Nintendo 3DS: Activision Says Adding Second Circle Pad For Nintendo 3DS Was A Good Idea

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive of Activision Publishing has told Industry Gamers that he believes the controversial second Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS is a good idea claiming that it opens up the platform to different styles of games.

“Your thinking is very similar to mine. It does make the hardware more relevant and compatible to the style of games we make,” Hirshberg responded. “I don’t have anything to announce in relation to that, but I think it was a great move and it opens up that platform to more styles of games.”


  1. If it was just the circle pad, I don’t think it would be that great, but the new shoulder buttons really help, I’m definitely getting it, specially if it comes in a bundle of some sort. Maybe with that Monster Hunter we hear so much about…

  2. I like how it’s shaped on the bottom… looks like a normal console controller, which means it will be more comfortable to play? :) Me like.

  3. I’m calling it now,
    CALL OF DUTY… 3D!!!

    But Nonetheless, I’ll probably get this and the 3DS for Christmas when some better games are out.

      1. 1. Go to
        2. Go to the recent news
        3. Go to 3rd party game list
        4. Confirm for yourself COD 3D is already confirmed.

        It’s coming, but doesn’t seem like it will require the new circle pad.

    1. Dude man vita is gonna have close to 100 launch titles. Gonna be amazing.

      MGS HD and Final Fantasy 10 HD are just icing on the cake for me to buy it.

      Sad thing is 3DS owners are paying the same as me just for MGS3D. I’m getting the whole damn collection minus 1 and 4

      1. You’re getting a disk with 4 roms dumped into it, we’re getting a single remastered game.

        There are way more than 100 titles in development for the 3ds. But they won’t come that soon. They won’t come that soon for the vita either, so don’t kid yourself. We’ll see how it turns out.

          1. Would you know how much a Vita game might cost? They seem to be quiet about it. I’m guessing $49.99, maybe more.

      2. last i heard it only had 25 confirm launch tittles , and maybe only 3 of them are worth buying, thats still 3 more then the 3ds had though lol

          1. not that i know of, but i feel like your trying to prove me wrong here, and i kind of dont understand why. yes it mighy have remakes, but atleast the vitas remakes are looking better than what the 3ds had, hell capcom remade sfiv for the 3ds but the vitas getting a MvC3 port, i love my 3ds but ive been playing alot more with my wii.

            1. Ah Vita, all it is right now is a port machine. At least the 3DS only had a few that were major releases.

              1. this is how you know your a fanboy. last time I checked the best 3ds games are actually remakes. like it’s been out for half a year now and it’s best game is ocarina of time which is like 10 years old…

  4. he so called says that he’s not mentioning any games being developed but I guarantee there’s gonna be a call of duty on it now. Maybe even battlefield, I wonder which one will jump on the opportunity first cuz i would sure get both.

  5. I always thought the 3ds was a bit too small… GOOD WORK, NINTENDO!!!

    P.S:(demonic voice) Vita will fall like the great kingdom of Alexandria… only it won’t be great at ALL!!! Muahahahaha!

    1. As much as I want to agree with that inner demon of yours (you might want to have that checked out),I don’t think Vita will fall. Everyone said that PSP would fall, but it didn’t. People said that the DS would fall… But it didn’t. People are saying that the 3ds will fall, but it won’t. I think the Vita will get a good three to four years in, but only one or two of those years will be good. The first year is going to be bad, just like the 3ds. Heck, there releasing about the same time, no Holiday rush for it. I think that the Vita will give the 3ds a run for it’s money, but it will have a one year head-start, and the Wii U coming out will destroy it.

  6. It is controversial , But Nintendo is going in a right direction with the attachment. This way it saves Nintendo into having to remodel the 3DS too soon and giving the finger to those who bought it at Launch, I’ll get this especially bundled with Monster Hunter

  7. Why did Nintendo have to make this thing so darn big? Just for one circle pad, jeesh. The system was already big enough. Kinda take the portability factor out of a portable.

    1. Notice that at the japanese ad when everyone was walking around with a 3ds, nobody had it in their pocket :PPP

    2. If you don’t want the little bit of extra size, then don’t get it. Besides, it adds shoulder buttons as well.

    1. More development time was required.

      So either it was really buggy, found a huge glitch or something. Not surprised, that’s from the maker of Smash Bros, and we all know how much Brawl was delayed.

  8. I’m one of the few who like it (though curiously fans approve, “professional” crtics don’t). If you don’t like it then don’t get it. It can’t be bigger than the PSP which was wiiiiiiide.

  9. There really shouldn’t be any complaints about the second circle pad. People who initially complained that it didn’t have a second circle pad were demanding an accessory like this.

    People like me, who were fine with using motion control for the cameras, felt that a second stick would be redundant, much like a third or fourth stick would be, but we simply wouldn’t buy it in that case.

    Everybody wins.

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