Nintendo 3DS: Tetsuya Nomura Details Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay Systems

Tetsuya Nomura has taken to Twitter to provide gamers with details of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. Nomura has highlighted three new gameplay systems for the game which are explained below:

Free Flow Action

These are the “flashy” actions Nomura has mentioned in the past. By pressing Y, you can make your character kick off walls, swing around poles, slide down rails, and so-forth. You can string together these actions. You can also connect into other moves — pressing A or a powerful attack, or B for a jump.

Reality Shift

When you’re attacking enemies, objects and enemies will sometimes be highlighted with a cursor. Press X and A simultaneously, and you can perform special attacks through the lower screen.

Dual Link

In DDD, you fight along side demons known as “Dream Eaters.” In the TGS demo, you start off with two of these in your party. As you build up a gauge, the Dream Eater’s icon will begin to flash. Tap the icon on the lower screen, and you’ll be able to do a team attack. You can also team up with both Dream Eaters simultaneously.


  1. No mention of the hope rope system?

    So that blue thing is a dream eater, hmmm. Kinda like Riku’s Soul Eater blade. I wonder if we’ll hear something about that. He mentions it in KHII, saying Sora can’t yet wield it, or something along those lines…*rambles off into speculation* >:I

  2. He should also announce a release date and tell us in America that we will be getting bravely default…also hope capcom announces the u.s will get monster hunter…and nintendo announces we will get fire emblem lol the more games the better

  3. Any word on whether this will run off (or a tweaked version of) the. Birth by Sleep engine? Looking forward to it no matter what

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