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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Has Apparently Been Hacked

The Crown3DS is apparently the first flash cartridge capable of running 3DS software. The Crown3DS has been tested against the most recent firmware and reportedly works. The development team are currently busy testing the cartridge with a multitude of games but there’s no firm release date for the device as of yet.

112 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Has Apparently Been Hacked”

    1. Nintendo doesn’t store that information though (like a virtual wallet). I figured it was the homebrew finally taking off.

          1. Well….
            It is not exactly hacking, it is just taking the programs from it.
            Oh, wait…..
            Thank you, Dan Morrison, for that, and people, ACTUALLY READ THAT!

    1. Are you kidding? As it is region locked I won’t buy it until it has been un-locked so I can play English games & my wife can play Japanese games. In this day & age of international travel & life a region locked device is just silly. The DS lite had it figured out. Plays any games from anywhere. It’s not about piracy it’s about making the device user friendly. Nintendo are their own worst enemy sometimes.

      1. Nintendo are not actually able to do that. While its possible for them to do so, its illegal for them to do it as well.
        If the device doesn’t function as it is meant to, and is the not the direct result of third party software or hardware or negligence, then it goes against the terms and conditions not only of nintendo, but general sales.

        I’ll try and find the source of above, because i found it hard to put in words..
        Point is – you payed for the hardware, and never agreed to not use 100% certified crap in it, and nintendo don’t have the right to stop said hardware, unless you actually modify the hardware you purchased.

        They can attempt to block the cards though.

      1. yeah? where can we find it then? If you’re going to make a comment like that – at least follow up with a link – because as far as I know, you’re full of sh!t.

    1. nope, this is a win only for piracy. This cannot be used for homebrew, and will be patched quickly either way. Unlike the Wii, they can and will release sweeping changes to the 3DS to block software exploits.

        1. Honestly, 100000% of flash card users use them for pirating, and 10000% of flash card users lie about pirating over the Internet (realistic percentages.) You can only control what you do. Unless you work at Nintendo and can automagically self destruct piraters. If so, Y U NO RELEASE GOOD GAMES AT LAUNCH! I WAIT MONTH FOR GOOD GAME!

        1. And why do game companies charge so much for games. Cause people too cheap to pay for a game steal them by illegally downloading them. Even old games are copyright protected.

  1. I imagine there would be some difficulty with hacking 3DS games. For example, most 3DS games use streetpass and stuff, so games that use those features might have some issue playing on the 3DS depending on how they were programmed. Or they might start doing some sort of spotpass DLC like the Dead or Alive Dimensions DLC or something. That way, people would just buy the original copy and get the extras.

    1. one game ata time gets loaded into a blank cartridge via a jtag, its essentially the same as playing a rom straight from nintendo , but with all the restrictions o fregion lock too

        1. The only solution I say is to not have the 3ds connect to the Internet in any way and turn off the wireless feature and not do any more system updates. Unless the 3ds has the tech to defect the flashcarts already, then you should be okay.

            1. Its Ilegal To Brick Systems U Paid For They Would Ban The Online Features Same as Xbox and Ps3 They Ban People From Some Games And Sometimes Ban The Whole Console But Not Bricking Thats Just Sad To Brick Peoples 3DS xD

              1. Stop Typing Like This It Is Really Annoying!!!!
                Stop trying to make piracy right. There’s a place for your kind- the big yellow squishy room.
                Get that straightjacket on!

              1. Pretty much what Chris said. A few of the current generation flashcarts actually work with the 3DS updates…even though it is suggested to just turn connectivity off when using the carts.

      1. ughhh you have to catch literally millions of fish just so ur house can be a little bit bigger. don’t give me that “lazy” crap. its a videogame. videogames are suppose to be fun. catching fish is fun but not when you have to catch a shit load.

          1. how am i retarded? fuck off. whats wrong with expressing my opinion?
            action replay plus animal crossing equals fun.

            oh, and i’m in 4 honors classes

            1. oh and its not nice calling people a tragic illness. i NEVER call people retarded or gay because i’m not a douche. i call people fuckers like you because its an insult. you shouldn’t make fun of people that have serious issues and get bullied constantly.

                  1. LOL No. I posted a comment that I enjoy using an action replay on Animal Crossing.
                    I don’t know why I’m getting so much fucking hate.
                    You think these Nintendo-based websites would be a little bit nicer…

                    1. Okay, I know your getting a little bit angry in your brother’s shadow….


                      Okay, um… Please do not overreact. I do sometimes and I get nothing. Tis just a way to express; guys, girls, everyone, just do not do that crap. No making fun of anybody, and for you, Luigi; just, please, calm down.

    1. I wouldn’t consider that a loss unless the videos can be uploaded to YouTube, JTV, Veoh, or some other video sharing/streaming site. Outside of that unless users got a new SD card (the ones with the adapter and the micro and not just the SD card whole) or a reader then your videos are just stuck on the default SD card.

      …and that’s no good (unless you have a reader).

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  3. That’s too bad. I’ve always paid for the games I own. I support Nintendo because I believe in what they do. When crap like this happens, everyone is effected negatively in the long run. It’s not fair for honest consumers like me.

  4. All I want is a way to import games on my 3DS like I did with my DS. Playing Jump Superstars and Ultimate Stars, Ouendan 1 and 2, Taiko no Tatsujin, Band Brothers, and One Piece Gigant Battle (EU). Not going to be able to play any of these sequel if they come to the 3DS. I want new Ouendan without having to buy a JP system.

    1. All i want is to play classic NES and SNES on my 3ds…hell i’d even pay nintendo for it. But WTF nintendo!!! It looks like i’ll have to pirate just to play them. Come out with a classic line.

  5. You people realy are stupid. The flash crat CAN update as well. I would rather use this then the stupid e shop that makes you re-pay for your gba games, so i will just turn internet connectoin off simple as that.

    1. Yeah! Be illegal! Don’t liste to the law! You can still play your pirated games in federal prison!

      In your dreams, two letters.

  6. Im not pirating shit on 3DS, I’m actually gonna buy the games this time and support Nintendo. I don’t think the hack is true anyway being that when there’s system updates, it changes the firmware as well as adding new content. Yea you could turn your off wireless but then you’ll be stuck in time space continuum with no new content.

  7. If only online communities could automatically block any sort of hacked systems from playing online, that way they would only get to hack there own property and not destroy our property.

    1. I hate people who cheat online. Metroid Prime Hunters (DS) was the worse case of cheating. People used cheets which makes then never die or they have one shot kill unlimited ammo guns with out even collecting them.

      If theres cheaters in mario Kart 7, I wont be happy :l

  8. Re-pay for your GBA games? You know you can still get a DS Lite if you absolutely must play GBA games. Or you can use your GBA. Nintendo gave 5 years of continued GBA support after they could have simply moved on. GBA support was only officially discontinued in 2009.. And how does the eShop MAKE you pay for anything, dipshit?

    I like digital virtual console sales. They allow me to get classics that I missed the first time around., Like Kirby’s Dream Land 3 on SNES. That came out in 1997 in the midst of the N64’s rise. IT deserved a second chance and it got one.

    This is why I don’t like the homebrew scene. It’s full of pirates or full of script kiddies with huge senses of entitlement. Why don’t you guys go put Linux on something else?

    (Man you must really hate the PSVita then, as it isn’t even backwards compatible with PSP games, which will still be on shelves when it comes out.)

  9. How come Nintendo consoles and PC gaming have the worse case of hacking and cheating? If the Wii U ends up a hackers paradise I will be mad D:

    1. Nintendo consoles? I don’t think hacking groups have ever targeted Nintendo. It’s the consoles with games that are big on online play like CoD that get hacked a lot, basically every console but Wii…. but that’ll change when the U comes out, so I’m hoping the U has one heck of a security.

      1. Nintendo was hacked last May/June. It was when all the hackings started though, Sega, Nintendo, Lots of company’s hacked primarly game companys. Worst hit was Sony.

        But in game hacking, Nintendo is not really targeted. PC gaming has the worst hackings.

    Or some extra (soft/hard)ware that we can load import games..
    My Wii got Homebrew Channel just for GeckoOS.. :(

  11. I’m glad (somehow). In my country (Philippines), games and consoles are awfully overpriced. So, for a penniless like me, I’ve no choice but to buy this.

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  13. This was going to happen eventually, every popular system/handheld I can think of has been hacked in some form, no matter how hard the company tries to prevent it.

  14. Jesus can’t anyone just stop being friggen cheap 3ds games aren’t that expensive I rarely have money buuut I always find ways to purchase my games either through trade or fuckin money! Yesterday I got over 70$ through trade at a game store called play n trade! So if you can’t get it What ever just stop you fuckin cheap pieces of shit!!!

  15. maybe this will make owning a 3ds worth it. lord knows the ambassador program is trash…. not to mention the weak ass games that are out. re:mercs was a great weekend….and zelda was awesome the first time i played it in 1998. now with the second stick add on coming out im tempted to sell it. but if i can rip games for the 3ds then ill hold on to it…. still gonna get a vita.

  16. Just wanted to throw in that this is fake, you can find all the proof of this on legitimate hack sites if you look,

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