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Nintendo Wii U: Battlefield Designer Says Wii U Will Prove Skeptics Wrong

Patrick Liu, one of the developers behind the Battlefield franchise, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the company clearly sees the potential behind the Wii U but have yet to come up with a breakthrough idea to exploit it. Liu also believes that Nintendo will surprise everyone with Wii U as they did with the Wii.

“We definitely see potential in the Wii U. But I wish I had the breakthrough idea for how to exploit the new controller.”

“We’re definitely looking into what kind of new stuff we can do with Wii U. I don’t have that idea yet.

“Nintendo has surprised us so many times before. I was one of the sceptics when the Wii came out and it proved us wrong. I think they’re going to prove a lot of sceptics wrong again.”

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Battlefield Designer Says Wii U Will Prove Skeptics Wrong”

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  3. Note the tether in that picture. Proof that Nintendo can’t get the wireless working right! HA!

    (Just kidding. I’m sure that it’ll all be worked out by launch.)

    1. That’s a wrist-strap because of the motion control, like the wiimote. The tethers are black wires not white fabric straps.

  4. Now days when talks about this, my lines became: “Wii U! Wii U!” with some rhythm in it.
    At last some good response from the Designer.

  5. I want this year to be over now. That way, the 3DS would have had its first holiday and they could finally talk about Wii U.

  6. …And yet any of that supposed goodness won’t even be felt in its full glory until next year…ugh. When Skyward Sword comes out, then we’ll know we’re closer to the end of the year, and when the end of the year comes, we’ll just have a couple more months after that. This is torture.

  7. It always makes me a little uneasy whenever some developer is talking about the Wii U without calling it a console and using the words “the new controller.” I understand that’s the big feature, but I don’t want any fuel fed to the delusion of the guys @ Nintondo316 that this is only a new controller, not a console. Then again, they thought the official press release was a fake, and the word “console” was used several times during E3, so there’s really no helping those guys.

    This is great to hear, and it only makes me more excited for Wii U to hit the shelves.

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  9. its been said a lot but ill say it anyway nintendo is gaming everything else just tries imitate them they invented analog stick shoulder buttons rumble and pretty much every aspect of controllers and of course they also invented motion gaming sony is low they insult nintendo as much and they can to try and stay in competition calling the wii remote a loli pop… seriously.. now the move remote…… looks like a dang loli pop…… and just pathetic what he said about the 3ds(sony doesn’t realize that a handheld has to do something a home console cant do the psvita basically a ps3 and same price, just buy a ps3… i give credit they have no idea what there doin in handheld market but they did throw in some touch screens)

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