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Nintendo Press Event Today

I won’t be updating the website for the rest of the day as I’ll be attending a Nintendo press event in London to celebrate the launch of the Flare Red Nintendo 3DS in the UK. I will be Tweeting throughout the event so make sure to catch me on Twitter. As well as celebrating the launch I’ll also be playing Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Have a great day and I’ll try to update when I get home later in the evening! Thanks.

33 thoughts on “Nintendo Press Event Today”

  1. Will there be any Major announcements at this press conference, or is it just to celebrate the launch of the Flare Red Nintendo 3DS?

      1. Europe did not get some games like Earth bound a while back and had to wait about a year for games to launch in their region while we were alredy enjoying it.

        But now Americans have to wait 2 weeks for a game being released in Europe on the 30th and Americans have to wait longer for lots of games Europe gets right after Japan. But whats happening is strange.

        Even if the game is developed in USA, it releases in EU first, WHY?

        1. In the EU games are usually release on a friday, in the US its ususally a sunday. So we would normally get games a few days early, nothing big. Especially considering in the EU we used to get games months and even years late.

          1. How do you explain NOA waiting 2 weeks for a game that was develuped in USA but releases in EU first.

            Really. If a game is develuped in USA it should release there first, But in Europe it should release there first.

  2. Hi there Sickr, I have a question: Is this press event open to the public and whereabouts will the event take place? I’m guessing you’re there 2day – or will be later..? I live in south east London so if there’s a way I could check this thing out that would be pretty cool :)

  3. It’s not just the Red 3DS releasing on 30th for Europe, Gamers are excited for more. Fifa and another DS game is launching on 30th :O… Friday…

    Who here is getting Fifa/Fifa soccer 12 on Midnight launch? Just to say i’m not getting it as I don’t like soccer.

  4. What am I gonna do without a whole day of sickr?! I don’t have a twitter :(.

    I guess that means I’ll have on less reason to procrastinate now haha.

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  6. Off topic a bit but this is Nintendo news. Apparently predicted in July. The release date of the Wii U in europe is 29th June.

    Anyone reply to this comment if you want to see why and every detail of your region release date of the Wii U.

    1. Back now. I can officially confirm that both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are awesome! They only let me play three tracks of Mario Kart 7 and up to World 2-3 on Super Mario 3D Land but it was great nonetheless.

  7. MK7 and Super Mario 3D Land are both insanely fun. I played both today at something called the ‘Nintendo Connection Tour’. Basically, I just stumbled across a mini Nintendo expo in a shopping center, so I went in and played a lot of stuff!

    I played some Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus, and all four are looking so good right now. IMO, Kid Icarus is the most visually appealing 3DS game yet. It’s a shame I missed out on playing Star Fox, there was never a free spot to play it…

    I’m in Australia if anyone is wondering.

    1. Yeah, but I don’t have it, and I’ve never played a Star Fox game before.

      I forgot to list it in my original post, but I also played Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics.

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