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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveal New Wii Exclusive Release For Europe

Nintendo Europe has announced via a press release that it’s publishing Go Vacation for Wii which is scheduled to be released on the 4th November. The game sees you traveling to the vast Kawawii Island where you can unlock 50 varying activities ranging in category from sports simulations to dance-based challenges either in single player or four player multiplayer mode.

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveal New Wii Exclusive Release For Europe”

    1. This is such an over used phrase.
      This is information on Nintendo products. Its normal and expected to be posted. If Sickr didn’t post it, he wouldn’t be doing his job to the best of his capabilities.

  1. Could be an interesting casual game, like Wii Sports resort. If it uses the Wii Motion Plus and uses it well I’d be up for it. These are great games to play with family.

    1. True I hate the new Wii Slim! Nintendo! Stop wasting money on junk and make Star fox reboot and Get Xenoblades in North America D:<

      1. Oh, and why is nintendo making exclusives for Europe and forgeting North America and Australia!?

        Nintendo is going to forget games for their own region next, Japan maybe next if this continues :O

        Nintendo is only caring for Europe recently :(

    1. What? The Wii Slim?

      The Wii slim is only a origional Wii that drops gamecube support.

      ONM mag said it’s not smaller either :(

      Nintendo needs to stop wasting time, Soon the Wii U is going to be delayed because of this.

  2. So this Wii sports knock off comes out but not Xenoblade?

    Nintendo really is living up to it’s return to hardcore gaming!

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