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Nintendo Wii: G4TV Believes That Zelda Skyward Sword ‘Hasn’t Graduated From Ocarina Of Time’

In a somewhat controversial move the hosts from G4TV have stated that they don’t believe that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii ‘has graduated’ from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.

Adam Sessler: Zelda. I think it is curious. Of course I’m going to play it, but it’s not drawing up that same level of enthusiasm that a Zelda game usually would.

Morgan Webb: *Yawns* Okay, I think basically what it is is that you show Zelda and then right after that we showed Uncharted, and just the difference in graphics and just adult nature of Uncharted…the graphics were beautiful.

Adam Sessler: And the evolution of gameplay…it doesn’t feel like we’ve really graduated from what we experienced in Ocarina of Time.

Morgan Webb: And how great would a Zelda game be on a modern console with modern graphics

189 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: G4TV Believes That Zelda Skyward Sword ‘Hasn’t Graduated From Ocarina Of Time’”

      1. how the hell can they say that the gameplay hasnt evolved from oot? skyward sword friggin has 1.1 motion control… have they even looked it up before making such a comment? the only thing i can agree with is that the graphics arent hd, which is obvious since its a wii game.

        1. Agreed….these two praise halo, gears, cod, uncharted and all the games like that but they are always so skeptical about nintendos big games then they review them and give them a 5/5 and praise them….and I was a little confused about the gameplay remark because all the previous titles I mentioned the gameplay hasn’t really changed at all…when she yawned I wanted to slap her through the tv lol

          1. 2012: This holiday season, get the 4D TV! On live shows, simply put your hand through the TV screen to slap people on the other end of the camera!

            And that’s how our world will end…

  1. Graphics blah blah blah

    It’s always the same from these people. Graphics are at a limit now, it’s gameplay that matters. If the Wii has proven anything it is precisely that. And Skyward will just prove again that gameplay is what matters in a game

    1. i totally agree, i mean sure graphics are important, but not on the top 3. and i have 360 ps3 and wii so i don’t want to sound like a fanboy but modern warfare 1,2 and 3 have the same game-play and for the same system, also gears 1,2,3 uncharted 1,2,3. am not saying that these are bad games because they are pretty cool but i hate when some one troll a nintendo game saying “OMG this shit again” ” another zelda game?” “nintendo we need new things”

  2. Is “graduating” necessarily something you’d want to do from OOC? As they always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      1. I agree, but innovating is an important thing.

        Anyway irrelevant cause these people said the gameplay was the same, when we obviously know that at the very least, sword gameplay will radically change.

  3. This will probably be the last Wii game I’ll purchase. These guys don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, Sony Fanboys. I hope that we get that shiny golden Wii Mote along with the Orquestra CD here in Brazil. Nintendo doesn’t shows us much love…

    1. I agree, Brazil is pretty much neglected in those aspects. We never have gaming events that distribute, say, rare pokémon or anything. The most we got was 10 years ago, when the releae of Pokémon: The Movie came with Pokémon playing cards.

      1. There really isnt much in brazil that would make nintendo want to release there.And brazil isnt a very easy place for millions of people in the us to get to.Having something released in…LA CA or maybe NewYork is going to get nintendo sooo much more publicity

        1. South America is neglected by everyone really…….its a shame really at least an Olympics game is FINALLY coming there. I mean a sporting event meant for the whole world has only come to the same places over and over forever.

        2. Yeah not much in Brazil at all. Only the third fastest growing economy in the world and a giant population. Which is significant, when compared to America’s piss poor excuse for an economy. Watch out yank, soon you’ll be answering to them, India and China. I’m Aussie, by the way, so I’m not biased.

  4. Pffft. They’re not really comparing Uncharted to a Zelda game, are they? To achieve so much through the years, to evolve, to keep the fans so excited after so long, to be able to do something innovative after going through so many phases. Both Nintendo and the development team responsible for Zelda have kept this up for so long it’s practically disrespectful to say gameplay hasn’t evolved or that Skyward Sword isn’t as inthusiastic as previous games. And with the upcoming Wii U, the comment about the graphics is sure to backfire. :P

  5. Meh, in all honesty, Morgan Webb is a pretentious little fangirl who never shuts up about how much she hates Nintendo. She thinks it makes her cool. Regardless, the rest of G4 pretty much sucks too.

    1. Attack of the Show is worth watching though. Proving ground was awesome to but I don’t know if it will be back, since Ryan died.

  6. I think that this cast actually plays the role of their major audience: “the core gamer.” So, they simply regurgitate the ideas that would please their audience. I mean, if you ever hear their studio audience, they’re either cued to react just how the show wants them to react just like little puppets, or the show does a good enough job of getting them to react that it only adds to the hype.

    1. A real gamer doesn’t care about graphics, this plays to the audience of frat-boy-gamers who’ve only ever played Halo and think it invented the FPS genre.

  7. If it comes to graphics then I would say Uncharted sucks compared to Crysis 2 -yawn- by the way Uncharted ain’t as great as a Zelda game is, Uncharted is just for the Sony fan boys to ride the dick of Nathan Drake

    -Coming from a Sony and Nintendo guy-

  8. Uncharted is an interesting choice for comparison. It’ll look great but I’ll finish it in two days, much like I did with the first two games, and as the multiplayer holds no appeal for me, I’ll be pretty much done with U3 in a weekend.

    This Zelda obviously has a different graphical style (and honestly, beauty in this case is subjective as I think the art style is great), but I won’t be finishing it in two days. I’ll be doing well to finish it in a week.

    So if they’re holding up a game that will look incredible but I’ll finish in a weekend as being a great example of what modern games should be like, then I don’t really want Skyward Sword to be modern.

      1. With respect to the Uncharted/Zelda comparison, it most certainly is so. They’d have been better comparing Zelda to upcoming games like Arkham City or Darksiders II, or even the obvious elephant in the room that is Skyrim.

        Basically they’ve used the wrong game to put forward what might have been an interesting argument, which leads me to question why they bring up something like Uncharted when they have those other options available. Financial reasons, perhaps?

        1. Probably. I believe you’re quite right. Many times it seems they do that (strange comparisons or out of place claimings and another similar things) for financial reasons. Even sometimes it seems like Sony gives them money for that. I don’t know but it comes to my mind from time to time.

          Apart from this, Zelda Skyward Sword looks totally awesome!!

  9. But the question is, when it comes to a case of “It’s not broke, don’t fix it.” with the gameplay, why NOT improve the graphics? Shiny graphics do not a good game make, but nonetheless shiny graphics can be beautiful things and can nonetheless punctuate any great game. Assassin’s Creed II, much? The graphics that painted an almost-perfect picture of Italy’s architecture added to and made the setting that much more beautiful. Zelda games are beautiful and bizarre, and I really wish they would allow the graphics to reflect that more than they do.

    I don’t think the Wii has had a lot of great games. Too many are shovelware and the sort of things that give you carpal tunnel. There are some gems, but ultimately I believe that motion controls should be secondary controls only; not primary ones. Subtle things, like how OoT 3D’s camera being controlled by tilting the system (ignoring that combining this with 3D effects where you have to keep your head still kills it a bit, but I play without the 3D anyway).

    With all that said, I believe the degree which you can control that sword on SS actually looks promising, despite my views. I’ll play it before I reach a verdict on that, however.

    1. The thing is, when saying ”good” and ”modern” graphics, essentially G4 mean ”realistic”. The more realistic graphics become, the less imaginative and fantasyfull the game becomes. I feel that the approach of people towards graphics need to change, because G4 are completely ignoring the fact that this Zelda game is being put into a different graphical style ON PURPOSE and are completely disregarding the fact that the wonderfully fantastic style SS brings with it takes AT LEAST AS MUCH TIME AND EFFORT TO CREATE AND DEVELOP as a Hollywood game (my term for Movie Clones). Nintendo isn’t being lazy, they just decide to go against the realism trend that’s going on right now, and I respect them for it.

  10. G4 can seriously suck it! They’re the same people who said “There aren’t any Mega Man Legend fans” All they care about are the big AAA games with the realistic fancy brown graphics. Why do people still even watch that crap?

  11. Do people actually watch G4?

    Anyway, I always look forward to a good Wii game with graphics like Skyward Sword after playing so many PS3 games with “superior” graphics. Why would anyone want all the games to look the same?

  12. statements like this make me GLAD i lost G4, they’re saying zelda hasn’t evolved yet they give god of war rave reviews. clearly they don’t know the definition of “change” or “difference” cuz god of war has neither.

  13. LOL I wonder how much Sony paid G4 to talk down Skyward Sword, and then plug Uncharted in the same interview. And FYI to the guys at G4, the Wii is a modern system. Graphics do not make the game. A game can have beautiful graphics and still be a boring piece of crap. I find Wii games in general to be a lot more fun and innovative. That is why the Wii U is taking full priority for me for next-gen consoles, over whatever other systems Microsoft and Sony come out with.

    1. Why are you hating on Sony now ? I think Sony has other things to do than paying G4 to say that.
      That proves that you are one hell of a Nintendo-fanboy.
      Except for that, Wii does not have a lot of good games. I tried thinking of good games on Wii quickly, and I could only think of 5 or 6. Well, few games, but really good ones tho. And I wouldn’t say that Wii games are more innovative in general, most of them just rely on motion control to be “innovative”. Motion control was innovative a few years ago, now it is not. And no, Wii is not modern anymore. PS Vita is modern, 3DS is modern, WiiU is modern. But Wii is not. Plus, you can’t really say that the reason why you’ll buy the WiiU is because Wii games are more fun and innovative for you. Wii is a whole different thing than WiiU, so are Wii-games and WiiU-games.
      Your way of argumenting makes no sense for me, it’s stupid IMO. But yeah, that’s just my opinion and yours is yours. Just wanted to add what I think about what you said, I hope you won’t get offended or something.

      1. Aights Gurl.
        Good Wii games you looking for?
        Twilight Princess
        Skyward Sword
        New Super Mario Bros Wii
        Mario Galaxy
        Mario Galaxy 2
        Mario Kart
        Donkey Kong Country Returns
        Super Smash Bros Brawl
        GoldenEye 007 (for fps players)
        Kirby’s Epic Yarn
        Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Wii
        Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
        Muramasa: The Demon Blade
        Dead Space: Extraction
        Wii Sports/Resort (For Minigame fans, and don’t say it’s casual because I swear to god there’s been clones of Wii Sports for Move and suddenly the whole gamerworld is jizzing about them)
        Monster Hunter Tri
        Metroid Prime Trilogy (2 of them are ports, but i’m not counting those seperately)
        Okami (Okami Wii is a completely different game from the PS2 version)
        No More Heroes
        No More Heroes 2
        Metroid Other M
        Super Paper Mario
        Sonic Colors
        Epic Mickey
        Trauma Team
        Xenoblade Chronicles :D
        Tell Me IF you want me to continue :D

        1. I see only 9 games which are really good, in my opinion at least. I considered Mario Galaxy as 1 game before, which makes no sense actually.
          Skyward Sword isn’t out yet, you can’t say it’s a good game before even having played it.
          9 good games in 5 years, that’s nothing to be proud of, in my opinion. But I guess our interests in games are just too different. I’m a big Nintendo fan, always been, but I just don’t like how the Wii evolved. I expected a whole lot more from Nintendo more when I bought the Wii.

          1. List of good Sony exclusives in 5 years that I actually liked
            uncharted 1
            uncharted 2…hmmm that’s it….killzone and resistance were boring fps littlebigplanet I thought was slow and boring sorry didn’t like infamous either, I pick Mario kart over mod nation any day…I didn’t play ratchet and clank or heavy rain but maybe they were good…nintendo had better exclusives but sonys exclusives mixed with 3rd party games gave my ps3 more playtime this generation

          2. you DEFINATELY did not play all of those games. so many of them are excellent games that have expiriences not seen in many other console games (sin and punishment, okami, zack and wiki to name a few). im not sayin theres more games on the wii than ps3 that rock, because the third party problem is very big on the wii. it did allow some devs to create amazing, innovative third party games, but excluded many other devs and franchises from coming or succeeding on the wii. but when it comes to first party games, its hard for me to admit that nintendo games are higher quality in gameplay, and ps3 in graphics and story. not that gameplay sucks on ps3, or graphics and story suck in wii, its actually more the latter than the former, but even without story, nothing tops zelda to me. p.s. f*ck xbox!!!!
            jk i support all systems but xbox is the weakest in first party support. gotta get rare on some REAL games, microsoft!

            1. I never said that I played all those games. And I never said that all the other games, except for the 9, are bad. It’s just that I can not spot more than 9 really good ones I really like, the others may be bad in my opinion or I just didn’t play them yet. It’s just my opinion, I don’t mean to offend anyone.
              And yea, the third party problem on Wii is very big indeed. That’s actually really sad. And as I said, I actually expected a lot more of Nintendo and Wii.. And the fact that Skyward Sword is most likely the last “big” game on the Wii makes it even sadder.
              And nobody should speak of Wii- and PS3-games in general, there are PS3-games which are better than some Wii-games and vice versa of course. Doesn’t matter which one has more or less, both of them have something that the other one does not have. There is nothing wrong with finding one of them better than the other one in general, but to go fanboy/fangirl about one of the both sides is just childish, I’m always happy to see someone who actually supports all sides (:

              1. You know that’s your problem I have 39 good wii games and I’ll be getting 3 RPGs plus SS with the 3ds stuff and the wiiu.

                Uncharted is lame like most hd games they simply don’t play well and 15-30 frames sucks on any action game no matter how good it looks. I’m glad the wiiu will be a real hd console instead of half azzing it.

                Why even come to a nintendo site to support all side we obviously don’t care about their crap.

                Oh yeah G4 sucks just like n4g. Sesseler what ever better get out before he ruins his rep. Morgan should go back to doing jawbone porn for kotaku.

                1. I don’t see a reason why I should not share my opinion with others.
                  I also don’t see a reason why I should not say that I’m supporting all sides. Just because this is a Nintendo-related it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to talk good about other companies. That’s what I thought, at least.
                  Also, you can buy/own whatever you like, it won’t change my opinion from what I said earlier. It is my opinion, I’m not going to ask anyone what to think about something and what not. Like you got a different view on Uncharted, I got a different view on some Wii-games.

                    1. Lmfao.
                      The icon I got is like one of the most common ones here. Did you really think that every comment with that icon on the whole site was made by one single person ?
                      And why on earth should I argue with myself ?
                      Didn’t you ever see someone else with the same icon as yours ?
                      Oh and every comment I did has my username on it, so don’t worry (:

          1. Why are you wasting your time arguing with a girl? Seriously, it’s not like they actually know anything about video games anyway. Seriously, NoName, you should be in the kitchen, makin us sum SANDWICHES.

            1. That’s some good old fashioned chauvinism, right there. Sorry Nonamegurl, but you don’t hear it like that anymore, and it was hilarious.

      2. LOL I’m hating on Sony, because I think that Sony is a piece of garbage company, who simply feeds off the innovative ideas of the other companies, dating all the way back to the damn N64, and then quote/unquote “fixing” it, and calling it their own. My remark about Sony paying G4 was a joke. get over it. If Wii games aren’t Innovative, then why the hell did Sony TAKE AND COPY the nearly exact remote, call it the “Move” and say that it was “Innovative”. Hmmm?

  14. Look guys, don’t hate on g4. Their opinion is their opinion. However, you can’t really compare uncharted to zelda. Graphics? Nintendo tries to do a unique art style, and look what happened with okami and wind waker! Adult world? Really? LoZ is meant for little kids. Its like comparing GoW to SMB. You can’t do it. But please uber fanboys, don’t troll on g4. I’m a nintendo guy too, but I’m not going to rage on g4 for their opinions. You don’t do that.

    1. theirs a reason why sickr happens to post articles such as these, (he says he tries to cover nintendo everything) but we all know its flame bait for hits, anyways G4 made the decision to keep these morons so G4 gets it aswell.

    2. Apparently these people are paid professionals. I simply expect more from them than unoriginal arguments that Nintendo has completely defunked (Graphics? Outdated gameplay? SS must be a really shitty game then . . . but why is it the most pre-ordered game at my local game stores?) If they’d even bothered to back any of this up with more than fanboy-ism (comparison to Uncharted) I would have more respect for this argument.

      And some things you need to know before YOU go hating on Nintendo:

      Okami was originally a PS2 release. Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with it’s graphical choices. And anywho, it’s a beautiful game. End of story.

      And if you think Zelda is just for kids, you need to replay your Zelda games and REALLY pay attention this time.

    3. Legend of Zelda is not for kids.. if this were so, my kid brother would not get stuck on the beginning of every Zelda game I have given him. And besides, wind waker was one of the best Zelda games I have ever played. Zelda II: Adventure of Link is my favorite.. maybe tied with Majoras Mask ( and majoras mask was not for kids buddy). I am living proof, Im 24 years old, in college, getting my masters, and I am Zelda all day son.

      And Super Smash Brothers is a pretty hardcore game. The best fighting game I have ever played in my entire life, and none compares.

  15. I’ve never liked Adam Sessler’s and Morgan Webb’s. They never review rpgs or zelda games fairly. I remember when they reviewed Crisis Core on the PSP and slaughtered it and because people were commenting so much hate and showing other reviews which most of them gave way higher scores; Adam Sessler retaliated in his Soapbox edition and re-reviewed it in the most asinine way possible. There too biased for me to take them seriously.

  16. Is it a coincidence that G$ is G-shift+4?

    Graphics? That’s it?
    Well, they don’t know how to enjoy a game, all they want is good graphics. You could make a nice non-interactive animation and they would be “OMG EPIC GAME!!!!!!!”, but make a great game with just decent graphics, they are like “meh, it’s a bad game”.

    The worst sort of gamers. That’s why we have so much bullshit on the market. CoD, Halo and co.

      1. Hahahaha, that’s so true man! No one can say anything favouring those guys hahaha. Liam tried, but succeding is imposible this time. GG, man.

      2. Did you or the other people play it yet ?
        I don’t think so.
        A lot of people here are praising the game as the most awesome super duper good Wii-game that ever existed in world (that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get what I mean, I guess), and they probably didn’t play it either. That what you just said could be said to almost everyone here.
        And I agree with Liam. That what G4 said is no reason to start crying. State your opinion like a normal person, stop insulting them or whatever. That’s childish. If you want your opinion to be accepted, you gotta be able to accept other people’s opinions too.

            1. How the heck are you supporting nintendo! you are supporting G4 who is supporting SONY you haven’t said one thing that supports nintendo.

  17. Yeah…. the only thing I ever watch those fanboys for is the review for genuinely horrible games (like Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball) or to find what games I would like by taking the exact opposite of their suggestions. If they rate it at 2 or below, I know I’ll love it. There was only one game where we agreed. Ever. And that was Psychonauts.

    My favorite part: “Aww…. isn’t Nintendo cute? They think they’re real people! Wouldn’t this game look pretty if it could barely run on a PS3 console? Also if Nintendo gave up their copyright for no reason?”
    They make no sense. I forgot how much I hate them until just now.

  18. WHO FU***** CARES ????

    Maybe it hasn’t evolved enough, but speak about graphics and compare with Uncharted is SO predicted! People who loves games just love it! Dont’ love graphics.

    Of course I really want to see how Zelda will be on Nintendo Wii U, but I’m really anxious and looking forward for SS.

  19. Fuck Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler. “Oh graphics this, graphics that” that’s all they ever talk about. Bunch of tards would’nt know gaming even if it slapped them in the face. They always bash Nintendo and suck Microsoft and Sony’s dick.

  20. Sure because uncharted 3 is so different from the second one, yeah right copying lady tomb raider talk about original!!! Twilight princess went with real visuals abd its the worst looking zelda because most of the textures are really blurry and it lacked color in resume.

    1. Twilight princess was diffrent to the rest, But the graphics were good. maybe you need to turn the color and brightness on your Wii/gamecube a bit more.

      The cartoon Zelda’s were the Colorful ones, Twilight was made darker then other Zelda’s

  21. Wow so many people here are crying. They can think what they want – they’re not forcing their opinion into Nintendo Land – My Nintendo News UK is. :P

  22. It’s official. X-Play’s hosts are graphics whores. BTW, I’ve played Uncharted 2 Adam, and let me tell you, it is far overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game just not good enough to win all those Game of the Year awards it got.

  23. *Sighs* Where to begin? XPlay is a show to be ignored. Adam and Morgan are graphics whores and only interested in what’s popular, not what’s good. Too busy kissing Cliffy B’s ass to look up and see that there are other games out there. I think their attitude is indicative of the general consensus of a lot of so called “gamers.” Only like the flashy and shiny things.

    I can barely make it through an episode of their show without hearing something that makes me want to change the channel. They should stick to making their little sketches and leave the reviews to actual unbiased gamers. I really hope people out their don’t base their decision to buy a game on what these 2 jokers say.

    1. Also “Graduate from Ocarina of Time.” The gameplay mechanics in OoT revolutionized the industry (Z targeting is the template for how fighting is done in a 3D environment) Why fix what isn’t broken? Idiots.

      Why is it that the so called experts are so out of touch with their audience.

    1. Also I used to watch X-play as a kid it was a good and funny show with cool characters I saw the show again not too long ago and it got boring and basically feels..soulless..two people I greatly respected became graphic whores..feels bad man.

  24. Judging from Morgahn’s final statement in the article, she seems to be on the bandwagon to want Nintendo to go third party. I’ve noticed a trend lately with people just wanting to make games have more and more realism. Adding such realism wouldn’t work for the Legend of Zelda, it’s not meant to be hyper realistic. Even just taking one word from the games title you can draw on this conclusion: Legend. A legend tends to be a tale or story retold through generations, and for the most part legends tend to be exaggerated to the point of also really losing grounds in reality. So the graphical style fits this specific game, because the whole point of the Legend of Zelda is to be as far away from realism as possible.

  25. …..I agree with xplay. Not on gameplay more as I do with graphics. Think about it this way graphic tree goes: PC>>>>>>>>>>PS3>>>360>>>>>>>>>>Wii

    Nintendo is really far behind the curve in the graphics department. Now that will change when the wii U comes out, BUT, if you want to enjoy SS with the new graphics and such, you have to buy the wii U version seeing as the U doesn’t upscale wii games into HD. So you’d have to buy the new game, and admit it, most of you would. I mean most of you overpaid for OoT for 3DS anyway, so what will stop you now?

    So to enjoy Uncharted level graphics, you either have to wait a year or buy the game twice to not wait.

    Oh and the reason why they compared U3 and SS is that they are both classified as Action/Adventure games and release close together. And if you say it’s an RPG then GTFO, it would be the most basic watered down RPG ever made. And I ain’t talking Rocket Projected Grenades.

    And I do agree that graphics don’t make a game, but the game has to give something back. MAG on ps3 ran low graphics but made up for it with 256 player matches on maps that are 1-2 square miles in size. Fallout ran low graphics but made up for it in sheer amount size and uniqueness. The game has to remember everything you do so it puts stress on the system. But SS? Runs on low graphics for what reason? Limited by the Wii? Or just lack of enthusiasm?

    1. Uncharted is not an action adventure game, it was a movie that the script was so horrible to that they found it easier to build a crappy platformer with guns than to just release it as a straight to dvd movie that the world could forget about like they should have.

    2. What you think is “low” is merely a “style choice” that they intended on. You keep forgetting that developers do not just simply think of using the highest graphics imaginable; they also have art style to keep in mind as well. If the style choice they made didn’t require high-end graphics, then it would be pointless and a waste of processing power to use it. And a lot of people already responded, but I’ll say it again anyway: there is no new version of Skyward Sword coming out for the Wii u. There would be no point in that, as the improvements would be superficial.

    3. They’re not making a Wii-U version of Skyward Sword, it’d be pointless as the Wii-U can use the exact same controls and it’d be pretty difficult to do 1:1 Motion Controls with the U-Pad. Besides, I can expect the Wii-U to have graphics FAR beyond Uncharted as it can run games like Crysis for gods-sake. Besides, Uncharted isn’t an Action/Adventure game, it’s a 3rd Person Adventure Game. Legend of Zelda is an RPG/Puzzle/Action/Adventure.

      1. *facepalm*
        Leave it to Winscar to be the only one on this website that actually thinks that graphics are far more important than anything else a game has to offer. Also, many, many people who have played demos of SS have stated that the game world is very huge and expansive, leaving more reason to lower the graphics, and a game doesn’t have to look super realistic to have good graphics. The Legend of Zelda series is famous for implementing new graphical styles in almost every new game. And in your saying that Skyword Sword is coming out on the Wii U….. that just proves how ignorant you are. It has been stated by Nintendo more than once that SS is a Wii-exclusive title and will NOT be coming to the Wii U.

  26. What?! I would think it IS a huge improvement! Well that’s why when they make a new Zelda game for the Wii-U, they will enjoy the graphics that everyone wants, HD.

    1. You mean either wait a year to play SS or buy it twice just to get the better version?

      I’d rather just get the wii version and be content with that.

      1. I appreciate your spirit, but it’s already been clarified that this game was made for the Wii and its controls. There won’t be a Wii U version, and there’s no reason for one.

        In the case of Twilight Princess, the Wii had a brand new control scheme that warranted a redesign in Nintendo’s eyes. If not for that, I’m pretty confident we’d have only seen a GCN version. It’s also the only time Nintendo pulled the “release 2 versions at the new system’s launch” trick, so don’t act like they’ve always done that. As for Skyward Sword, it was designed specifically for Wii Motion Plus, not a more traditional controller like the Wii U’s, making the creation of a Wii U version uneccessary.

  27. Ya know i use to like xplay but, that was back when it was hosted by only adam sessler and was an alright show for reviews. Now the only reason i even keep that station on my list is for the coverage of E3 and TGS when they can get in. Screw them and the rest of the xplay crew they a fan boys every single one.

  28. I understand their feelings… it’s a Zelda game on a last gen console. The Wii is merely a Gamecube with motion controls. But hopefully that will all change with the Wii U.

  29. Oh, ouch. That really hurt me. Guess I’ll cancel the preorder…oh, wait! This is X-Play on the current G4 we’re talking about. I don’t have to care.

    Excitement has gone way up in other media outlets like Nintendo World Report and IGN’s Nintendo team, but I don’t think Adam and Morgan (especially Morgan) got the memo on that.

    They also just don’t understand what was trying to be achieved with the graphical style, a tribute to Impressionism. Looking at the way the lights hit the clouds, the forward motion of colors in Link and his bird and the obscured, blended appearance of a sky island with spots for houses that becomes clearer as you get closer, I’d say they nailed it. Though HD couldn’t hurt too much here, it was a great choice for the Wii. These two are just of that narrow mindset that every Zelda game must look like the E3 2011 footage with no deviation, a dangerous one to have. I believe we’re moving well past “Cel-Shaded vs. Realistic” as an industry, but some people just don’t understand that. I also believe that the Zelda series has changed concept art enough times to not only have one look, but some people just don’t have an imagination.

  30. everybodies a critic =_=” ss is looking really apealing to alot of people so im not swayed by these words of critics.
    besides thats their job though they get flammed hard somebody has to do it

  31. SS will NOT be coming to the WiiU.

    Oot & MM>N64
    WW & TP>GC
    TP & SS>Wii

    See the pattern? That, and the actual Company explained how it wouldn’t be coming to the WiiU.

    1. For a little more validation of EdwardValo’s comment, read my response to Winscar_Shinobi above.

      The only reason Twilight Princess even warranted a version on Wii was due to the new control scheme. Also, it’s the only time I recall Nintendo releasing a game back-to-back with their old and new systems, so people really need to stop acting like Nintendo has always done that.

        1. I guess that could count as 2 instances then, though they’ve only done it once with a game developed by one of their EAD studios. Still, 2 times isn’t a bad track record for this in the slightest.

    2. Umm… You made a mistake, Twilight princess was ported to Wii which made people think it will be ported to Wii U. Why did Nintendo show it SS in HD however?

      1. The raw game can be output in HD, particularly at conventions like E3, but the commercial Wii console can’t. Sure it’s not a satisfying reason, but it’s still a reason.

  32. What stupid reactions – especially for a game they did not play till now…
    And as if graphics would be the most important thing? Old Ocarina of time is more inovative than any game on ps3 ever been…
    Please never bore,us again with stupid info like this!

  33. Negative attention technically IS another form of hype. It’s a different kind of hype too; it lowers people’s expectations of the thing, and when the thing finally arrives and people experience it, they’ll be blown out of their minds. So whether they meant it or not, they’re kinda doing the game a favor.

  34. Wow, there are actually alot of decently intelligent people on this site. Only a couple idiots here and there who think that “opinions” are facts. Pretty much all these comments are true and well thought out. Anyone who has taken a look at SS can see if 2 seconds its majorly improved compared to Ocarina of Time. Not so much “improved”, but, they are doing new and interesting things and trying to take the series further. I literally believe that these people were paid to say this, and its not even an opinion thing. They are factually lying, or stating opinions as facts without leaving any room for discussion. Its not my “opinion” that SS is innovating the series past Ocarina of Time. There are tons of straight up facts that prove it to be so. Unless you think that Ocarina had 1:1 motion controls, dungeon-like overworld, extensive upgrade system, flight-based gameplay, living painting-esque graphics, dowsing, a second quest, as well as numerous other things. I mean, these are facts. There is no “opinion” being stated here. The game is innovating for the series majorly. What G4tv is are a bunch of morons who are paid to say whatever makes them money. This is not the first time they have done things like this. I will never again visit the site, watch the videos, or do anything except mock them at every opportunity i can. They need to be shown that there is a price to pay for being liars in exchange for money. Ill hop on any bandwagon that comes along with intent to see that site burned to the ground figuratively.

    1. A serious game news site near from here? anyone?

      I agree man. Would you recommend some websites about games news that are more professional? Before I was reading IGN but that site is terrible and G4 seems it’s terrible too. And it’s not the fact thay they have different opinions is the way they build their opinions as fanboys, and not in a logic and studied way that one should expect from people “working” in games related news. They also like to create stupid vs comparisons that create the console wars and games wars so annoying that we all know about. It’s like they don’t enjoy games anymore, instead now they focus in saying the games they like are the best of the best and the other games (the ones they don’t like -usually from Nintendo consoles) are poor games in comparison, having to lie so many times. And from a professional point of view that is… well you got my point.

  35. The first reaction that I got from this was that they’re getting paid by Sony. Why? Uncharted is a rather interesting choice to compare with SS. I’ve played both Uncharted games, and anyone who has played those games can tell you that the games only go forward. After a cutscene, you cannot go back or explore. You take out a bunch of dudes with only a hand gun. The puzzles look big and tough, yet they are extremely simple and lame. You can finish those games in about 8 hours on the first run or less depending on who you are.

    So, why do I think Sony paid them? Because of what I said above and because if you’ve been on the Internet on gaming website the past weeks, you would know that the ongoing battle right now is between Skyward Sword and Skyrim. Don’t ask me how that got started since all of a sudden, people were taking sides and Zelda got thrown in the mix. Uncharted only gets brought when a new article gets posted rather than people actually talking about it. Actually, I thought Zelda would only get popular among Nintendo fans and Wii owners because of the many high profile games releasing this holiday, but then the game got up there, specially after TGS. Even that guy Shane from said that SS may be the only game he pre-orders this holiday season. If you know Shane, he was practically shitting on Skyward Sword when it was revealed and didn’t like the look of the game. Now SS is one of his most anticipated games this holiday, and he’s a CoD fanboy.

    Also, OoT was awesome, and it had variety for its time. Twilight Princess had easy enemies, but some puzzles were beast and it had a ton of things to do, something that Uncharted lacks. Skyward Sword is supposed to be smaller than TP, but it has more stuff to do, so I’d say it’s changed from OoT. If that were true, then every other game (CoD, Elder Scroll, Portal, etc) has yet to graduate. I don’t remember Uncharted changing gaming throughout their two games (soon to be four). And the adult theme? WTF? It’s a fantasy game that is meant to take you away from reality. Even the voice actor for Nathan Drake has said that he voices Drake because it’s a job, but he prefers to do more cartoon, less realistic works.

      1. Darksouls is brought up sometimes, but the most prominent one is Skyrim vs Skyward Sword. It happened on this site a few articles ago in the comments, it also happened at gametrailers and at IGN. I don’t go to G4 anymore, so I’m not sure there. I think destructoid also had that argument.

  36. The issue mainly comes down to realism vs artistic style. A fantasy story like Legend of Zelda is meant to be surreal. Realistic graphics works for games like God of War because Greek mythology was based in a very brutal, cruel, and gritty world. By stating that they feel that modern graphics are only “realistic” graphics, they’re basically saying they don’t care much for stylized graphics at all.

    It is sad that when a game chooses to go a different way in terms of artistic style that it sometimes gets dogged on for the graphics not being realistic enough. Designers need a little room to be able to be creative, and not just expected to churn out nothing but realism. I’ll just use Okami as an example, that game was beautiful from a stylistic standpoint, and making that game realistic would have taken something away from the overall experience.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting good graphics, but one needs to learn the difference between looking realistic, and looking stylized. Realism just doesn’t work for every franchise.

  37. I put in the nes original last night – again – and had a blast. Unevolved = fun to me. And isn’t fun what video games are for? Game arguments are dead end roads..

  38. Four things:

    1) How do they know that it hasn’t evolved? Have they played SS yet other than in demos? Their opinion on its gameplay are about as informed as mine (I’ve haven’t played it, either).

    2) While Uncharted 1 and 2 are good games…was there that big of a leap in gameplay between the two?

    3) Comparing Uncharted to Zelda is like comparing Pokemon to Gears of War: different mechanics, different styles, different settings, different everything. It’s almost like comparing two different sports, like if I said that Manchester United was a better team than the Los Angeles Lakers.

    4) “Yawn”?: That’s what I do every time I accidentally click on G4. Other than Campus PD, that station is one big boring commercial for Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo. G4 doesn’t even have the best videogame show, Retro Game Master. That’s on Kotaku, a website.

    1. theres even a smaller gap between uncharted 2 and 3. they also were about to talk about gameplay, but all they talked about was graphics. and this game is PUSHING the wiis limits. the best way to make the wiis graphics shine are to add a bit of a cel shaded or “cartoony” look to it like super mario galaxy. the gameplay in this game is nothing like any other zelda game. the only thing that shines for me in and uncharted game is graphics and story

  39. G4 always talks bull about Nintendo, They hated Other M more then others, They always don’t like Nintendo. Really, Has anyone seen their things on Nintendo Stuff?

  40. So by “graduate” do they mean “gradually drift further and further from the original concept until even MTV is more relevant to its initial purpose”?

    Because I’ll pass if that’s the case.

  41. Alright there’s a crap ton of this and that… Enough…. Graphics are important in this video game world… Gameplay is important in this video game world. I own a ps3, lol bro has 360, had a wii but didn’t like the games as much as I did when I was a little kid. But…. I love Zelda and super smash bros…. But for them to say it’s not mature enough? That was wrong. But for you guys to flip out… Wrong… Don’t flip out over this post either. but some of you might and I will laugh.

    1. True, I Didn’t fully understand and think when i played Zelda and SSB when i was a young kid.

      Really. I love Zelda and Super smash bros, and im a mature gamer. Stop yapping the Wii has only kids games. Sega published Madworld which was rated M and was a exclusive.

  42. I don;t put stock in anything G4 has to say about gaming anymore, not since 2007 approx anyway. They’re good for a laugh, but X-Play’s a joke. If anything comes out and it’s for/by Nintendo, they automatically blast it without actually looking into it. If they really wanna compare SS to OoT, then they have to say that the graphics are a leap forward, not to mention the 1:1 sword play, new items, upgrade system, overworld change, etc. And when the game comes out, then they can critique the story; is it still dungeons first, then new element and seven other dungeons before Ganondorf? (this is the key Zelda formula, after all) Is it long or short? Is it similar to any other Zelda before? Etc. They have to take everything into account, don’t be nit-picky bastards and actually play the game and play it seriously (not half-assed like Morgan apparently does EVERYTHING she’s ever reviewed).

  43. With the graphics comparison,just remember,they bashed windwaker cuz of its “cartoony” style but that turned out to be an epic game (if i can remember that far,they gave it a 3/5 even tho it deserved a 5/5) but this cel shade thing combined with twilight princess type visual look really unique and pretty cool

    1. I know, There was a video on youtube which takes a scene of a film and changes the subtitles and the character was saying about G4 hates videogames and why they rated other M so low. Really, Windwaker was the Best cartoon zelda game. G4 hates cartoon games and they simple don’t like games in my opinion. I can give the link if you wish.

  44. Why on earth should the adult nature of Uncharted make it better than Skyward Sword? And the graphics are a fault of the Wii itself not having the capabilities, you can’t compare the games themselves based on this, and the art style for Skyward Sword is quite nice and preferable anyway.

  45. Its interesting how X-Play talks about how beautiful Okami is sometimes but then bash the beautiful art style of Zelda. They contradict themselves more than politicians seriously.

  46. If they give Skyward Sword anything below 5/5, I won’t take them seriously, ever. They already have given Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops that rating, and neither of them have changed from their predecessors.

  47. These two people once stated that they didn’t believe Nintendo would come out with a WILDLY DIFFERENT CONTROLLER for the Nintendo Revolution (now Wii) in 2005 during E3 2005 on G4TV.

    Some months later Nintendo did come out with a wildly different controller. The Wii Remote.

    I hope they’re wrong again.

  48. This goes ro show why g4 sucks they are just paid to say this crap adam … He is a faggot of course he would state this they him to it they have no proof of this he is stupid he goes from oot to uncharted then brags uncharted will be better then he talks about modern graphis pfft.
    Really g4 u really a waste of time this is why everybody thinks nintendo sucks cuz these clowns and other crap skyward sword will rock so g4 stick it up yo ass.

  49. Haha G4 you are going to miss out on a great experience and it’s all your fault. X-Play has always sucked at reviews in my opinion. I take everything they say with a grain of salt

  50. They are legit gaming experts. They have consistently rated every Zelda game on a home console as a perfect score in including Ocarina of Time 3D. They are just saying that although they incorporated Wii motion gameplay into the game, they’ve used the same formula since Ocarina of Time whereas things like Mario have done other things like Galaxy and Paper Mario. The Wii motion gameplay didn’t really “enhance” my experience much. I was left flicking my wrist in my chair and pointing it the remote at the screen occasionally. Plus Adam Sessler (Editor-in-Chief) of G4 acknowledge that the games had incorporated good use of Wii motion controls. I think what they are saying is that while other games have truly evolved trying to do something new, Zelda just changes items and how you play a little. Now with Skyward Sword I think I myself and they will like the 1:1 sword gameplay. Also, you know you would LOVE to see a beautiful Zelda game in stunning 1080p HD. Zelda has stuck with the same formula with Zelda for ages now. I think some people want something new. Just like how Mario changed up everything with Super Mario Galaxy.

    I’ve always been a fan of G4 and a longtime fan of X-Play. I say just watch the video and decide for yourself.

  51. Also isn’t Ocarina of Time a game that is widely acclaimed to be the greatest game of all time by many different independent sources? It was the first game to receive a perfect score from IGN (back when that meant something). so to be compared to the greatest game of all time isn’t bad imo.

    Morgan is not an actual gamer by the way. And her attitude sucks, always has. I think she is a hipster, which is sad for a woman her age. X-Play has long since lost their passion for games and is not to be taken seriously.

  52. whats funny is that no one even cares about uncharted. like if i mention uncharted thrre most people will be like “oh yeah forgot that was comming out’
    and if i just mention zelda AT ALL most people are lik e”OMFG IMMMA BUY 50 COPIES”

      1. That’s what’s happening in other sites. Uncharted seems like it has fallen off the map recently. There’s barely any enthusiasm for that compared to the other games.

  53. LOL! So stupid, these idiots don’t know that Zelda can’t be yet on a HD console because Nintendo doesn’t have one yet? So, what is Nintendo going to do? Not release any Zelda game until they have an HD console. Their HD comment is stupid and completely useless, you know since 2006 that Nintendo has the Wii which is not HD and now we know we will have the Wii U which will ahve HD, so why complain if we there’s nothing Nintendo can do about HD with this game since it’s going to be for the Wii? It’s like saying that it will suck ’cause it’s not HD, but Nintendo can’t change that with the Wii until the Wii U comes, then, don’t review or play Wii games ’cause none of them will be in HD and also don’t complain. Also, I don’t see Uncharted or COD changing a lot, the same thing, shoot, shoot, shoot, kill, kill, kill, just prettier graphics. I guess that these guys forget that the gameplay is the same because new pretty graphics makes their brain think that everything is new.

    Look at Zelda, it looks beautiful, the gameplay has always been fun, and these guys are not even noticing there’s new stuff. Complete Nintendo haters, they need to accept this game since the beginning is not going to be in HD & didn’t they see the Wii U Zelda demo? Accept this will be an amazing Wii game and wait for the HD in the next console, be intelligent, not stupid. Also, HD is good, but I’ve seen it distracts people from making a good gameplay and a good experience. & that shouldn’t happen.

  54. Okay, after re-reading this article, I am now furious with G4. What they are saying is outright hypocritical. A channel that promotes the admiration, if not hero worship, of Ninja Warrior, as well as now showing anime’s of classic hero comics is looking out right stupid for putting down this game. Yes, it does not have life like graphics, but if they had done their homework they would know that the art of Japanese storytelling is not about realism, but about the story itself. Honestly, any knowledgeable anime fan knows this, so why don’t they? Moreover, I for one am sick of realism in my games and prefer artistic styles over realistic ones. Along-side Zelda, some of my other favorite games are Valkyria Chronicles and Star Ocean. With both the graphics may not be realistic, but like Zelda, they are gorgeous. Anyone can see realism in their entertainment… just walk outside your door and explore your local neighborhood. However, true storytelling, in an immersive and sometimes fantasy environment, benefits most from an artistic environment. Then again, this is just me and my opinion.

  55. It’s guys with your attitude about graphics being the be all and end that is ruining the industry and are leading us into an unending sea of redundant shooters. Gameplay should be the emphasis here.

    For shame. Find a new hobby. You’re not gamers.

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