Nintendo 3DS: Flare Red Nintendo 3DS Coming To Europe This Month

There was a huge amount of news yesterday so I forgot to mention that the gorgeous Flare Red Nintendo 3DS will be coming to Europe! The new metallic red Nintendo 3DS will launch in Europe on 30th September. Anyone been holding out for this?


    1. Im sorry but the Green 3DS is fake for now, its edited, if you see the reflection its the orange one, why? Because orange is the best xD

  1. I’ve been waiting for the red version and a bit of money. The money I get a few days before the red 3DS is released :) Perfect timing for me.

  2. I’d like a different colour sometime, maybe this one, maybe a green, maybe a purple I don’t know.
    But what would I do with two 3DS consoles anyway, and I would probably lose my ambassador status on the E-shop.

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