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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS And Dragon Quest Collection For Wii Sit Atop The Japanese Charts

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Collection for Wii has overtaken the immensely popular Tales of Xillia to take the number one position in the Japanese hardware charts. The Nintendo 3DS is also sitting pretty atop of the Japanese hardware charts selling a respectable 58,837 units. Not a bad week for Nintendo or Square Enix!

  1. 3DS: 58,837 (49,076)
  2. PS3: 36,061 (64,786)
  3. PSP: 25,122 (25,391)
  4. Wii: 15,406 (10,743)
  5. DSi LL: 2,869 (2,882)
  6. DSi: 2,234 (1,957)
  7. PS2: 1,317 (1,386)
  8. X360: 1,295 (1,219)
  9. DS Lite: 78 (51)
  10. PSP go: 7 (13)

40 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS And Dragon Quest Collection For Wii Sit Atop The Japanese Charts”

      1. Don’t agree with him he’s such a Sony fanboy it’s not even funny don’t get me wrong I love Sony also but in this persons eyes nintendo can do no right.

        1. Um his comment had nothing to do with nintendo. I agree because the ps2 is still the best gaming console out there. And stating my opinion hopefully will not get me labeled as a “fanboy” because I support Sony and nintendo. Not my fault Sony made a great console ten years ago.

          1. hes happy (insert consol name here) is outselling the 360, hes a fanboy because in all reality who the hell cares at this point who outsells who when both the ps3 and xbox have respectable libraries and the next gens are almost here, plus, if you dont own shares from the company, why the fuck even care for? just enjoy your damn games, and yes you are a fanboy. you comment above contradicts you

            PS: The snes and the ps2 are my 2 favorite consoles if all time

            1. Ps my favorite consoles are ps2,ps3,n64,nes,snes,wii…and gb if u want to include handhelds and I’m sure 3ds will make it’s way up there to

              1. Yeah its the same for me over here. I never got into PS2 (Despite how much I wanted to) much but other than that my list is identical. I personally prefer Nintendo, but Sony has superior hardware and great first party support too. I try to be unbiased in console wars because although I like 360 least it still has great games like Halo and Gears, I just don’t like the fail rate and lack (In quantity) of First Party support. Wether you’re a fanboy or not though I bet there’s little dispute that Nintendo is most innovative and willing to try something different.

            2. He is happy because, even ten years later, a great console such as the ps2 can still compete with the more advanced technology of today. And if being a fanboy is defined as enjoying one console more than others because of it’s vast library, then i’m a fanboy. So apparently the only way to not be a fanboy is to love every console which i’m sure no one does. I love the n64 and would love to see that console on the list too. Does that make me a Sony and nintendo fanboy? What if I liked the original xbox, too? Would I be a Sony nintendo and Microsoft fanboy? A fanboy is someone who is biased and only supports one company whereas I support good games and whichever company makes those games. I see the 3ds getting some great games in the near future as well as the ps3. At the moment, Sony is looking strong overall while nintendo is maintaining a firm grasp on the handheld market as usual. I am not sure I can buy into the wii u simply for the issue of the support for games. I have learned with the Wii that once nintendo starts moving forward, they leave behind all of the current supporters. There is an extreme lack of games coming to Wii. Skyward sword should bebe good butgames where is my Pandora’s tower, the last story, and xenoblade chronicles?!

  1. Never played dragonquest maybe when a new one comes out I’ll give it a try or the 1st dragonquest remake if we get it in the u.s

  2. Nothing to see here, Nintendo is still doomed. 3DS is a flop with no future. Nintendo is going third party and making iPhone and facebook games,

    1. You’re an idiot. Nintendo has been around forever. That’s like saying McDonald’s will go make food for Burger King. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. And that’s a fact.

        1. In that case, sorry. I thought you were serious. Even though you were joking, there are still people that want Nintendo to fail so I took it personally. No harm, no foul.

    2. Before anyone freaks out, I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to be humorous through some very deep sarcasm.

      You forgot the part where Apple buys out Nintendo and then sues it for copying its “iTendro” logo.

  3. It’s ironic to see all this 3DS doomed this, Nintendo is failing that. PS Vita is sooo awesome blah blah blah. 3DS has been at the top since it’s price drop. Analysts and stock owners don’t kno shit about gaming……….watch how I’m gonna be called a fanboy and oh and can’t forget the (w) in “know” before somebody tries to be smart no life and spell for me :D

  4. It’s funny how there were tons of articles saying crap about the 3DS when the PSP was selling better. When the 3DS sold better (before the price drop), there were hardly any articles of it and now that it’s way up there “with no games,” those websites don’t care about sales anymore. That Love + game is sure to sell more units in the coming future in Japan. hope we can get some of that love.

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