Nintendo: New Pokemon Game To Be Announced At This Year’s Jump Festa?

This years Jump Festa, the annual Japanese manga and anime focused gaming event, will see the Pokemon Company attending for the first time. The end of year event usually has quite a few special announcements, hopefully a new Pokemon related game for the Nintendo 3DS will be one of them.



  1. if its an after edition of Black&White, i hope they could make it like HG&SG whereas the first pokemon can walk behind his master. LOL and a full 3D rotate camerascreen. but its just me, dont hate lol.

    1. as much as i LIKED gale of darkness (never played colosseum) i want a real, fully open world pokemon game where i catch my own pokemon and not others. on the other hand, an mmo shadow game where i can catch other players pokemon would be boss

  2. I really hope this game isn’t grid based. I know people hate change, but this series could go SO far if it would just play with a more open world. People hated the idea of a 3D Zelda, and they got Ocarina of Time.

      1. The question mark at the end signifies that it is just speculation, the fact he is going on is that for the first time The Pokemon Company is going to be at Jump Festa

  3. Imo, the tittle is kinda misleading. Just because the pokemon company is attending doesn’t mean that a new game is gonna be announced. At the very least it’s probably something regarding the manga.

      1. Hence why there’s a question mark. It’s just speculation, but the event has been known to bring some big name announcements with it.

  4. Maybe it’s an announcement of a new Pokemon game in the works for the 3DS and Wii U? Hopefully the MMO we’ve all been hoping for.

  5. Don’t think you should have focused the article on the announcement of a new pokémon game, because from what I can see in the article, that’s just pure speculation on your part…

  6. If they made a mainstream pokemon game on the 3DS, the 3DS would be guaranteed to sell like a wildfire. Maybe this could be the saviour of the 3DS.

  7. I don’t know if its fact or speculation, but i will be very happy if they will out door a new pokemon game! Yeah!!

  8. I don’t care if its fact or speculation, i will be very happy…if they will outdoor a new version of pokemon!! Yeah!!

  9. what if it’s pokemon gray with two different things like the front side is ruby or sapphire remakes and gray on the back

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