Nintendo 3DS: Kojima Confirms Early 2012 Release For Metal Gear Solid 3DS

Hideo Kojima informed attendees at this years Tokyo Game Show that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater is currently scheduled for release early next year. Kojima confirmed that it’s due to be release Winter 2011, but within the early 2012 side of things. Hopefully the delay will give them time to polish up the game.


  1. The game was polished ever since the ps2, i woulda paid the 40 just for that! It’s great that they are adding alot of new features to it!

      1. Hardcore games are games for hardcore gamers. Which means they want a challenge and is long, Angry birds is a casual game, Zelda is hardcore, Team fortress is hardcore.

        1. There are other ways to classify it.
          kirby could be hardcore to a casual but casual for a hardcore

    1. its hard to classify a game casual or hardcore. if you consider mario kart casual, and metal gear solid hardcore, then what is kid icarus? every person on this site has their own definition of hardcore. instead of people using this word, they should just explain what it is about the game they dont like it for. not just the, “oh this game is casual, it sucks, im a hardcore gamer” excuse

  2. Do want!

    I played through the first Metal Gear Solid for the first time two weeks ago, despite having a PS1 for over 10 years (rough estimate). I loved it and now I can’t wait to play through this one as well on my 3DS.

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