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Nintendo Wii: Square Enix Uploads High Quality Dragon Quest X Trailer For Wii And Wii U

To celebrate the opening of its new Dragon Quest website Square Enix has uploaded a high quality version of the Dragon Quest X Tokyo Game Show trailer. Dragon Quest X is due for release sometime next year for Wii and will come to Wii U at a later date. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Square Enix Uploads High Quality Dragon Quest X Trailer For Wii And Wii U”

  1. Looks awesome.

    And dos it bother anyone else that the headlines on this website always refer to a company as if it is a plural instead of a singular? The title should be “Square Enix Uploads”, not “Square Enix Upload”.

          1. It’s not really a mistake at all. Companies can be referred to in either the singular or the plural. Singular implies the company as a whole, plural implies the company’s employees. The former is more common in United States English, whereas the latter is more common in European English. It all depends on whether you choose to see the group as a number of individuals or one impersonal unit.

  2. It’s funny… The in-game characters actually look better than the concept art this time around! I’ve been covering DQX on Nintendo Charged, and am loving every bit of it!

  3. After watching this it breaks my heart knowing this isn’t going to be a tremendous, rich, classic, and engaging offline game. We probably won’t ever get another one….well at least not for many years. It’s also a shame that it’s a Wii game. I would give DQ Online a shot but not for my Wii. Online is terrible on that console and I don’t see it being much different on the Wii U.

    Also I hope it looks much sharper on the Wii U. This has the graphical quality of DQ VIII.

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  5. @Muramasa
    The part on 0:26 is wiiu game.
    I know that this issent confirmed yet, but as a develop i see that this part is made with a ingame engine.

  6. The characters in this totally reminded me of Chrono trigger, not just because Akira Toriyama did the art for both, but 3 of the main characters look almost identical takes on Chrono Trigger characters.

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