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Nintendo: Nintendo Employees Are Apparently ‘Losing Hope’

Investor and financial site 247 Wall Street have produced a list of eight companies whose employees are apparently losing hope. The list includes Nintendo because the site believes that their lead in the console race has been lost and they’re under threat by the mobile arena. Do you think Nintendo employees are actually losing hope?

Nintendo’s once nearly insurmountable lead in the video console sector has been lost, and its sales have fallen further and further behind rivals Microsoft and Sony . The rise of the Google Android operating system has also encouraged video game publishers to make more products that run on that platform. The 2010 market share of Nintendo DS fell from 70% in 2009 to 57%. Nintendo’s growth has also been damaged by the rise of the iPad and iPhone. The future is even grimmer. “iSuppli predicts Nintendo will sell 70 million 3DS gaming systems by 2015, a figure that is 21 million less than the 91 million in sales racked up by the original DS at the same point in its sales cycle,” according to the Unofficial Apple Weblog. Nintendo announced an unexpected quarterly loss on July 28 and its shares plunged 20%. The stock is down from a 52-week high of 26,780 yen to 11,850 yen. In late 2007, shares reached 80,000 yen


154 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Employees Are Apparently ‘Losing Hope’”

    1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

      Yeah, just as I thought… here’s a bit of negativity I can also add here as well. I’ve realized games like the Starfox series cannot continue because Rare is no longer partnered with Nintendo and they will not allow Nintendo to use their characters. So yeah… they might have to look for alternative ways, and since nowadays… their second party developers are not as skilled as what they originally had, it’s the change in executives and staff that can’t think of keeping the newer style things. And besides that, they don’t ask the public what they’d like to see in a game or anything like what some other third party developers do. Companies do like to consume others and so forth, also resulting in changes in the buisness industry, which can therefore mean that they can no longer be like what they used to with the change in the staff. If only if we could all bring in something that can prevent forced aquiration of companies.


        1. I Sometimes think assault is a bit closer to the original. I like the Zelda style play on Adventures and i like the game, but it departed to much on starfox and starfox started going downhill :(

          Nintendo Already has Zelda, so why did Rare make a star fox version of Zelda?

      1. Rare owns starfox?? WTF? Starfox was Nintendo’s property way before Rare could put a hand on this franchise. Period.

        Back to topic.

        Nintendo’s been seen as the loser for every system it has released since they release that Virtual Boy that no one wanted to play with. And i don’t know why they say that Sony and Microsoft are winners in the console wars; they are loosing freaking money for every systems they sell while Nintendo makes money out of their systems!! How could you ”WIN” an invisible war if you lose money on what you sell???

        1. Microsoft and Sony do lose money on the consoles but they make that back and then some on software. Microsoft and Sony can do this because they appeal to the “more than casual” gamer, who will purchase numerous games (which have a high profit margin) for their console (which has a negative profit margin). Nintendo on the other hand appeals to the casual gamer, who typically do not buy many games (think of how many people own a Wii and just have Wii sports or maybe Wii fit). So, to turn a profit Nintendo has to overprice their console, while sony and microsoft are giving you more for your money initially and banking on your future software purchase.

          1. Disagree. Nintendo purposefully broadened game game market with the Wii. That’s not “appealing to the casual gamer”, that’s a long-term business strategy. Now, they’re attempting to convert those new gamers into more core style gamers with the Wii U.

            That having been said, I will now use your point about profit margins to make another point. If that’s the case, then these mobile games on smart phones don’t stand a chance! $1 for crap vs. $39.99 for gold? Check please 8)

          2. You forgot Perfect Dark!!! The last good game from Rare. Well… If someone can tell me which game is worth your money on PS3 and XBox360? 70$+ for a game that offers tons of (unuseful) achievements and 3 hours of gameplay doesn’t prepare ”your future software purchase. When i pay 50$ for a Wii game, i know i’ll play for more than 3 hours AND pay extra fees for playing online. Big name game on Wii offers replay value while PS3 and Xbox 360 offers achievements and 3 hours of gameplay… unless you wish to pay again and again to play online…

            BTW, most of the good games on PS3 and Xbox360 are available on PC, and real hardcore gamers plays on PC, not with some controller that tries to imitate the gesture of a mouse and keyboard with 2 analog sticks, a concept that fails miserably (IMHO).

      2. Actually Rare only owns Banjo-Kazooie and Conker.
        All the other characters of games that they made were games that Nintendo made to begin with. Therefore, Nintendo still own these characters. It’d be like saying Retro Studios owns Samus and Metroid.

    2. One thing everyone needs to consider: stock analysts are total chodes who know nothing about anything except how to gamble with other people’s money.

      They said 15 years ago to “sell all of your Apple stock, they’re going belly up soon”. That was when Apple’s stock cost $4 a share. Now it’s close to $400 a share.

      So yeah, don’t listen to the naysayers. Nintendo will be back as usual.

      1. ^^^^ F***ING THIS RIGHT HERE 8)

        Most intelligent comment I’m seen on a forum in a Loooooooong time. I think I should be goinnnnnn’, yeah

    1. thought I was actually gonna be first for once… but while the being outsold by Sony thing is true, Nintendo is still outselling Xbox for the most part. Just look at the Japan sales figures sickr posted earlier today.

    1. The sales were great but the problem is the current stock. People are giving up on Nintendo for cheap ass smart phone games and the big picture is that this is affecting Nintendo right now and will continue to affect Nintendo into their next generation. Things are naturally slowing now at the same time, but Nintendo is focusing on how to sell the WiiU because strong sales in the past have little to do with the present.

      1. people keep on saying that… Smh 8/

        Giving up Nintendo, specifically, for smart phone games makes no sense. Why didn’t we hear this about the PSP?? (or did I miss that?) I have yet to see any REAL evidence in the real world of cheap ass smart phone games actually taking anything from Nintendo’s handheld market. No word-of-mouth, no personal experience, NOTHING. I feel like people are just speculating their asses off, spouting nonsense like that every chance they get because that’s what seems to be “in” right now when talking about the Big N.

        Fanboyance aside, Anyone who has half a brain (literally, that’s all you need), can quickly tell that Mario Kart (just as an example) is insanely more fun for a longer period of time than friggin Ridge Racer on your iPad… Speaking of which, why don’t you see more articles complaining about the motion controls of mobile games?? Excuse my rant, I’m just more than fed up with these stock brokers and shareholders ‘”opinion” of Nintendo…

        Ask the people who play their games and know better. I can tell you that based on what I saw at E3, just like what I saw before the Wii came out, that the Wii U itself is going to be absolutely AMAZING, just like the Wii was when it came out. Some people just don’t get it…

  1. this is very bad. but on the wii, its THEIR fault, they could’ve supported it, but they dropped it for the 3DS. the iphone/mobile thing was out of their control. they can fix themselves, but they need to do it, NOW.

  2. I believe I read here earlier where the 3DS is selling well.. And I believe the Wii will sell well again this Christmas and WiiU will fo very well Next year! I’d work for Nintendo.

    1. catching up with new technologies? im sorry but first was NINTENDO DS tech later the iphones and other cell phone touch crap . First was the rumble pack, later the vibrating controls, first was the motion sensors on wii, later microsoft kinect and sony dildos, i dont even now the name. NINTENDO WILL ALWAYS remember you “TALL GUY” ALWAYS has the NEW Tech!!! ¬_¬

        1. and the first iPaq came out in 2000, learn some facts please, and touch screen tech has been out since before the 90s maybe even before the 80s

          1. ^also true^
            I forgot all about the iPaq. Yes, touch screens have been out for a long while. The Tiger was the first portable game machine to have a touchscreen I believe.

          2. Why does that even matter? What matters is what made the tech Take Off. That was the DS. Everyone remembers Etta James’ version of At Last, but she wasn’t the first to sing it O_o She just popularized it with the way she sang it. Now people like Beyonce are singing it.

      1. was the first touch screen actually, their were motion sensors before the Wii, eg the PS Eye toy. research before making yourself look like a fool.

        1. The EyeToy was a disfunctional unsupported little attachment that was largely inaccessible by the masses. The Wii’s motion control was an integral part of the system that made gaming accessible to a vast portion of the non-game playing population.

          Support and Pack-ins are inarguably important aspects of system success. And no need to be rude to the guy, because he was partially correct in any case. Nintendo was the first to make motion gaming accessible and functional in nearly any situation for the masses, while the EyeToy relied on white walls and suffered from cheesy Ricochet-style games and poor camera resolution.

        2. Everyone keeps saying that on every thread. Actually the facts are nobody used them! it was REVOLUTIONIZED” by Nintendo. Stuff they used touch screen for was things no one cared to much for. For everyone’s information, this is a whole other subject, on every news feed there are trolls talking about who invented what. Touch and motion sensors were not talked about until Nintendo did it, although 3D was a big thing before the 3DS.

        3. Look at the Wii-mote then look at the PSmove and tell it’s not a rip-off. Everyone knows that tech was around before, but it’s opbvious Sony and MS saw that Nintendo was doing good with motion controls, so they took back they’re words about it and copied it.

      2. Nintendo usually is first to try something new, just look at the Playstation One controllers and how traditional they were, despite the initial lack of analog, after the n64s analog stick became popular the Sony controllers went through different phases, ending up with mostly what is standard now, the dual stick controller. Had the big N not had a stick on their controller and gone the way of the PSX controller with only a traditional set of facebuttons and triggers, much like the SNES pad that came before it, then we may not even have had Analog sticks on our controllers at the present time. Xbox didn’t even invent their own controllers, they just stole the idea from the Sega Dreamcast controllers, and were at one point stuck in a law suit with Sega over it. Sony and Microsoft didn’t copy the tech though, they used Nintendos tech as a form of inspiration for making their own gadgets. I’m still thinking about getting a Kinect once some actual good games for it that are more mature use it, such as Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3.

    2. You are either someone who’s been playing video games for less than 5 years or are completely ignorant.

      First widespread portable video games with Game&Watch
      Gameboy pretty much single-handedly invented the handheld market
      Control stick
      Controller feedback
      GameCube was 3D capable
      Wii’s motion controls

      There are many, MANY others. The N64 was the most powerful console of its generation and the GameCube was neck-in-neck with the XBox (both completely demolished the PS2 in terms of specs).

      1. The PS2 however demolished the other systems with more popular games due to having companies who actually advertised their games. How many advertisements do you see Nintendo putting out for their new games on TV? Not enough, that’s right, Nintendo doesn’t advertise enough, sure you get a DS ad once in awhile, but hardly ever any Wii ads, or Third party support on the Wii. I still enjoy what Nintendo was going for though with the Wii, a Family Entertainment System, similar to what the initial idea for the Super Famicom was. They wanted a system ANYONE could pick up and play, feeling that anyone who can use a DVD Remote could operate a Wiimote, they messed up on the system by having an analog controller as a secondary product that alot of games NEED. They should’ve stuck without the analog stick and classic controller entirely and just stuck with using one or two wiimotes to play, with the option of using a 2nd wiimote as for example, in a shooting game where you dual wield, a second gun. There are very few games that use this idea, but one is Excerbeat, where essentially you can use two wiimotes for each player, or one. I use two, because it increases the left and right aspect of what Nintendo was going for, and makes perfect sense. If nothing else the analog stick should’ve been redesigned to be more like a Wiimote rather then the clunky POS with two “Triggers” that it is. There are alot of people who refuse to play the wii simply because it’s controls are generally too complicated to learn, outside of the Mario games anyways, which almost never use the analog stick, or the Metroid Other M game, typically most Nintendo games don’t require the stick. Their next mistake is the dreaded Wii Motion Plus, rather then being satisfied with just the Wiimotes, they took another leap further, which resulted in a leap back. I know people who have had their Wii for 4 years and won’t buy a Wii Motion Plus because hardly ANY games use it. I think maybe a total of 20 games use it, and that’s not alot considering all of the party games on the Wii..

  3. Well I guess all I can say is that I hope and pray Nintendo bounces back. They’ve stood the test of time, but things definitely aren’t looking good at the moment.

    1. Oh they are fine. You’re just buying into all the speculation like a bunch of other people. Do you own Nintendo products? Do you think they’re fun to play? Ok then lol

  4. Shenanigans all this seems to be from A sources going by stock prices and B people who love apple so much that it’s in their name so once again I’m calling SHENANIGANS!

          1. Boohoo, nobody gives a flying fuck who get’s offended ok! we are not going to not say something just cause someone don’t like it. There are some people from America that have this thing called freedom of speech! how do you like them apples…..motherfucking bitch.

        1. Actually, I’ve read articles online by people saying how the only thing that kept them from committing suicide was looking forward to future Nintendo consoles, or the next smash bros, or 3D mario game, etc.
          So technically, Nintendo going out of business could result in more than a couple actual deaths.

    1. That’s not very smart of you to even fathom. Nintendo has held on from a time when gaming was dead, or about to die, and revived the market, and with the Wii they revived peoples interest in more social gaming circles, in playing with your family and friends within the same room. This is what both Sony and Microsoft have pretty much gotten rid of or forgotten, as almost all of their multiplayer games lack splitscreen outside of VS fighting games. Most wii games are by default multiplayer, with splitscreen support, or same screen support. There area few exceptions like Metroid Other M and Zelda Skyward Sword, but those are for a more mature audience, not the main target audience on the Wii. Nintendo will be fine, look at their very weird Wi-U videos if you need further proof that they are still coming up with new unique ideas for controllers. The Wii-Us controller is interesting to say the least.

  5. This Is Complete and Udder Bull Crap Nintendo Is Fine and once games finally start coming out for the 3DS I can’t wait to rub it in these analysts/journalists that they were wrong!

  6. Aaarm… I’m scared that nintendo is gonna end up like sega of course nintendo may stay afloat when mario kart 7 and the other games come out. Who agrees?

    1. No, Nintendo wouldn’t end up like Sega. Nintendo has stated that if they go out of the console market, then they will stop making games too. Which would probably hurt the video games market very badly.

      1. The market would be void of innovation if Nintendo goes down. No innovation would lead to a stagnant market. A stagnant market would lead to a…… Market Crash!

        on another note:
        A mobile PHONE… will not rule the gaming market. EVER.

  7. Poor Nintendo?! LOL, They made bank on the Wii and DS, so what if they “only” sell 70 million 3DS’s? Is that not a lot of 3DS’s? Am I missing something here?

    1. If 70 million means they are in trouble then Sony and Microsoft should be belly up because I could have sworn they just recently crossed the 50 million mark in sales.

      1. *facepalm* You forget to take into account that Sony and Microsoft sell TONS of other things besides video game consoles and games. Sony is a consumer electronics company which sells televisions, cell/smart phones, ebook readers, MP3/4 players, cameras and camcorders, as well as desktop and laptop computers; Microsoft sells the world’s most ubiquitous desktop operating system, office software, business software, server operating systems, etc. Sony and Microsoft sell more than just games, so even if either of them fail in the games sector, their companies are still making bank. If Nintendo fails the games sector, they DIE, because all they ARE is the games sector. Please THINK a little before spouting nonsense like that, please.

        1. lol Healy, that’s what I always think about when someone says that. If Nintendo gets utterly terrible sales on a brand new console (like less than 15 million), then they’d pretty much only have one more chance to correct themselves. If that failed too, then Nintendo would be done for, since they’d also stop making games. But if Msoft or Sony had a terrible console, they would just take some of the money from another department of the company and keep on trying and trying to get a great console out. So, as long as the gaming market continues to grow, it’s probably not possible for Sony and Msoft to ever stop profiting off of it.

          1. Seriously? Until spiderman the movie came out the only money sony was making money from was the playstation. That movie put Sony movies back on the map, and every other Sony product has seriously began to decline. In sales as well as product quality. Either way, if Nintendo falters, then so will everyone else.. Since they all take ideas from Nintendo and market them in their own fashion.

              1. but their consoles making lackluster results will cause them to stop making consoles period regardless of the rest of the company. (if that happened)

          2. No they wont, if they make no profit, the department of Sony Playstation will eventually be canceled. Why would they try to keep a non profitable department when they are, like every freaking company atm, turning every penny and decision to keep the stocks in the green percentages? That is why we are in a recession right now…><

  8. So.. Statistics from apple are showing Nintendo are in a slump.. Just wait until Zelda or Mario games come out for the 3DS and see how quick sales rise

    1. now that I got my laugh out of the way, let me break it down.
      Wii/DS sale drops: At the end of their lives, consoles will sell less. Yes, 3DS hasn’t quite picked up where DS left off, but we can all agree that’s due to a lack of games and I expect it to pick up this holiday season.
      Android: sorry to break it to you, angry birds isn’t replacing mario anytime soon, or anytime at all.
      “iSuppli predicts ” blah blah blah…. I predict that Wii U will sell a billion units and I will become a billionaire in 10 years!!!!! anyone can rant off numbers, and is anyone seriously gonna to take the words from an apple site as gospel?
      stocks: stocks across the board have gone down, due to debt situations in us, greece, etc. yes nintendo has fallen much more than your generic stock in a 2,3-year period, but so what? are we really gonna let investors tell us which companies are good, investors that generally know nothing of gaming? seriously, look up nintendo stock prices in the gamecube era and see how it tripled during the wii era.

      1. Exactly!! People also aren’t attributing any of their losses to R&D for the 3DS and WiiU. And the 3DS’s slow start might, just might have something to do with the fact that the DS line is still well supported. Their gradual transition is just over too many people’s heads, I suppose.

      2. You nailed it man. On all of those points. These other assholes dont seem to take the long run into account. 3DS will rock. Unfortunately Nintendo made the mistake of realeasing it without any real GREAT games to accompany the console. They learned from that mistake. Learned Hard. Now, if any of you are not Nintendo fans, FUCK OFF. Cause this is a nintendo blog. And that’s who we care about. You want to rant about XBOX or PLAYSTATION? Go do it on some site or blog that supports their shit. We don’t need you here. Assholes.

  9. They do have a lot to sort out…
    It probably won’t be possible to fight against smart phone games, because it’s just too convenient for a “casual” gamer to pull out their smartphone on a commute or something…
    It doesn’t mean they’re going to fail or anything though. I doubt smartphones are stealing their market either, It’s probably just smartphone games increasing the total market size, not stealing from nintendo directly.
    There are strategies like a nintendo phone which nintendo wouldn’t want to do, and which wouldn’t work anyway.
    I think they’re doing fine how they are and we’ll see them spring to success with their 3DS titles, with Skyward Sword, and then with the Wii U.
    I also think they really need to focus on releasing consoles during the christmas season.
    I think they will definitely get an increased number of sales if the hype around a new console coincides with the occasion where many consumers will buy products they otherwise wouldn’t have considered buying at all.

    1. They’re not really losing directly. They’re making losses at the same time the smartphone gaming market is booming, so people are connecting the two.
      Personally, I think their profits are falling due to other things, like the fact that their current consoles have simply reached the end of their timeline and the 3DS was previously too expensive to sell. And the lack of any really good games recently.

      1. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was trying to say. It’s just funny how Nintendo has some small losses, and people automatically assume that they are doomed and try to come up with ridiculous reasons as to why they are. I can almost guarantee that once Mario 3D Land, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and all the other great games come out, Nintendo will get back on track. Nintendo is doing, and will continue to do, just fine.

  10. Yes, obvoiusly. Wallstreet needs to learn what’s up. Sony is setting themselves up for failure. They copied all of Nintendos original ideas, it’ll fall flat on it’s face sooner than they expect. The only people who hate nintendo are people that only care about graphics, which is stupid. I’m sure nintendo will best all of the systems, and triumph once again.

  11. i dont see how sony outsells nintendo when all they do is copy it, i guess if you put first person shooters and good graphics its automatically the best system…

  12. Wait… So how do those “facts” translate to Nintendo employees “losing hope?” There’s no proof for that and execs are pretty optimistic about Wii U and 3DS’ future.

    1. That’s exactly what I came here to say. Where are the direct quotes from Nintendo employees saying that they are “losing hope?” Whoever is running this site really posts a lot of flame bait articles.

    2. Yeah, I’m a little unclear as to how that conclusion was drawn. If I’ve learned anything at all about Nintendo the last two decades, it’s that they can keep their company secrets SECRET. I’m assuming the Wii isn’t receiving much attention because they’re brainstorming. Prior to the N64, Nintendo showed the SNES very little 1st party support. The result was a ground-breaking console. The N64 wasn’t perfect, but it was head and shoulders above the PS1 and Saturn. My prediction is that Nintendo is using some of the Wii and DS profits and channeling it into the U. If it looks like Nintendo is sitting on its hands, then good. That’s what they want you to think. Just keep in mind that they play their cards pretty close to the vest.

  13. Seriously whats with all this dark news lately! Its getting really annoying how many people are trying to drag the big N under the bus. You know one reason they could be losing hope (if that is true) is the constant stream of “analysts” and investors screaming at them to conform, and reporting tales of doom and gloom. Its like if you worked as a teacher and every day an article came out that your school sucks and its all the teachers fault, and then the school board comes in and yells at all the staff because of all the bad press they are getting and telling them to do their jobs better when they really have no clue whats going on. Of course those teachers would be a tad bummed.

    1. I love it when people can see these kinda things in one industry, and point out the exact same thing in another. Too many people these days are too closed minded.

  14. Misleading article title is misleading. Their URL says “companies-where-employees-SHOULD-lose-hope”; their article heading makes it sound like these companies are facing strikes and large loss in face count — which they aren’t.

    People really need to get off Nintendo’s back about this. Retail video games and mobile video games are two different things under one very broad category. That’s like walking into a taco restaurant looking for hamburgers; just because they’re in the food business doesn’t mean they have to sell every sort of food. Let Nintendo do what they’re best at doing and let mobile developers do what they’re best at doing.

  15. Well then they aren’t very good employees then are they? Seriously, fuck these analysts and fuck Apple. I think someone needs to set fire to that company because it’s the only way these people will shut up about Nintendo.

    1. Haha, seriously. Analysts are lame, they’re the same ones that said PSP would destroy DS, the Wii would fail, etc. They also predicted Nintendo and Microsoft merging back in the GameCube days. Why does their job exist? They’re speculators, not analysts, and their opinion means nothing. I’ve lost hope in analysts ’cause they’re hardly ever right. And if you can predict what a company’s gonna do, then companies are failing because companies like Nintendo come out of nowhere with new stuff and surprise people and disrupt any trends analysts claim to be experts on. Anyone who knows Nintendo’s philosophy knows they don’t lose hope even in their worst days. They work harder to bounce back and prove themselves in the market. And they’re one of few companies actually willing to publicly admit to mistakes they make and discuss how to resolve it and get back on top. Losing hope. Psh.

      1. Oh, they also said Nokia’s N-Gage could kill the GameBoy and DS. Haha. Someone needs to analyze analysts, ’cause they really suck at their job. I’ve made far more accurate predictions on gaming trends than they ever have.

        1. Here’s my “prediction”. Nintendo’s stock price will quadruple during the holidays. The 3DS will be selling 100,000+ units a week.
          The Wii U launch will be the largest in Nintendo’s history. Their new home console will dominate the market in 2012, and will cause the world to end due to sheer AWESOME SAUCE!

  16. The only reason this might even be happening is because people want fancy $500 phones, so they can text their friends. And 3DS might be expensive for those who have a DS/DS lite. If Nintendo found a way to add a phone app on 3DS, and have their own phone provider…

      1. There ARE other companies to pick on for that. Just because Nintendo is is dominant in the video games industry, doesn’t mean they are the only one and it CERTAINLY don’t mean they should be getting bullied all the freaking time. So sick of this crap ugh.

  17. Just because 3DS isn’t selling the same number or going to sell less, it doesnt mean Nintendo is going to failure.

    NDS has GREAT numbers, IS the most sold videogame ever! It’s difficult do it again. I have hope on Nintendo.

  18. That site’s story is kinda dumb, It’s speculation, not actual facts. Take Nintendo, for example. Sales might not be as strong as they were a few years back, but that doesn’t mean they’re losing hope. Nintendo’s a company that strives even harder to bounce back when sales go down. To speculate they’ve lost hope is just inaccurate and poor journalism, and is merely speculative since their new console isn’t even out yet and their new handheld is still young. Also, the prediction that they’ll only sell 70 million units compared to 91 million units the DS sold is just that: a prediction. And 70 million is nothing to lose hope for, it’s still great! And these are the same people that predicted the Wii and DS would fail miserably, and we know how that ended. Unless you surveyed all their employees and a number of them actually said they’re losing hope, then you have a story. Otherwise, there’s nothing to this. Just a slow day for Wall Street I guess so they hafta make dramatic stuff up :/

    1. Exactly. If the employees of any of these companies started losing hope at any sign of a potential problem, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as they are today.

  19. I’m just hoping Nintendo don’t do a Sega, and before all the fanboys start, I know they are different companies with different products, but I thought Sega would go forever back in the day. The likes of Sony coming in then helped kill them off and with the help of some of Segas advertising. Mobile (phones) gaming is creeping up and the other companies are hot on Nintys tail or overtaking in parts. I’m a multi-format chap which I’m sure a lot of you folks are. I certainly don’t want to see Nintendo just make games like Sega do, Id love to see another Sega console to be honest, but that ain’t gonna happen!

  20. if they are really losing hope maybe they don’t deserve to work for Nintendo and Nintendo should hire more loyal employees ……. thats only ( IF )

  21. Only thing I can say is:

    Almost the entire gaming community are the kind of idiots that would be more than happy to play angry birds all day, and not know what a good game is.

    That’s why all the consoles sales are slipping. People can’t appreciate games for the great art that they are. They’re heathens. Heathens content with angry birds.

  22. I don’t know why, but I think Nintendo was kinda relying/working too much on the DS. I mean like, there are like 5 different kinds of a DS. I assume that people got bored of it and think that it’s always the same with just a few new features. Personally, I also don’t like the way Nintendo is “advertising”. They don’t really tell people WHY it is a new DS and what makes it really special (Well, to be honest, the DS lite + DSi were really not neccessary, that’s what I think at least). They should have concentrated on other things than creating so many versions of the DS which don’t differ that much from each other (like, the only difference I can think of right now when thinking about the difference of regular DS from DS lite is the size, nothing else). A jump from regular DS to something like the DSi XL would have been much smarter, IMO. And it seemed like they didn’t really put much effort into the Wii, I mean like, there are only a few good games on Wii, which is really sad.
    Honestly, it does seem like Nintendo will have hard times in future. Of course I hope that it will not happen, but yea…

    1. It’s not that they didn’t put too much effort into the Wii, they’re the ones who made some of the best games on the Wii, 3rd parties didn’t and for various, many understandable as well, reasons.

      1. Yea, after reading what I wrote it sounds wrong. I meant it like, nobody really put effort into the Wii, not just Nintendo. And yes, it is true that Nintendo made the best games for it, but in other aspects they just didn’t really care about it as much as they did care about the DS.
        A new version of the Wii was already needed long, long ago. They’re just too late with the WiiU, in my opinion.

  23. Even if the 3DS doesn’t do that well, the company won’t lose hope! Remember the GameCube? Remember how much of a flop compared to the other systems on the market that was? Nintendo survived it, and they went on to huge success. Plus the GameCube had the most kick-ass library ever :).

  24. The site doesn’t know anything. Of course old stuff starts to sale less. Just because of that is a company doomed? It’s like saying apple is doomed because the iPhone 3 stopped selling. Oh no! The newer stuff on the market will pick up after a while. Just because something that’s old isn’t selling like it used to doesn’t meant the company as a whole is going down. Look at the psp go. It sold 7 units in like a month. Does it mean Sony is doomed? No. These analysts suck at their job. Why do they even get paid? Just wait until Mario kart 7 and Mario land for 3ds come out. The 3ds will have a huge boost in sales

  25. Now I feel like reading all the “good things” they said about Nintendo when the gamecube was on its last legs and when the DS was seen as a joke. In all seriousness, they only write these articles because they are easier to catch. Remember the articles of how Nintendo was doomed with the Wii when it came out? How about just last year when the Wii was not selling and in the holidays it single-handedly kick the competition in the nuts? Oh wait, let’s remember the colossal start of the DS! I mean, the phat version of it was the hottest thing in town, right? And they had so many color and games for it that it flew off shelves. Let’s get real, it took time for the DS to take off, but when it did, there was no stopping it.

    It’s always the same. People are going to bash Nintendo to death to get attention since they have arguably the biggest fanbase out there. Then when something happens, like E3 2010, they are going to be all over them and kissing Nintendo’s, and Reggie’s hairy, ass because they would be the hot topic and would generate more hits on their sites. Then they go back to bashing them again even if the others are doing worse. It’s all for the sake of attention. Just wait after the holidays and see how they turn around just to get back at them later on.

  26. I think it’s a little misleading to title this article in such a way as to say that Nintendo’s making this statement.

    This is an investment magazine making this statement, based on INVESTORS, who once again know bunk about the industry. Just like Michael Pachter and every other arm chair analyst who has been predicting doom and gloom for the game industry. They have NEVER been right.

  27. I think nintendo will really die…if the Wii U fails to supply wat it has promised by addiing core games and HD graphics. Dont get me wrong im a nintendo fan forever, i hav all their games and consoles and i dont own a ps3 or xbox cuz i lov mi wii and my 3DS and DS. But The thing is. nowadays apps, and all that are takking over the world. i mean look at the ONE app named angry birds. theres nearly a billion people who play it. and think about it. it costs a dollar on ipod, 2 or something pon ipad HD. and about 3 $ on mobile phones. And 5 bucks on PC i think….It proves apps are important. Nintendo has to make an objectif to make the WIi U the biggest thing theve ever made in their lives. the company depends on it :)~

  28. The DS sales were slowing? I wonder why…

    Oh wait, that’s right, everyone and their dog already owns one, not to mention it’s successor is out…….

  29. So just becuz sales has dropped they think the employees are losing hope. Get a grip, When sony and microsoft was behind were they’re employees losing hope. These ppl have monkey brains cuz they say the dumbest things. Nintendo can’t go out of business just because of the 3D. They still have Wii U which will be a huge success. Now when Nintendo first started, they only had one system which was the console and they did fine so who’s to say they can’t do it again if the 3DS does fail. nintendo isn’t going out of business anytime soon. As far as 3DS goes, I don’t think it’s dying either as well as employees losing hope. I believe one of they’re employees would’ve leaked that if it was true

  30. all though i probably never use my wii because im always on ps3, i really dont want nintendo to die out. my whole childhood was about mario, zelda, and pokemon. once in awhile i play there games just for nostalgia or w.e. and im also interested in the wii u. but in all honesty, if nintendo quit the gaming industry i would shed a tear or two.

  31. and now i’m depressed… how come you always have to talk about the bad stuff about Nintendo.. in my eyes Nintendo is the greatest company ever…I know all you Sony and Microsoft fans are gonna hate on me… I like Microsoft and son but Nintendo is my #1 .. Microsoft and Sony are just showing off there flashy consoles and games.. Nintendo always reels me in with nostalgia mainly cause I grew up playing there games and i’m not gonan abandon them just because Sony comes out with a new console or Microsoft has some big game coming on the 360 .. I have faith in you Nintendo :)

  32. This kind of stuff makes for good drama. I think Nintendo is going to hit a home run with the Wii U and be just fine. I think Nintendo is going to have a great holiday season with the 3DS and the games that are coming out. I know it’s going to be a Nintendo Christmas in my house. Nintendo is having one bad year in a world economy that is on the brink of recession. It’s not the end of the world.

  33. Uh, excuse me, but the Wii and DS are Nintendo best selling consoles in there entire history, There not falling below Microsoft or Sony lol. I like how he bases his entire argument on a lie(Or a twisted truth, if that sounds better).

  34. Don’t worry guys! The GAMES are coming! Those analysts and investors are looking at the stats right now and try to predict the future. The main attraction is coming in a couple months.

    For the Wii U. All nintendo have to do is release their main titles at lunch. Don’t hold your breath on third party developers…..ahem……**hint**3DS**

  35. Those investors Know nothing about gaming and what gamers want. Nintendo is, and always will be there. Maybe not always in the lead but still there. I have full confidence in nintendo!

  36. Maybe I’m getting too old.

    This is what they said before the release of the GameCube.

    This is what they said before the release of the Wii.

    “Nintendo is going under,” “Nintendo will rise or fall depending on the next console.” This is a very normal trend for Nintendo. Always has been. HERE IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN…

    WiiU will pull them out of the gutter, then the next, sexier version of the 3DS will catch on, and Nintendo will be on top again… Rinse, repeat.

  37. I think Nintendo will be fine…I mean they have made a few crap consoles before, Virtual Boy and Gamecube, while I did love the Gamecube, it didn’t exactly sell too well, Nintendo bounced back nicely after N64 and Wii came out, and I don’t see them disappearing just yet

  38. There sure are a lot of Nintendo doomsday predictions out there nowadays aren’t there. Wonder if there is any truth to them? Articles such as this makes me think so.

  39. hmm… the 3DS already outsold the virtual boy, but even if they are struggling, they have a huge safety net. ($$$)

    all I have to say is:

  40. Nintendo for life! Wii U will rule all that come before it. Make sure when the time comes that you reserve your unit with amazon as I got my 3DS 2 days from ordering it and a bunch of free items. So long live Nintendo! The greatest company you could work and play for ^_^

  41. A lot of comments here and I don’t know when to finish..

    Just say something ugly (maybe?), some countries only sell (until now) PS2 that already modded for pirated games to public. Even the shops there sell (until now) pirated games only making public believe that buying original is waste of money.

    So I don’t think that made PS2 a very good image for some games developers. This also including PS1/PSX, but PS3 is a different story (expensive?).

    I also seeing many (x2) people with phones that play free downloaded games cause the phones already been hacked. I don’t think games developers can get any profits from good selling console or phones that be friend with human that got pirates talents.

    Even these consider old subjects but still fact(s).
    (Forgive my poor English I feeling dizzy at this hour :P)

  42. Based on all the pressure Nintendo’s received this year, I can just say that they are one tough cookie and I have faith in them. Also I admire their integrity. Investors are persistent but Nintendo’s standing firm.

  43. There’s always some idiot crying doom about Nintendo. This is nothing new. And as always Nintendo will prove them wrong.

    They were saying the same thing before the Wii was launched too. Everybody’s panicking because of the recession and so forth. But Nintendo will survive.

    Vamos nintendo, nunca se deben de rendir, miren yo he sido su fan desde que tengo memoria, mas o menos a los 5 años, ahora tengo 16 y se que han caido mucho las ventas pero acaso nintendo dudo cuando se fijaron mas en el play station 2???. Acaso no les juzgaron de los discos de Gamecube eran malos porque no se podian falsificar, acaso fue una mala idea traer la palanca primero que nadie, eso si , no fue muy buena idea lo de el virtual boy, pero aun con eso caida se levantaron y eso es lo mas importante, nintendo se puede tropezar muchas veces, pero eso no significa que es el fin, todavia se pueden levantar. Bueno, las 2 primeras si tenian muchos comentarios negativos pero aun asi salieron adelante y no se rindieron, asi que yo digo que nunca NUNCA NUNCA deben perder la esperanza y asi como lo hicieron en el game cube, con la mirada de las gentes al play station2
    Recuerden que nintendo es la unica, UNICA empresa buena de vieojuegos, y no lo pienso solo yo, lo dicen millones de fans en el mundo que creen en ustedes y creemos en que nintendo no se va a dejar caer solo porque tienen problemas, hay personas en el mundo que tambien tienen problemas y los resuelven , y decir que una empresa como ustedes no se puede levantar es mucho mas patetico que decir que mario nunca a pertenececido a nintendo, puede ser que esta caida sea muy grande pero nintendo es lo suficientemente fuerte para que soporte la caida y siga adelante.
    En cambio, si no se soluciona el problema y pierden demasiado, quisiera agradecerle a todo el equipo de nintendo, a satoru iwata. a koji kondo y en especial a shigeru miyamoto por darnos toda esta felicidad y niñez, y que siempre viviran el el corazon de los verdaderos, y no tan verdaderos videojugadores que gozaron de la unica y mejor empresa de todas: NINTENDO. Por cierto, para demostrar el verdadero fan que soy, si cae nintendo, dejare de comprar videojuegos, hasta el regreso de nintendo.

    1. Totalmente de acuerdo, pero Nintendo ya ha tenido tiempos así de malos (con el virtual boy por ejemplo) y se han recuperado.

    2. El problema ya no es Sony, o Microsoft, el problema es Apple y Google.
      Apple es una empresa muy dificil de combatir, y mientras sigan engañando a la gente estupida sacando un nuevo iPod cada año, va a ser imposible vencerlos.
      Google por otro lado lo quiere todo, pero a diferencia de Apple, Google NO engaña a la gente y la mayoria de sus productos o son gratis, o estan a buen precio, ESO si es dificil de vecer.
      Sony esta muriendo con el PS3, y Microsoft esta atrapado con Kinect, asi que ellos ya no son un problema.

  45. Well is not surprise, Microsoft stole RARE from us, now they are making shitty games and casual bullshit, Square Enix is dead and Final Fantasy, FPS everywhere, Ubisoft is stupid as ever, Valve is starting to kick people in the stomach and now Google and Apple are dominating the game system with the stupid fucking iPods and the good but a little pointless Android.
    Man, could the future of gaming get any shittier!?
    Now the TV is dead, we have a cancer in the gaming world and the internet is getting closer to get the same cancer, i HATE the fucking future!

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