Nintendo 3DS: Harvest Moon Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS In October

Natsume has announced via Twitter that Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS sometime in October. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns will also be released on the Nintendo DS next week on September 20th. Which version will you be getting?


    1. And they shouldn’t have just made it a port to 3DS. It could’ve been an amazing 3DS only game if they developed specifically for it.

    1. ^This. It’s kinda weird too.

      …just like how Natsume made fishing interesting with the first two River King games. Then again it was an RPG where you got to fight stuff alongside fishing…the one of PS2 was a fail pile though.

  1. So glad they finally have a general timeframe of when it’ll be out! I wanted the 3DS version, they said they wanted to add some new things to it to make it worth getting the 3DS version, so I guess we’ll see what happens. $10 more for the 3D visuals and a bit wider of a screen isn’t too bad anyways!

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