Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Will Feature Over 100 Minutes Of Cut Scenes!

Nintendo America has announced via Facebook that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii will feature over one hundred minutes of cut scenes. The game will also have a boss challenge mode and optional hint movies if you get stuck. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is out November 18th in Europe and November 20th in North America.


      1. It was announced to be 50-100 hours long. That’s a huge gap! You know what that means….

  1. Uh… Sickr, you left out the rest of the post… -and November 20th. Shouldn’t it be like this: -and November 20th in North America. ?

  2. im totally cool with 100 minutes of cutscenes…… but i hope that means that there is a massive amount of gameplay and the game is just really long

  3. That sounds really kwl, I hope this means the game’ll be really long, and also have an option to rewatch all the cutscenes like a movie once you’ve completed the game, just like Other M.
    Hint movies…. well I guess that’s the way some/most games are heading these days, such as New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong, and OOT 3DS, personally the harder the better (within reason) and I don’t think the hints should be too obvious. But I guess if people chose to watch them that’s fair enough, I liked it when I spent ages trying to work out puzzles in OOT (N64) (back in the day, which is still the “current day” for me ^_^)

  4. I love cute-scenes, I feel it helps tell a story so well. I wonder if there’ll be voice acting in it. I’m pretty excited to play it! I’ll have to hurry up and finish Ocarina of Time 3D and Twilight Princess!

  5. Nintendo is the Best!
    100 hours of gameplay. 100 minutes of cutscens. 100% AWSOME NINTENDO
    Only 65 days to this and Super Mario 3D Land
    Only 79 days till Mario Kart 7
    Only 102 ay till Christmas.
    Bring on the Games!!!

    1. Skyward Sword and Mario land 3d come out on the same day?? interesting.. thatll be a crazy day for nintendo im sure

  6. ok why does Europe get the game before north America. it’s usually the other way around. weird

            1. im just making fun at the first post..becasue i thought it was i made my dink comment as being sarcastic …….but your taking it over the top

  7. Urrgh… I hate lengthy cut scenes. As long as it’s just a big one at the start, another at the end and loads of mini ones in between then I’ll enjoy it.

  8. I would go to the extreme as to say that Nintendo and Europe are involved in some kind of sexual activity. I would guess is anal tho’ .

    BTW! Great news, this should be epic,and with link so beatifulyy animated ala WW and matured TP style the cinematics will f’ing blow us away! I’m sure of it xDDD

  9. That’s not so bad. It’s not like Kingdom Hearts 2 where there’s over 9000 minutes of cut scenes.
    As long as the game has lots of good gameplay and is addicting like all other major Zelda titles, I won’t have a problem.

  10. If we get 100 minutes of cutscenes, I can only hope that they will be of the same quality as the Lanayru Vision cutscene from Twilight Princess. I will fangasm until I BLEED if so. Also, at least 40 hours of gameplay please; Twilight Princess was way to short IMO, but had the potential to be even more amazing.

  11. With this kind of art style I really can’t complain. I will savor every minute of these predicted to be sweet cut-scenes.

  12. I reallllllly love the art style in this game… they took the watercolor approach kinda art stye.
    Im going to pre-order two…Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee………..Can’t waittttttttt………….

  13. I wonder if this mean Link will have a voice this game? Hope Zelda and Link hook up and have babies! Haha x

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