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Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 To Be Revealed Tomorrow?

Capcom will be hosting a Resident Evil 15th Anniversary stage event tomorrow at the Tokyo Game Show and as expected the rumour mill is suggesting that Capcom will show off footage of Resident Evil 6 at the end of the event. Capcom won’t confirm anything, but it sounds more than likely that we will see a sneak peek at the next game in the series.

58 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 To Be Revealed Tomorrow?”

  1. Resident Evil Wii U… What I wanted :D!

    But what happens if they make scary features on the Wii U screen and you throw it across the room? You see, The Resident evil 3DS is going to be scary, what happens if a Zombie jumps out of no where in 3D and you throw you 3DS across the Room O_O?

      1. I might as well get a wrist strap for playing scary games on 3DS, but does the Wii U support wrist straps if your playing a scary game? Inmagen….

        Playing a horror game on the Wii U, Something suddenly jumps out from no where, You scream and throw the Wii u controller at the TV, There you go probably $50 gone for the controller and if you have an expensive TV… $1000?

        Nintendo please provide Wrist straps with every Wii U controller in case something like that happens!

        1. That like asking to make wrist straps for the Xbox and PS3. If you throw the controller at your screen, it’s your own fault. They made wrist straps for the Wii because of motion gaming and the nature of the Wiimote.

          1. Wii U has a screen, PS3 and 360 dont.

            What if you were playing a horror game on Wii U and on the screen of the controller something very scary comes out of no where, especially if you have short range tv to controller mode on.

            I don’t want my Controller to break, Nintendo made wrist straps for 3DS because they know that resident evil revelations will make 3DS owners throw their 3DS across the room in horror :D

            1. Umm…no. The 3DS doesn’t have a wrist-strap but the Second Analog and Trigger Button attachment does. Besides, why the hell would you throw the controller if something scary pops on the screen? I’d probably drop it but I wouldn’t throw it.

              1. Look at the 3DS manual and look at your local store (It may have some)

                The 3DS manual says you can buy a wrist strap for your 3DS, Theres some at my store.

                Also I’ve never yet played a scary game on 3DS, but what happens if your playing horror on 3DS, and something Scary jumps from no where. Are you going to throw it? Maybe, i’m only scarred when something comes from no where and suddenly happens, I should’nt throw my 3DS LOL!

    1. if by the time R6 comes out, and the next-box and PS4 would be out too, i would then get it for a next gen system. but i highly doubt it, its probably coming out for ps3 360 and wiiu.

          1. the hardware for the nextbox and ps4 won’t be either, unless Msoft and Sony are willing to price their console’s over $1000 and still make somewhat of a profit.
            Let’s say you’re talking graphics here; The Wii’s graphics are such a landslide to PS3’s because Wii only had 480p funcionality, while ps3 had 720 and… 1080p? I don’t know about that 1080, (i’ll have to look it up), but what I mean was, now that the Wii U’s got 1080p graphics, whatever graphics card the ps4 and nextbox have, it won’t be that big of a difference. Of course, there are rumors of the nextbox and ps4 having “avater-resolution graphics”, but unless like I said above, they’re willing to sell consoles for that much, we probably won’t be seeing graphics that good until the 2020’s.

            1. Consoles can’t do true 1080p. They can scale it up to 1080p and Sony/Microsoft fanboys brag about it being 1080p even though it’s still 720…

              WiiU will be the first console to do true 1080p and trust me, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

              1. Oh, and you’re right. Unless Microsoft and Sony price their consoles at $1000, then they will be basically the same as the wiiU(probably a bit better but nothing very noticeable). Technology is fast but it isn’t THAT fast. All these people who are saying “Oh, if the wiiU looks like this then the PS4 and nextbox are going to be amazing!” are sorely going to be disappointed.

                But of course, there will always be fanboys who hype their consoles up making it sound like their console is light-years ahead of everything else….

    2. you guys do know that games can be at different resolution do to hardware, right? this whole thing about wiiu being the first “1080p” is not exactly true, some ps3/360 games can run games at 1080p do to the software not asking for much console power. now what you guys are probably thinking is that games like battlefield 3 which would probably be 720p/1080i on ps3/360 are going to be 1080p on wiiu, thats possible. another thing is that developers could of made all games for ps3/360 1080p but that would dramatically lower the FPS. a lot of PC owners had to lower there settings to mid-high when Crysis came out do to the tremendos amount of content, that also means lowering resolution. in the future games would be so visually stunning that they would need a lot of graphical power. this means even then when the ps4/nextbox/wii u come out some games would have problem with FPS, but of course developers would always waterdown ports do to hardware so that you could atleast enjoy 60fps and 1080p. lets hope the wiiu has a nice GPU, rumor is that is using a Radeon R700, lets hope its a high-end one. another thing before i go, Anti-Aliasing & Anisotropic Filtering effect FPS a lot and nextgen console are going to be using that..a lot.

      1. Lots of PS3 and 360 games have 720P usually.

        Fifa 12 is going to be the first fifa game with 1080P support for PS3.

        Wii U supports 1080P, it does not mean all games will support it. And Graphics are completely different to 1080P, it’s like texture resolution has nothing to do with 1080P. I hope Wii U developers make games in 1080P.

        1. well of course they are going to make games 1080p on the wii u. any ps3/360 third-party game is going to be 1080p in this gen because of the wii u’s strong hardware. next gen wii u games are still going to be 1080p with 60fps, probably wont look the same as other consoles (lighting, effects) but its still going to be good…. oh and lets not forget the controller ^_^

          1. Sega said that their game is going to Have higher texture resolution then 360 and PS3 versions, That means the objects will be sharper.

            1080P is the highest HD tvs can do, it’s inside the console that matters like the processer and graphics chip.

  2. I’m still trying to find anywhere where it said that it would be shown off on the wii u….

    Seeing as most footage nintendo had of non-first party games from E3 was from the 360 and ps3, I doubt that it would be shown on the wii u.

    Can’t wait for this resident evil event though (and the fact that to commemorate Sony is giving out RE1-3 free and RE4 for 9.99$ on PSN)

      1. How is it a spin off if it takes place between RE 4 and 5.Not to mention have you played the demo…probably not. It’s like a person opening his mouth to talk and a pile of shit comes out

            1. wtf is your problem, ok i went to far with the comment. i could of just said i dont like it and shyt, but dude your being a douchebag. of course this is no suprise when your name is “whitefagloserscryalot”.

                1. Yep.

                  I Don’t say PS3 and 360 sucks even though I’m a nintendo fanboy O_O

                  I have PS3 Wii and 3DS and i don’t go to 360 fan pages saying 360 sucks, I don’t say consoles suck.

                  Anyone on this blog who is a 360 or PS3 fanboy thats saying 3DS/Wii U sucks. Leave this page because you have not been on Wii U, or even tried the 3DS!

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  5. That should be interesting. They said the RE6 “trailer” was fake, but that was about it. They never denied the existence of the game.

  6. Fact is WiiU will be the first home console that can do true 1080p. Of the current HD generation only the PS3 have the capability to do so but will experience terrible frame rates with graphically intense games… this is the reason why must games for the 360 and PS3 are native to 720p (mainly memory limitations). I do believe the WiiU will have a minimum of 1GB of memory.

    PS4 and Xbox720 resolution will not exceed 1080p as that’s the standard for all HD TVs (so its very stupid to read fanboys talking nonsense that the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will have a huge graphical advantage over the WiiU). This is the reason why Sony made the statement that the next home console will not be that great leap in graphic fidelity as the previous generation was. The improvements will be in services, media distribution, AI, Physics etc and how we play games (I am sure if Nintendo WiiU controller is successful both Microsoft and Sony will copy its gaming experience in some shape or form). Nintendo made a huge gamble with not entering the HD era with Wii… now with the WiiU they are going to enter that era with both guns blazing. I for one expect to be pleasantly surprised at just how committed they are in challenging Microsoft and Sony in online, media and other experiences.

    1. I don’t know… Miyamoto stated that Nintendo is not trying to “create the greatest online system”, but that was a while ago, and there are many reports from EA and others saying that it’s going to be very great indeed. I’m just interested in whether we’ll still have friend codes or not.

      1. Miyanoto is currently on the hot seat… things he say will change. Remember when he said the Wii was not that far back in technology over the 360. He is also the one that said the WiiU will not be cheap. Its clear his thought process is all over the place at this time… in other words I really do not listen to him and his difficulties in using the English language.

        EA and a host of other top AAA developers are closely involved in WiiU online experience (this is the first for Nintendo to get others involved this core planning of their new gaming console) and have all said Nintendo means business with their online experiences. The friends code is gone. That has been confirmed over and over again.

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