Nintendo: The World Ends With You Should Be Getting A Sequel

Tetsuya Nomura, one of the key creative forces behind The World Ends With You, has hinted to Famitsu that they’re developing a possible sequel to the critically acclaimed game. We already know the main character will be appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3D so whether or not we will see more cameo appearances, or a brand new game, is currently unknown.


    1. ^This

      I just had to send my 3DS back to Nintendo to be repaired… Again.

      I still have my original, grey DS, and I cracked this game out last night. :) best game to hold me until my 3DS is back.

        1. Depends what’s wrong with it. In my case, the border of the lower touch screen scratches my upper 3DS screen.

          My last repair, along with my current repair are free. They even pay for the shipping. AND, after a repair… You’re 1yr warranty starts over fresh.

          They are keeping me loyal, despite the design flaws.

    1. mfw none of you read nintendo power because Nomura already said he'd love to make a sequel so this is old news to me says:

      >mfw you think it’s going to be on WiiU
      dude, the sequel will be on the 3DS so putting “U” instead of “You” is just lazy and childish.
      plus, how do we even know it’ll be called “The World Ends with You”? Seeing as after you beat it, it says “The World Begins with You” something tells me we’ll have a different title to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a different main character too seeing as they can’t really do anything with the characters from the 1st game now :P

        1. no, the last game ended on a good note for a sequel, as Hanekoma says “You said you wanted to help me? Heh, that day may come sooner than either of us expect.”

    1. mfw none of you read nintendo power because Nomura already said he'd love to make a sequel so this is old news to me says:


  1. This is officially the best piece of news I’ve had today.

    Now I need to go and play the original again, not that I needed a reason :P

  2. this game has to be the most original ds game made, hands down. Using both screens to fight is a genius idea because you get double the action and twice the challenge. And the fights are connected so beating something in one part beats it in the one.

    Words aren’t enough to describe the originality and epicness of this game

  3. Best News Ever! I had been afraid for so long that TWEWY was just going to die out, despite the massive hint in the extended ending of there being a sequel. This is one of the few games that SqE can still be proud of. I say full speed ahead.

  4. Best news ever! I never get tired of this game and for some odd reason joshua’s face brightens my day. It saddens me though because some of my friends have no intentions to play the game and auto lable it ‘kh rip off’ when its very original in gameing layout and style.

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