Nintendo Wii: Great New Kirby Returns To Dream Land Trailer For Wii

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the immensely fun Kirby Returns To Dream Land for the Wii. The other good news is the game is still on schedule to launch in the United States on October 24th and in Europe sometime during December. Enjoy!


      1. Same here, once it broke, I bought the game on Virtual Console.
        kinda wish this game had “combined” abilities and a sort of 2.5D level design like crystal shards did, but I’m still really psyched about this one. Hopefully this game will have some updated music tracks from Crystal Shards, I loved that game’s music. …. here I go, being all nostalgic again. xD

    1. Yeah only Kirby can copy but all four players can be a Kirby if they desire. But each character has it’s own advantages/fighting style.

  1. This looks amazing. I wish they would have made it for the 3DS too.
    I love the new powers and the ultra powers. That looks fantastic.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by Nintendo with a game’s soundtrack. And knowing the style of music they use in Kirby I am very excited for this game.

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