Nintendo 3DS: Seven Minutes Of High Quality Footage Of New Final Fantasy Game For Nintendo 3DS

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has published seven minutes of Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy from this years Tokyo Game Show. The game is similar to previous Final Fantasy games as it includes an overworld and dungeons but the combat is entirely time-based. Impressed?


    1. I heard that the virtual console ones are the best ones. I read in the latest issue of Nintendo Power that Final Fantasy III (which is now better known as Final Fantasy VI) is worth a buy. Plus it’s only 800 Wii Points!

    2. Arguably anything from X (10) and below is a masterpiece. If you were to buy one of the VC games available, go with Final Fantasy III (VI). Also remember that every Final Fantasy has its own story and themes, so jumping from VI to IX to VII etc. won’t mean that you’ll be jumping through chapters of a big story.

    3. Considering that this game is unlike all of the previous FF games, I would recommend the virtual console games for a true Final Fantasy experience.

    4. It all depends on you. Do some search on each game first, cause all with different background and story. A lot got remakes and game play may change slightly different. Some translation is very different than original. A totally different conclusion can be seen on same version but different website. Is better try it yourself.
      P/S FFIX is quite nice :)

  1. Had my hopes up for a minute thinking this was an all new Final Fantasy game. You could have just named the game in the headline instead of deceiving me. Not gonna waste my time on this junk.

  2. At 1st I was like “There is no way I’m getting this” but then I heard Sephiroth’s theme. When can I preorder?

  3. I’m not sure how to feel about this game, on one hand its another Final fantasy spin off and half the time they aren’t good. But on the other hand i’m fond of the music game genre , and playing FF music would be awesome!

    1. Hello ass… Some people are gay, and are still cool… (unlike the footage we just saw…)

      I hope the game-play is better than it looks…

  4. i dont really know what to think about this one…. im on 7 at the moment and i love all the old ones. Only just gotten into FF properly over the past 6 months due to my partner loving it. So im not 100% sure on what to think about it tbh.


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