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Nintendo Wii U: Vigil Games Talk Darksiders 2 Running On The Wii U Controller

Darksiders II producer Ryan Stefanelli has told online gaming publication CVG just how easy it was to get Darksiders 2 running on the Wii U controller. According to Stefanelli all it took was five minutes and two lines of code to get the game running on the controller.

“Our one and only goal once we got the Wii U hardware was to get Darksiders II running on it. We didn’t even have running the game on the touch screen on our ‘to do’ list. but once we got it running, we just fooled around with getting it on the touch screen as a lark. It took all of five minutes and two lines of code, and boom! – there was the entire game running on the controller. Amazing.”

48 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Vigil Games Talk Darksiders 2 Running On The Wii U Controller”

        1. The screen on the Wii U controller is capable of 720p, (or so I’ve heard) while, if you were playing on an HDTV, it would be 1080p. So basically, if you were playing on the controller, the graphics would still be of roughly PS3-level clearness, and would still be a heckuva ( had to use that word ) lot better than the Wii’s 480p. So… actually, Anony, you’d still be playing in high def.

        2. The controller is not standard definition, but it is also not high definition. However, the resolution does not matter all that much on the controller. Since it’s much smaller than a tv, you can’t tell any difference. I’ve read from people who’ve tried it that it looks as good as hd, and razor sharp, crystal clear. With fantastic colors and contrast.

        3. Because of the size and resolution of the screen, the pixels will be so small that you’ll get a great quality image anyway! even if it isnt “full HD”

  1. Oh yeah, the developers are clearly struggling with the new controller.
    Have to admit, I’m really pleased to see a nice positive article about the Wii U. Not to mention an article that’s not just hearsay
    And as for Darksiders 2, I just recently bought the first one for the PS3 so it’s currently in my pile to play

      1. might be? they said that the controller was being “highly unresponsive and hard to program” and that “developers were getting very frustrated with them”
        this article, which is from an actual developer, states exactly the opposite.

  2. WOW! really it only took 5 minuites to port onto Wii U. Game develupers! Theres No excuse for not develuping for U.

    Now this made me more happy, that means develupment is going to be quick for Wii U, and more time to debug the game :D

    1. What this article is about is having the game appear on the controller’s screen easily, not porting the game. Besides, since this is one of the planned systems for the game to come out, it doesn’t qualify as a port.

  3. What happened to development hell the wii u was supposed to be in I guess developers of darksiders 2 didn’t get the memo.

  4. i still want nintendo to lose the wii name cause as one of nintendo hard core fans i think the wii was a really big step away from me and i was forced to buy a ps3 and 360 so lets find another word that goes with nintendo entertainment system like MI nintendo entertainment system or MINES for short see how well that goes together

        1. Every Nintendo console should have been called the Nintendo Revolution. :P Personally, I think they should keep the name for if/when they make a virtual reality console.

          1. No, it will be to confusing.

            The nintendo Revelution was the old name for Wii, they changed it to Wii.

            Now is every Nintendo fan going to force Nintendo to rename the Wii U Nintendo Revolution?

  5. People got it wrong. They already had the game working on the system, but they hadn’t done anything with the controller. This article says that it took five minutes and two lines of code to have it run on the controller. Now it can be played on the TV or on the controller (on high res). They are just fooling around and have yet to see what they do with the controller like item management, maps, etc. This is a good thing and completely shatters those rumors. They may have done that to get hits and to make Nintendo look bad.

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