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Nintendo 3DS: A Closer Look At The Official Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Peripheral

Here’s a few choice shots of the Circle Pad peripheral that was officially unveiled at the Nintendo 3DS press conference last night. As expected there seems to be mixed reactions about the device online. What’s your view on it?

110 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: A Closer Look At The Official Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Peripheral”

    1. I agree, although it’s pretty ugly. And not very portable. So I’m happy to play games on it, as long as I’m not in public ;)

    2. how about a built in battery extender so you can have a longer playtime but nope wont buy it because it will not support my nyko battery pak

    3. Agreed. I think capcom and nintendo did a good job on that one. It’s not that ugly imo, just a bit bulky but it looks comfortable. I will buy that instead of a grip.

  1. first
    pointless, bulky and off centre. I think the 3ds is fine how it is, and so does nintendo, because all the games listed that support this are 3rd party, and there are only 5.

  2. Are those R2 L2 triggers on the back? thats nifty, all have t say if its lightweight (like hte charging cradle is) I could care less how it looks, (which is kinda bad) as long as it plays my games alright.

    I play games cuz the games are fun, not because platform “looks good” otherwise i would have a iphone/itouch and play angry birds all day or something like that.

    1. yea i guess it could have used something else, but i guess its ok to have a separate power source, because if it used the same power as the 3ds, that means it will be using the charger port on the 3ds, and that means we can no longer play while its charging. So it really is a double edged sword.

  3. I think I’ll just wait for the next version of the 3DS that has the second circle pad already on it. I mean, this is cheep, I’ll improve the experience for certain games, and I like that Nintendo was quick in responding to the people that wanted the second pad. I personally never cared, which is why I’m willing to wait.

    1. Yep. This sealed me waiting another year till it’s all one unit. I’d considered getting a 3ds this Xmas but I was in no rush. This pretty much makes me want to wait.

  4. Nice, it will make the actual console bigger and easier to hold in my view as i tend to have quite large gaming hands, as much as I love the 3DS it does feel too small physically. Plus its probably better for Nintendo to release this then a new model of 3DS next year that would cost a lot more, I like it.

        1. yes but it will make games like monster hunter greatly improved control wise. if youve seen the bottom screen of this game, itll make you want this attachment, unless you want a worse control scheme than mp hunters

  5. It does look a little clumsy but I don’t hate it. I see it in the same way as the DS paddle controller Arkanoid used. I wonder how easy it is to clip on and off. My 3DS goes back and forth to the cradle daily and it doesn’t look like that will work with this on.

  6. i think they made a false with this thing they good shape it like a controler so you can you use like a gamecube controler if you understand what i am trying to say but i like it you don’t need it 100% so if someone want it he/she can take it without hesitation.. i think is good move from nintendo cauze it’s too early for new redesign and will piss of the exist owners if did that good job on that ninty…but i want to see a YOUTUBE APP god damn it nintnedo use you head one time and a thing like Skype they can use pictochat but in improved form online etc….

  7. I don’t think there will be a 3ds lite version since this peripheral came out, they are probably making/researching the next evolution of handhelds which is not “ds” related.

      1. Don’t think so. If they redesigned the 3DS, they would have to put little “protrusions” of the console on the back to fit the R2, L2 buttons. And then it would be very cluncky and hard to take around. This obviously is not meant to “stay” on the console while you take it around, you’ll need ot take it off and stick it in your other pocket. But to make a new model, they would sacrifice that portability that’s so vital, so I don’t see a 3DSi ever.

  8. I think this will be the final version for the 3ds since this peripheral came out. They are probably making/researching the next evolution of handhelds that are not “ds” related.

    1. You really think they only want a year or two out of the 3ds before coming out with a new handheld no related? Especially now that the 3ds is selling so well?

      Yeah that makes great business sense.

      1. Well I’m not saying it will last a year or two. I do think the handheld will last at least 3-5 years with this peripheral, but I think the ds style is getting old and since nintendo is all about innovation it makes sense that they are going to make a new handheld that will be revolutionary, and besides they need to keep the investors happy.

  9. I like it. It looks uncomfortable, but that’s what they said about Wii U, and yet they say it’s comfortable. From just an overhead view this add-on doesn’t look that great, but given side views, it looks good. I’ll be getting it for sure.

  10. My only issue is that it appears to get in the way of where a battery extension would usually go. Kind of a problem, as I want to have this on the 3DS all the time but don’t want to have to deal with the original battery by itself.

  11. Pros: Additional slide pad and Additional shoulder buttons,improved grip

    Cons:Runs off triple AAA battery,more expensive then say double AA,not a rechargeable unit it self,Design flaw on left top shoulder button,original 3ds shoulder butt on instead of plastic covering may change gameplay and feel

    i will probally buy this,anyone know of rechargable triple AAA batterys?

  12. I might be the only person that things this thing looks really comfy..
    I don’t mind getting this for cheap until the redesign inevitably happens (I’m thinking E3 will be the reveal)

  13. I smell a redesign coming by the end of 2012, second circle pad included.
    This makes me very reluctant to buy my red 3DS now, but .. I want to play OOT NOW so … oh well.

    p.s. this add-on is making it impossible for 3DS to actually be portable.. How weird would you look playing that on a subway / in a park / etc?

    1. Remember that the Wii U controller looked practically not usable, yet most if not all reviews of the device from E3 claimed it’s surprisingly light and fits well in one’s hands.

  14. i’m pretty content with it. though i don’t have a 3DS (yet) my brother does so i’ve played it some. the thing doesn’t look clunky and inconvienent. what i find inconvient is that it takes a AAA battery. why couldn’t it be one AA?

  15. It looks more comfortable than I thought. Also, for people wanting Nintendo to do a redesign instead, this is for every 3DS out there, so even if they redesign the system, no one will have to buy a whole new system to play games with a second circle pad.

  16. Who cares how it looks. If Vita had hello kitty on the back would you say it looks ugly and not buy it? No, and considering bulky, the Vita is more bulky than this peripheral lol! It’s just fine and it will encourage 3rd party support, stop complaining about nothing people!

  17. …. I think it’s a bit big, but I’ll live. I don’t like the R and L buttons attachments. I don’t want the 3DS to be like that. I don’t want it to feel like I’m holding a 360 controller or something. I want a 3DS.

  18. I’m sure a 3DS Lite or XL is due eventually with a built-in second circle pad and more shoulder buttons, but I’m glad we have something for the games that do offer it as opposed to “Sorry you’re screwed” like the few DS games that required an accessory in the GBA slot of the DS Lite, punishing those who had a DSi or DSi XL. Since we’re not required to buy it unless we really want to play a certain third-party game, I don’t really care about it. It’s just an accessory, not something you have to clip onto the 3DS every minute of every day.

  19. Looks better in these pics than the earlier photos. Though is there a reason for the L-shoulder to not be encased? I don’t have a 3ds so I don’t know what it’s be blocking?
    And do you think it could stil be used with the recharge cradle?

  20. It needs fuckin batteries!!! Well that will add to the cost but I hope it dosent cause issues I mean I need it to last a long time for power


    Man, Nintendo Wii always makes me mad when the batteries are running low and I don’t have extras in house and now you come with this shit AGAIN? Oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man……

    1. I’m not happy with it eather D: It’s like with my gameboy advance when you always needed to buy AA batteries with it. I was fed up then I bought the SP when it was released.

      Seriously Nintendo, Why not make it a charger also so you can put more life on your 3DS. That will drain that battery quick man D:

  22. Now do you need batteries for this add on? If thats so, I’m not going to be happy as it’s going to be like the game boy then when you need to put new batteries all the time :S

    Do you need those AAA batteries for this add on?!

    1. Yes, but just one. And you can get a AAA charger with 4 AAA’s for less than $20, and you’ll never need another battery again.

  23. this is just a accesory for a hand full of game atm nitendo would not make it mandatory for all games if they knew the people would not want it. i mean seriously what makes this addtion to add-on list than say the n64 rumble pak that wasn’t really needed though still sold signifacantly well. or the gb/gba link cables. all these things were put on the market to do certain things and for some people, they bought them others chose not to. if it will help make the gaming experience any better of more entertaining for those few upcoming titles that give you the option of using this new add-on then hell its worth a try who knows it might be darn useful as more titles come out all throughout next year as well

  24. i think it looks great and very comfy :D
    i will be using this even if the games don’t need it as the 3DS is small and you cant play for long with that design but with this it will fit in my hands perfectly! i was hoping it had a battery in it that expands the systems battery life though even if it would cost more :(

  25. I’m not bothered by the design, although, I personally don’t intend to buy it if it isn’t necessary. It actually looks like it’ll make the 3DS more comfortable to hold. I have tiny hands and even the 3DS cramps my hands when I play for a while. A little extra bulk/grip won’t hurt.

  26. That actually looks more comftorable to hold when you see it from different angles. But im weary that if I buy it and my 3DS in December that Nintendo will anounce a new model.

    1. Consider the fact that in order to add R2 and L2 buttons, a new model would need little “stuck out parts” on the back, which would make the system cluncky and hard to bring places. Also, try pretending the circle pad is under the A, B, X, Y buttons and pressing the R1 button at the same time. It’s VERY uncomfortable. So, you can buy this and have portability, control options, and comfort. Or you can wait for that even worse 3DS Lite, take your pick ;)

  27. I’ll buy this if it allows me to use my 3DS as a Wii U controller, it will be very nice because me and my sister both have a 3DS. Guess I won’t ever have to buy another Wii U controller 8)

  28. I’m going to buy it because it will be used with some of my favorite soon-to-come-out 3DS games. And it looks like it will fit nice in your hands.

  29. I like it. At least we don’t have to buy a completely new 3DS just for a 2nd analog pad. And I don’t find it ugly or something. And to the people calling it “not portable”.. Well, with the attachment the 3DS will be about as big as the DSi XL. Do you think the DSi XL is not portable ? No, you probably do not.
    And if I’m not wrong, I saw people complaining about how small the 3DS is and how hard it is to hold it for a longer timespan. I think you get what I’m trying to say.
    The only thing I don’t really like is the battery it needs.. But it’s probably better than using the 3DS’ energy, since its battery is running out too fast anyway.

  30. i think that they should make an add on, but find a way forit to not make the system bigger.
    and for the people who dont have a 3ds yet, they should be able to buy a model with two circle pads already on it. (ps. for the remake, add a couple of other new features too)

  31. O snap way I see it Nintendo basically came up with there own “dual analog strategy” like psv.

    they added another analog stick and two more trigger buttons so developers will certainly feel more at home with more buttons if they want to add extra support.

    AND now the 3DS-Wii-U controller functionality could actually be a reality
    unlike sony that said the psv could be used as a ps3 controller but theyre missing L2 and R2

    think Nintendo is #winning but sony could still make up for it,
    No fanboy, just logic :D

  32. Oh! This really looks like gaming with a powerful control, not so elegant but real men don’t care that! What excite me most is that having a 3DS would be at the same time having another Wii-U control with all capabilities!!

  33. I like this option. It is not required, but available, and it is quite affordable. I’d see this add on being something that would be good to keep at home for the particular games it was designed for, but not too convenient for travel purposes. For 20.00 bucks i’m getting one for sure.

  34. how? you dont need a second circle pad in this game. and it come out in like a month. if it was for this game then it would have been anounced

  35. I think that the way the extra circle pad looks kind of weird, but if they’re going to make games so players can play them with it, then it is ok with me.

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