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Nintendo Wii: Kirby’s Adventure Wii Release Date Confirmed

Nintendo Europe has officially confirmed the release date for Kirby’s Adventure Wii. The game was originally scheduled to come out sometime in December but thankfully it’s had its release date moved forward to November 25th. The game which is referred to as Kirby’s Return To Dreamland in North America is scheduled to be released October 24th.

44 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Kirby’s Adventure Wii Release Date Confirmed”

  1. Wait, what? Is that the same day Super Mario 3D Land and Zelda: Skyward Sword come out? Why release them all on THE SAME DAY? Space it out, Nintendo! >:(

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      1. That June release date is just analysts making wild guesses. Nintendo said it would release the U sometime between April and December of 2012, which pretty much narrows it down to anytime in 2012. Nintendo will announce the final release date sometime after January 1st.

        1. Apparently I’ve made predictions on when the Wii U is being released. I have it below and Europe will be 29th June. I expect it to be June anyway, i’m sorry it took so long, Comment on this if you want to think about it! I made this prediction in July so before the June rumor.

          Wii U release date predictions

          Nintendo said it’s after April 2012

          Sega said it’s ether spring or Summer 2012

          Nikkei says the system will be released in mid-2012

          Nintendo Said the release date and price will be announced in 2012

          My highest guesses on current rumors is just after E3 2012 (June 12-14), The release date is most likely late June. As Nintendo released Zelda OC 3DS just after E3, Nintendo may give the chance for more players to have a go on the Wii U just like with Zelda OC 3DS.

          Of course as of what happened with the 3DS launch, the 3DS was released in Europe two days earlier then USA. and about 27 days after the 3DS was released in Japan.

          With Nintendo every console launch through years, different regions got it quicker like with the NES when it was released in Japan, North america had to wait just over 2 years until the NES was released. then compare with the gamecube America got the gamecube 2 months after Japan, then with the Wii, Europe got the Wii 6 days after Japan. but then compare with the 3DS.

          As of the Dsi Australia got it a day before Europe, and the same with the Wii, and Australia got the DS lite before Europe, this was of 2006 and 2009. The Dsi XL however was released in Europe first then Australia last, and same thing happened with the 3Ds. since 2010 Europe got the consoles before Australia.

          Australia got the Wii remote plus before Europe and with the Wii being released before Europe. There is a chance the Wii U could be released in Australia before Europe. Home consoles maybe different on release dates to hand held.

          Europe mostly gets nintendo consoles before North america these days. Because of this Europe may get the Wii U a week after Japan launch and North america is most likely to get the Wii U after Europe. As nintendo and sony are based in Japan, the consoles are released there first, and Microsoft are based in USA, America get the Xbox first. and Australia got the 3DS last, but they got the Wii before Europe by a day.

          In Europe games and consoles are almost always released on Fridays.

          Japan will almost certainly get the Wii U first

          Australia could get the Wii U before Europe

          North America will almost certainly get the Wii U after Europe

          Console may be released after E3 2012 so Gamers get another chance to use the Wii U

          The best predictions for release dates

          Japan: 23rd June 2012

          Europe: 29th June 2012

          North America: 1st July 2012

          Australia: 28th June 2012

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  4. My sister loves outburst planned on getting he a 3ds and Mario but I think I will get her this knowing the fact she will like it better I also planned on gettin my bro a 3ds but I think I will get home skyward sword 25 anniversary addition of course

    1. I love the way you can use DS games on 3DS. Now i can still enjoy my favorite games and another i’m getting soon and possibly Kirby :)

  5. Haha Ryan, I was going to point out the same. I bet Japan will get the cute rounded eye Kirby.
    Is that an indication of our culture? Are western gamers always mad? j/k

  6. WTF? Right after Skyward Sword and Mario? Why does it have to be Nobember? I was already planning on getting those three, but I was going to get Need for Speed the Run and Ace Combat for the 3DS which come out the 15th I think. My problem is not the money but the time play those games. I think Cave Story is in December, so I’m cool with that one and Kario Kart.

    1. I know Nintendo are not developing games to be released in October. Why not release some on October, Im going to have an empty wallet and only one Wii U launch game when i want 3 or 2. Thanks Nintendo :(

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  8. Ok then… Nothing releasing being developed by nintendo this October… BUT NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER!? EMPTY WALLET AGAIN, AM I GOING TO AFFORD WII U :(

  9. Seeing as how it seems that Europe has been getting every game before the US, it’s only right for me to say: TAKE THAT EUROPE!!! jk seriously though, a whole month from the Japan and US release date is odd. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to pass on this one cause I’m gonna get Pokemon Rumble Blast.

    1. True, Europe waits longer for red 3DS.

      But one thing… when a game is develuped in US and why is it released 2 weeks later then Eu to have it released in US? Europe is getting all games and got the 3DS before US. Lets start, because we need to wait longer for Nintendo games.


    1. True, it seems the First Kirby game with an E-10.

      Forget that, the age ratings on nintendo games are going up but i don’t expect Grand Theft Kirby coming out soon.

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    1. Well it shows kirby and his friends just like this one but instead of being angry he’s happy,although maybe kirby looks more cool with angry eyes lol

    1. After Mario Party 9 is released, Nintendo will then probably focus entirely on getting the Wii U launch set up and [hopefully] a few launch games prepared, since they will be all done with the Wii’s 1st party game lineup. MP9 IS the last 1st party game on the Wii, right?

  11. Yes, with Pokemon Rumble Blast, Super Mario 3D Land, Kirby’s return to Dreamland, Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7, this will be an epic Q4.

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