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Nintendo 3DS: Brand New Paper Mario Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo showed off a host of fantastic looking Nintendo 3DS games at its press conference including Paper Mario. Unfortunately the game still doesn’t have a firm release date but it will be coming to the console sometime in 2012. I’d say it’s looking rather good!

16 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Brand New Paper Mario Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Graphics look good enough. The thing that’ll make or break this game is it’s dialogue and story. If I can match up to the hilarity of the previous Paper Mario games then it’ll be a success.
    I have faith in Nintendo. They won’t screw up a Paper Mario game.

  2. The graphics look just as good / better than the Gamecube Paper Mario game which is amazing :D The more like the first two PM games it is the better – as I really disliked Super Paper Mario…Keep it more RPG-like please ^.^ Will be buying this the day it comes out – no exception.

      1. and don’t forget the Green Toad! :P Well, heck. We don’t know if that’s either a partner or just someone you escort to a certain place.

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