Nintendo 3DS: Doctor Lautrec And The Forgotten Knights For Nintendo 3DS Has Been Delayed

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, the game that looks awfully similar to the Professor Layton games has been delayed. The puzzle game was originally meant to come out November 13th but has now been delayed until December 6th. Was anyone considering picking this up?


  1. I wasn’t thinking of picking it up, but it… ticks me off somewhat that people are still comparing it unfairly to Layton. Yes, it may look somewhat similar, however all it takes is a read of a preview-such as the one in the latest issue of ONM-to tell it’s not just a reskinned Layton.

        1. I thought it was a spin-off because its so similer.

          There both different then but it maybe inspired.

    1. Well done is your X mas list completely full up?

      Zelda, More mario, Now this. Nintendo fans are gunna hate so much with so much in 2 months.

    1. I’m sure this is a Layton Spin-off.

      If that’s so, its going to be almost the same as layton.

  2. I’ll consider getting it if I have the funds.. but there are so many other games coming out this season for the 3DS that.. I don’t know how I’m going to get them all.

    1. True. Nintendo is releasing things to much in little time.

      I can’t buy all the games Nintendo! Because i will have an empty wallet for Wii U :(

      1. Who else is gunna have an vacuumed clean wallet due to so much to buy for X mas.

        Kids are gunna nag their moms to buy all those games, and the simple awnser of an average mom? NO!

        1. It’s gunna be worse With Wii U.

          I won’t be suprised if it costs $500, Seriously, Things are a rippoff in the world now. below is going to be my reaction to the Wii U price when i see it on my computer screen, I’d think the internet is lying.

          1. Actually, things are far less expensive than they should be nowadays, because the consumer wants quality but not pay a damn buck for it, so your consoles and apple products are smeared with cheap children’s blood. (I’m also a gamer, but honestly, I wouldn’t complain about a raised price.

            Honestly though, it’s everywhere. 1 dollar apps ruining the gaming industry. 5 dollar footlongs at subway. How do you think they can get their meat that cheaply? It definitely can’t be because they treat the animals right and DONT feed them tons of chemicals… How much do you think they can pay their employees when they have to make a profit off of 5 bucks?

            Think, man, think.
            Not everything benefits from being cheap.

            1. Really? The PS3 costed only £299 at launch in the Uk.

              Do you know what the Wii U is predicted to be on UK launch?


              Really the world is getting expensive but those figures are on Uk sites. Universities are a rip off in England apparently, before they were free. We should feel bad for the Europeans who are really having bad recessions with money there, it’s not just there, It’s all over the world.

              Think again, the presidents and governments of the world are ripping people off!

    1. I think a bit like you to.

      This is a Layton Spin-off, and the point of a Layton Spin-off is so new people play the game and get into Layton.

      1. It’s NOT a Layton spin-off. It’s a new game completely independent of Layton.

        I’m not a fan of the fact that they made this guy look almost identical, but from what I’ve heard the gameplay is essentially completely different in both games, so I can accept it, and depending on the reviews I might even pick it up sometime around.

  3. Hear in the States they delayed it so many times all ready. They even dropped the price by ten dollars.

    1. Right!

      They are dropping 3DS game prices where i am due to low sales.

      for the launch games, There more then half the price they were launched at O_O

    1. Agreed. I hate delays.

      Screw it if the same thing happens with Wii U, but I’ll stick with Wii U as it will be the best. Breaking unreliable X-box 360s, and Dodgy all the time maintenance and mostly down with PSN.

      Nintendo needs to put non hackable Wii U online because I now hate PSN due to hacks.

      1. i don’t hate delays, some games need delays to finish the game and though that may be frustrating, the game needs to be finished, but to delay a game due to poor sales lke what tales of the abyss did, thats what gets me mad,what also makes me mad is now all three of my top games i want are now al being released in 2012, originally only one was gonna be released then, top 3 IMO
        1. Resident evil rev.
        2. kid icarus
        3. tales of the abyss
        figures all of them are delayed

        1. Kid icarus and resident evil is what i want, but they had to delay it.

          Dead or alive was delayed which i love, and Star fox was delayed, both i anticipated.

          I’M FED UP OF DELAYS!

      2. You really think the Wii U will be unhackable?
        Please. The Wii could be hacked so easily and all Nintendo could do was release a new update to try to prevent it. One of those updates actually bricked some Wiis that weren’t even modded in the slightest. You’ll also see more online hackers, that use codes with games to gain an unfair advantage, on the Wii.
        No console is perfect. But i think the Xbox 360 has the best measures against hackers, I’ve never seen one online and I hear mods are easily detected and will get you banned. Nintendo could learn from Microsoft, as long as we don’t have to pay to play online multiplayer.

  4. Well sense it’s a slow news day I’ll post some news…3ds once again sold the most hardware around the world last week
    3ds: 233,132
    360: 204,800
    ps3: 171,839
    wii: 94,495
    ds: 88,117
    psp: 73,933

    1. I think gears of war 3 might of had just a little to do with the 360 sales..that game sold over 3 million the first week

      1. True, If theres a big exclusive release people will possibly buy the console.

        I think developers need to make more great exclusives for Wii U, theres Killer freaks on Wii U soon, thats Ubisoft’s exclusive.

        Nintendo really needs to annouce Metroid, F-zero or Starfox very soon *_*

        1. I don’t know why, But why have i bacicly covered the comments section with my Robot like icon?

  5. I was, but now it looks less appealing with this delay. I wonder, is it running away from Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword? Releasing a game during those days is suicide, but competing with Mario Kart 7 is a massacre.

      1. I’m getting bored of slow news now :(

        Really, the only interesting things are the World wide hardware sales, and that Wii U release date prediction somewhere on this article.

  6. Nintendo Power gave this a 6.5 out if 10. Maybe they’re working on bettering it? I stick by Layton, though.

    1. Is this alredy released in Japan?

      if it is it maybe that localisation is taking long.

      Wait…. Sickr, where is the game launching? because it say 6th dec, but Europe? Japan?

    1. I’m not intrested in these type of games anyway.

      I’m just not happy by the way 3DS games are being delayed all the time!

  7. Makes sense with slow news today. Wii U release date predictions i will say today as theres slow news, I made this at July.

    Wii U release date predictions

    Nintendo said it’s after April 2012

    Sega said it’s ether spring or Summer 2012

    Nikkei says the system will be released in mid-2012

    Nintendo Said the release date and price will be announced in 2012

    My highest guesses on current rumors is just after E3 2012 (June 12-14), The release date is most likely late June. As Nintendo released Zelda OC 3DS just after E3, Nintendo may give the chance for more players to have a go on the Wii U just like with Zelda OC 3DS.

    Of course as of what happened with the 3DS launch, the 3DS was released in Europe two days earlier then USA. and about 27 days after the 3DS was released in Japan.

    With Nintendo every console launch through years, different regions got it quicker like with the NES when it was released in Japan, North america had to wait just over 2 years until the NES was released. then compare with the gamecube America got the gamecube 2 months after Japan, then with the Wii, Europe got the Wii 6 days after Japan. but then compare with the 3DS.

    As of the Dsi Australia got it a day before Europe, and the same with the Wii, and Australia got the DS lite before Europe, this was of 2006 and 2009. The Dsi XL however was released in Europe first then Australia last, and same thing happened with the 3Ds. since 2010 Europe got the consoles before Australia.

    Australia got the Wii remote plus before Europe and with the Wii being released before Europe. There is a chance the Wii U could be released in Australia before Europe. Home consoles maybe different on release dates to hand held.

    Europe mostly gets nintendo consoles before North america these days. Because of this Europe may get the Wii U a week after Japan launch and North america is most likely to get the Wii U after Europe. As nintendo and sony are based in Japan, the consoles are released there first, and Microsoft are based in USA, America get the Xbox first. and Australia got the 3DS last, but they got the Wii before Europe by a day.

    In Europe games and consoles are almost always released on Fridays.

    Japan will almost certainly get the Wii U first

    Australia could get the Wii U before Europe

    North America will almost certainly get the Wii U after Europe

    Console may be released after E3 2012 so Gamers get another chance to use the Wii U

    The best predictions for release dates

    Japan: 23rd June 2012

    Europe: 29th June 2012

    North America: 1st July 2012

    Australia: 28th June 2012

    1. Some how, i’ve been predictions of australia possibly 3rd July 2012.

      It looks like that but it will be difficult to predict that, i’m most likely correct for Japan and EU release date.

    1. True. It had a massive explosion.

      Really, it was the biggest delay counter blow up i’ve ever seen.

    1. yea i have a 3ds but im not getting the good 3ds games until 1 or 2 months after they release. i mean rage, skyrim, batman:ac, assasins creed revelations, and uncharted 3 ar coming out this month and next so i rather spend my money on a high quality game.

      1. dont forget BF3, i know it probably wont be GOTY ( hoping for RAGE or Skyrim to be) but it would be one heck of a game, the ps3 beta seems glitchy though

      2. yea BF3 probably gets GOTY for the graphics, gameplay stills reminds me a lot of BF2BC. if it doesnt get GOTY then the least it can get is higher sales than MW3. now RAGE on the other hand, thats a game im really interested in. and im definitely picking up Skyrim because i loved morrowind and oblivion.

        1. It’s not going to get higher sales than mw3 I can almost gurantee that not that I’m a cod fanboy it’s just the fanbase is so enormous….also judging from the reaction of the bf3 beta online on YouTube and ign etc I think it might have lost some sales.

      1. you sir, have to get out of your Nintendo-cave and Breathe in the third party air. seriously dude that was pretty stupid to say, why can you just like all games? lol

      2. go get yourself another console, there cheep right now. because the wii aint getting all the good third-party games out this month and next, is it? GTFO nintendo fanboy.

        1. As much as I agree that there are good third party games I’ll admit I still prefer the good old first party Nintendo games, they just have a charm to them that no one else can bring.

          Also telling a Nintendo fanboy to GTFO off a Nintendo website…….that’s kind of a fail

          1. i know, but its irritating that people think only Nintendo can make good games, oh and that little charm is probably nostalgia. i get it too.

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