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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Release Brand New Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword “Upgrade System” Trailer

Nintendo has just released a brand new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer which shows the game’s new upgrade system. The trailer shows how you can use items received by the game’s many different enemies to upgrade your weapons and items. The game is due to be released in Europe on 18th November and November 20th in North America.

54 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Release Brand New Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword “Upgrade System” Trailer”

  1. This might actually be the best trailer I’ve seen for Skyward Sword because really until now I hadn’t seen anything that particularly new in the game. I mean sure the combat will use the Wii Remote Plus which is great and all but what about the game itself, what new things are going to be in it, what will make this game different from the previous Zelda games? What will it improve on aside from the basic combat?

    This is a good sign, it’s not exactly a revolution in gaming but it’s a leap forward that Zelda just hadn’t taken until now, which is good.

  2. Love it! Loved the items in PhantomHourglass and love to improve my epuipments. Also the music is lovely.
    But this link-buy shure has got soft balls, the way he smashes on that bird everytime.

  3. Oh dear God this is looking awesome. I like how it seems every item is upgradable, that should add a lot of depth to the game and combat in general. Music is okay, although I don’t see quite how it’s fantastic.

  4. Absolutely HATED that system in Spirit Tracks. There’s nothing more frustrating spending 10-30 minutes or all of your rupees looking for item just to slightly improve your train. It better be implemented much better in this game

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  7. Upgrade system?? i already have my limited edition preorder completly payed off but this is an unexpected yet very good surprise… its nice to see Zelda games givin something new a shot… i have a feeling alot of gamers will like this

  8. Seems like it’s kind of a hindrance to gameplay, since you gotta go all the way back up into the sky and fly to the island, then enter that building and talk to the guy just to upgrade, but still a cool feature. Really looking forward to this game, if I do buy it it’ll be the first Zelda i’ve bought since Wind Waker

  9. this makes the game much more lively with all the people around, and epecially that catchy music makes it seem evem more lively

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