a revised version of the 3DS with a second analog stick. Just like they made the wii motion plus as a regular add on for the wiimote and then made a new remote for wii with it built it. it’s called progression. Odd are it wont be out untill late 2012 early 2013 or even 2014 simply because they’d have to sell most if not all of the remaining unites first and release the back log of styles and such for they system. However thinking that early 2012 is a bit optimistic. Finally dude, get over yourself. seriously grow up.

  46. Ps: I think offering this ugly piece of crap to early adop. and releasing the new revision for new buyers next year is the way to go right now. I do think Nintendo won’t recover from this, though. iOS and Android devices offer gaming and so mich more, and sell their games at 1/10 the price of their handheld counterparts, at least here in Europe. Nintendo dropped the ball and they’re trying to catch it again. It ain’t gonna be easy…

  47. seriously nintendo need to stop listening to bad press. A significant of people do not care. Trust me FPSes will work much better without the second slider

    1. You’re joking, right?
      The FPS games for the psp sucked because the psp didn’t have a second analogue stick. Just look at the FPS games for the PS3 and XBOX 360, they all use the second analogue. This leaves the right face buttons to be used for easy changing of weapons, etc. Sony learnt from their mistake and now they put a second analogue on the upcoming handheld.

      1. i hope you’re joking, shooters are a broken format to begin with. all the second analog stick is used for is turning the camera angle which if they had it move on its own or move with the player it would be fine. FPS’s dont need the mechanic at all. they could get by with out it.

  48. Can’t wait for the Vita :) You know the system that comes packed with TWO Analog Sticks out of the book as opposed to being forced to pay an extra 20$ to get a boat that looks like it was ripped from the 90’s

  49. I don’t believe it I do believe it a fake photo that was made up because the right trigger can’t be used in that way

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