Nintendo Wii U: Harvest Moon Producer Thinks Wii U Will Be Appreciated By Casual And Family Gamers

Marvelous Entertainment producer Tomio Kanazawa recently took some time out to speak to online gaming publication Siliconera about the company and its plans for Wii U. Kanazawa mentioned that he was extremely excited about Wii U but he also said that he’s unsure how much resources the company is going to devote to the console.

“For Wii U, we think it will be appreciated by casual and family gamers. We are looking forward to hearing how much it will target core gamers, as well. While we are planning titles for Wii U, in terms of how much we’re going to commit to it, we’re still thinking about that.”


  1. The WiiU better be more tailored to the Hardcore gamer, i’m all for the casual as well but the “U” part of WiiU is the whole point of the console, catering to the hardcore and not just bringing out party games and animal crossing feel games. We want titles like Darksiders 2 which was promised at E3 and much more.

    1. If it’s not tailored towards the core gamer, Nintendo will look like a “kiddy” company forever. The Wii U needs to be like the SNES was back in the ancient gaming times. That is my gamer wish.
      Core, core we want more!
      Core, core we want more!

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