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Nintendo Wii U: THQ Says Darksiders 2 For Wii U Will Be Unique And Not Just A Simple Port

Vigil, the development team behind Darksiders 2 has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the Wii U version of the game will be unique. The unique feature will be the Wii U controller, which Vigil say they’re utilizing to its maximum potential.

“Y’know, you could just throw in anything just to throw it in but we want to make sure it really works.”

“So far we have visual parity with other formats and it’s been easy to port over, but making Darksiders 2 for Wii U is about using the system.

“In the end it’ll have such as unique control set – we think it’s the best we can make for Wii U, but will it be definitive? You tell us when it comes out!”


52 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: THQ Says Darksiders 2 For Wii U Will Be Unique And Not Just A Simple Port”

  1. LAST!! Anyways, that would be cool to see a unique game and not a port because than major fans of the game will want to buy it for Wii U to get a different experience, and players who played before will play it for the same purpose. A new experience.

  2. Yeah , New experience is a good thing , Not only it has what the console has but More ! A good reason to get the Wii U, for new experience PS360 can’t offer. This is shaping up to be good for Wii U , Can’t wait for this

    1. hopefully the “new” experience isnt waggle controls and touch screen buttons, cause that would make me get it for the 360 or ps3 instead

  3. Soo glad to get a lot of support and positive feedback from a third party. There’s still more to come but THQ has all my respect for supporting Nintendo and actually working hard on the game.

  4. aMAZING! Same thing happening with Ghost Recon and Aliens.

    Really. Now i’m more excited for Wii U after hearing this also.

  5. Yeah, I haven’t played the first one yet, but I want to get Darksiders 2 on the Wii U just to support all they’re trying to do to promote the Wii U’s capabilities

  6. You guys watch. When Wii U is out and X-Box 720 and PS4 are also out, people will say the Wii U has horrible graphics. Because I think the Wii U has the same graphics as the x-box 360 and ps3 in which Nintendo said it would be better. But it’s not.

    1. There hasn’t been anything other then the zelda tech demo you’ve seen running on it. Sooooo where did you see what games that looked the same? My guess the e3 shots that were admitted to being ps3 and xbox clips. Also there isnt much further they can go so by no means will either ps4 nor xbox720 look vastly better then Wii u. Or at least not without a 1000$ price tag.

    2. i doubt it.

      first off….we havent really seen much in terms of actual games on the wiiu…mostly tech demos..or ports…so ofcourse ports are gonna look just like they do on other systems…because they are just that..ports…and it wont be out till sometime so anything we actually saw running on wiiu hardware is probably very early in development

      it wont be till we get some exclusive games that we’ll be able to tell how powerful it is….even so…the next sony and microsoft systems are bound to exceed the wiiu in terms of power by a lot. but to make full use of those new systems is going to be costly…..the wii may end up being the ps2 of the last generation…and have games developed for it but then ported upwards to the other systems.

      as far as position to the other possible consoles..nintendo is in a pretty good spot…they’ll be more powerful than current gen….forcing sony and microsoft to release their next systems sooner…and also the main console for development.

      ofcourse it could go horribly wrong like the dreamcast..but we’ll see…i think with nintendo’s wealth in wont go the way of the dreamcast

      1. Don’t expect it to be more powerful by much. Just looking at the current gpu market sure the new gpus have better specs but in real time they are not much better than the hd4770 that’s in the wiiu.

        Tech wise they would need to build a laptop and dump IBM to truly reach the power the fanboys mysteriously claims exsist.

        I mean really the current hd machine are not even that powerful and are actually sub par. At least nintendo decided to do hd right instead of lieing to you guys.

        Claiming this gen was hd is like saying the Nes was 16bit.

        If Sony or ms go high end expect $999-1500 for your next system Aka a laptop.

        Go look at the benchmarks and you’ll see the tech wall coming.

    3. Who cares about the graphics? Give me gameplay.

      Isn’t it like common knowledge there there’s not an easily clear definition between 1080p and 720p? Something along the lines that you need an ultra huge TV to really tell the difference? So don’t know how they can be that much better than the Wii U without creating a special TV/monitor for their console.

      I’m guessing the PS4 will go to glasses 3D with 3D TVs, and I have no prediction for the next box.

      1. Graphics have hit a plato IMO so he leap won’t be that huge from this generation to the next. And the same will happen another 7 years from now. Oh Btw ps3 does 3D and the WiiU is rumored to as well

      2. Graphics have reached a limit in terms of how realistic look. As far as resolutions go, there are TVs that support 2160p, but they are expected to come down in price to $35,000 by 2015! Most games right now don’t even support 1080p, except for PC games which are limited thanks to home consoles.

        Anyways, they may try to incorporate that kind of power, but consoles would get extremely expensive and game prices would skyrocket from there and not just by $10 like this gen! I like pretty graphics but not so much that I’d pay $100+ for a potentially bad game. Also, it would take them twice or thrice the time to make those games, which would mean not playing as much games anymore.

    4. not really, there’s no excuse to make no game 1080p next-gen, there was only a handful of 1080p games this gen. most of ps3 and xbox 360 were 720p-1080i. next generation consoles are also going to be focusing a little more on shaders to make the game look pretty, and of course fps because this gen most games only had a constant 30fps or 60fps in low-graphics looking games. and if the rumors about the wii u’s hardware having a IBM Watson super computer processor clocked at 3.8GHz and a r700 card (hopefully high end) are true then it would be more than enough to play games at high settings (pc equevalent).even if the ps4 and 720 game out with a cpu clocked at 4.0ghz and a good gpu, the wii u would still be up there.

      1. No matter how powerful the ps4 and xbox720 are, the truth is the graphical difference between them and the Wii U won’t be anywhere near the landslide between ps3 and xbox360 and wii. sure, maybe the two might have some better textures, better shading, and slightly better fps (frames per second, not first person shooter). They’ll also probably have more memory as well. But after the U comes out, no longer will anyone have the right to say how bad Nintendo’s graphics suck compared to Sony and Msoft, because it probably will hardly be noticeable, except for in the most detailed games.

    5. I agree, I reacon PS4 will have better graphics or equivilent to Wii U, and Sony fans will Nag saying PS4 hav betta graphics then Horibble Babyish Wii U.

      Sony and Microsoft fans need to understand the Wii U has Ghost recon online and Killer freaks from outer space which are M rated, SO BOTH THOSE CONSOLE FANS STOP NAGGING WII U IS BABYISH

      1. dude your judging ps3 and 360 fans by a whole. nobody has yet to say that the wii u is babyish, unless nintendo pulls a fast one and starts selling casual games more, which is NOT going to happen because there comitted to real gamers now. also ghost recon online and killer freaks are 2 great titles (killer freaks in particular looks interesting) but there new games and are not that well known compared to other games, and being rated mature doesnt really give those games a free pass to “ps3/360 fanboy land”. you have to wait and see what happens, but i have lots of hope on the wii u.

        1. Many people are saying the Wii U is babyish, just type in “wii u hate” on youtube. It’s sad to know that there are so many immature people out there that will go to all lengths just to make fans of Nintendo think twice about themselves.

          1. True.

            Really, If people say Wii U is for kids, They need to relook the launch games. Who sees lots of kids playing Ghost Recon?

            I already have lots of hopes for the Wii U, I’m going to pick up 3 or two launch games when i go to midnight launch!

            I Still need to wait for my local game store to start the Wii U preorders, There taking in PS Vita and forgot to change the launch to early 2012, It says launching late 2011 ^_^

  7. this is probably the most talked about wii u game, and the bad thing is i dont really like darksiders :/. hey wii u developers, can we get another game to talk about ?

  8. So far Gearbox is trying out higher texture and other things with Alien Colonial Marines, Team Ninja has confirmed the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden will not be a straight port either and that it would have the option for the Ninja Gaiden game on the DS, then this. I guess I should be glad that my PS3 broke. I will be able to play all of these games later on.

    1. Yep. Also same happening with Ghost recon online. Ghost recon online is not just a PC port to Wii U, there also using the controller as a radar!

      I love the way they are thinking with ideas of the Wii U controller!

      It’s not just better Graphics… ITS MORE FUN WITH TWIN SCREEN INTERACTION :D

  9. Honestly, and I know I might sound like a prick for saying this, but right now I couldn’t care less about specs and the controller and the games. I just really, really want information about this console’s online service. Are the friend codes really gone? Will we really be able to join our friends even if they’re playing in a single player mode? Will we have to pay for it? Will we be able to watch our friend’s games? Will it really be better than Xbox Live and PSN? I want news!!!!

    1. Not sure yet, Nintendo has not said more about their online intercalation, But it should be at least equivalent to PSN if game developers are porting games to Wii U. Ghost recon online will use online.

      Nintendo! Please say more about your Online!

    2. Me too, and I don’t expect online to cost money. I could see a “premium” service that costs extra, but not the normal online. I hope it has a system where you can video chat with friends on the remote during ANY game. That would be amazing 8)

    3. Honestly you have a point. It has been said that the online will be equivalent to Xbox live and PSN so I take it that all those features WILL be there. as far as paying for online I highly doubt Nintendo would start doing that now. They may go the route of PSN. Free for basic and pay for extra features.

    4. you forgot steam, that kills both of them, not only all the xbox live gimmicky stuff (cross game chat, party) but its free. nintendo should make something like that if there smart enough not to fuck it up, you know what i mean.

      1. Yep, If Nintendo screws up like Microsoft ripping people off with Gimicky X box live, Thats it for me.

        Nintendo needs to make it free Like PSN if they want to compete.

    1. Yep, I want some of the OTHER massive games to be big, Bad thing is its launching on Wii U quite late but they are putting unique stuff.

      Ninja Gaiden 3 and Aliens are massive titles coming to Wii U.

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