Nintendo Wii: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Redemption Single Player Trailer

Activision has released a superb single player trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Presumable the footage from the video is taken from the PC version of the game. The game will be coming to Wii on November 8th, which is the same day the game launches for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


  1. That music sounded very, dare I say it? Battlefield-y.

    Also, visually unimpressive running on a 4 year old engine. Still, not too bad a trailer.

    1. Whatever Battlefield-y music is…¬_¬

      I’m also curious to see what would be visually impressive to you. You must be one of those types who “prefers blu-ray movies.” That having been said, I find your comment to be rather shallow and pedantic O_o

      Not a CoD fan boy but I do enjoy the gameplay. I do think people tend to get way too stuck up on graphics nowadays though…

      1. It’s not the graphics, it’s the lack of innovation. MW3 is a generation behind BF3 gameplay and graphics wise. BF3 has lifelike graphics with huge maps, vehicles, and destruction while MW3 has old graphics, small maps and nothing else.

                  1. hOW is the gameplay S**t?

                    It’s like every FPS’s but a little diffrent.

                    Some FPS’s are great and anticipated but COD is a diffrent FPS. All people go on COD for is online which make’s it S**t

        1. No it’s not. People are getting too pumped about this brand new engine, in reality it isn’t that special. Call of Duty has always run very smoothly and the gameplay has always been very fluid. I don’t understand how DICE has managed to trick so many people into thinking that their game is better in every way, because it’s not.

    2. To be fair, this looks a LOT better than Treyarch’s crap. And if you go back and play CoD4, you’ll notice immediately that this looks a lot better than 4 ever did.

      CoD ditched its attempts at realism after World at War (which is arguably one of the best WWII shooters out there). Now it’s more of an arcade shooter and the graphics fit that mood, in my opinion.

      Didn’t think the music sounded “Battlefieldy” but it was different – and I liked it. Still wish they’d bring back the CoD4 theme though!

      1. It’s times like these I actually wish the Wii was a little more like PS3 and 360. I couldn’t care less about the online multiplayer for this game, but personally, I really love the Modern Warfare saga’s campaign modes, as they are usually very cinematic and offer eye-widening experience after experience. This game looks to be no different. I think the graphics are fantastic and very realistic, I think the gameplay is solid and never gets too repetitive due to all the different missions, situations, vehicles, gadgets, etc. and the soundtrack is composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer. (Although the some of the soundtrack is reused from previous CoD’s) I really hope this game is re-made for the Wii U’s release, I’d buy it for sure.

        1. COD’s multiplayer is good. It’s just overhyped. As well as the single player campaigns, they’re also a very good experience. i’ve enjoyed the single player as it’s an actual story that took place in war. Not sure about the story for MW3. In any case MW3 and BF3 are two different games. Yea BF3 has realistic graphics and huge stages, who cares. It’s a camp fest in there and king of spawn trap. Both games has it’s pros and cons.

  2. In all honesty, I believe the CoD series is dead. It just looks the same as the others. and FIRST!!!!

        1. when you fail to fail the rest of the failures, doesnt that make you a failure, and instantly give you the tittle of epic fail?

          1. Simply put as, “Yes.” and no, I do not see anything special about first person shooters. All these games like Halo, CoD, Battlefield; they all abuse the genre to the point where its not fun anymore.

          1. well a single pokemon game gets more pre orders and more sales than cod also cod developers said cod will die in like 3 years

            1. Not all pokemon games get more sales than cod…secondly I like cod and pokemon I play them both but really cod sticks to the same formula also just adds different guns, locations, perks, killstreaks and they tweak the story…pokemon does the same thing just adds new story new pokemon and new locations also the real difference in battlefield from what I’ve seen and played is in the graphics it’s still your regular multiplayer fps although I wasn’t to big on the movement or the controls.

              1. The point is I don’t understand why cod gets so much hate for sticking to the same formula when other game franchises also do the same….but regardless what I say and what ppl on here say millions and millions of ppl will buy it and if I was to bet I would bet that it will def sell more than battlefield and sell the most games this year

                1. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but I honestly love the Modern Warfare saga. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about the online multiplayer, but it’s the campaigns that I love. Very cinematic, and a surprising amount of depth and realistic feeling. What I hate is the douches who buy the game and don’t play a second of the campaign, the just want to “pwn sum n00bs” online. I have many friends who are the same way. I go over to their house and want to play the campaign and they’re like “Why? The campaign sucks. Online is so much more fun”. And as for saying it’s dead, while I do agree that it’s on a downfall, there’s still much more time to save the franchise. As long as they don’t overmilk it like “Guitar Hero” (never did like that game), they’ll stay around for a while. But as for CoD vs. BF, I honestly don’t see that much of a difference between the 2. Sure, in BF you can drive in vehicles and destroy buildings, but that’s pretty much it. Overall, I’d say BF wins in the multiplayer side, but CoD (the modern warfares, at least) win in campaign.

                  1. Well I for one am excited for this game I will be getting this at launch as well as Kirby,Zelda,Mario kart,sm3dl and uncharted 3

                    1. I like COD, you guyz should hate all the other random boring spam shooters like Gears, halo, resistance, blah blah blah. If you hate all shooters then that’s just dumb cuz that’s like saying shooters should’nt exist.

  3. Didnt look at the title and I thought “Why am I watching a MW2 Trailer” looks crap and generic. O’wait that’s the Call of Duty Series in a nutshell.

          1. Lol they all set the bar higher for the genre….wolfenstein, goldeneye, doom, halo, cod, quake.

          2. well goldeneye played a big role in console fps, which then lead to other great titles (halo, killzone, metroid ) . but in general if it wasnt for id software we probably wouldnt even be playing fps.

        1. Wolfstein and Doom, while not technically the first FPS games, definitely laid the foundation. GoldenEye proved console FPS games were possible, and Call of Duty 4 was one of the earliest “realistic” war simulators with a robust online offering. Halo would also fit onto this list as one of the first commercially successful “break-the-mold” FPS games on the market.

          None of these games were the first to do what they did, but they set the benchmarks, and I consider each just as influential as the other.

    1. Yeh!

      I’m new to call of duty really as black ops was the first to play, MW2 was known as better though, my friend has all COD’s as far as MW1, I need to play MW1 & 2 to under stand whats going on don’t i?

        1. no, hes not that new.

          heres the line since MW.

          MW, world at war, MW2, Black ops, MW3, thats a good 5 years.

          Apparently MW2 was the best of the series, MW3 is going to be good.

    1. I’m not a fan either, but I will admit that I do get one every once in awhile. What I hate is the people that think they’re somehow ‘hardcore’ because all they play are fps. Not to mention the fact that most of these people are like 13. If you’ve ever played online fps before, you should know what I mean.

      1. Agree! People only play FPS’s because they beleave its the only hardcore games.
        the real thing is NO

        Zelda is classed as hardcore as well as Star fox and metroid but PS3/360 fans don’t take notace and count them as casual, really, shooting killing things, and those sort of stuff and long play time is hardcore. Casual is angry birds, cut the rope and that sort of junk.

      2. agreed, i love fps but theres this stereotype where you have to be “hardcore” to play. also people assuming all fps are just about shooting up the place and getting headshots is stupid. some of the greatest games are fps; Half-life 2, Deus ex, System Shock, Bioshock, golden-eye, etc.

  4. I used to play CoD on the wii until I switched to the 360. Let’s just say that CoD Blops on wii is not even comparable to Blops on the 360. The wii was never meant to run this sort of game, and it doesn’t even have enough RAM to have a chopper gunner in it. I say if you’re going to play CoD, you should stick to a system with more power behind it. That being said, I love my wii and am looking forward to quite a few non-CoD related products that are coming soon. So Ièm not a Microsoft fanboy, NIntendo will always be my favourite for non-multiplayer games.

    1. You should consider editing your comment to say “Nintendo will always be my favourite for non-Online multiplayer games.” Until the Wii U comes out 8)

      1. you dont know that yet, not to offend, but the 3ds online system isnt that special. lets hope they dont mess up

        1. But atleast the friend codes are one and the same for every game. That’s what sucked the most about the Wii. Not just friend codes in general, but the different ones for EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.

    1. Why are you all shocked or unexpectedly surprised by this. Not only is it always a November release every year, but they have been advertising it for a long time

    1. Russians invade Europe even though America is solely blamed for the Airport massacre that had numerous plot holes and logic gaps (such as why didn’t the shooters wear anything to conceal their faces when the place is surely under surveillance). Yeah, I don’t expect Modern Warfare 3 to have any form of verisimilitude when the main storyline involves a scenario taken from Red Dawn, which is inherently absurd.

  5. Looks badass. But it’s never about the graphics, gameplay is what makes a game. Look at the success of Minecraft, 5 stars in every department except graphics, which it doesn’t need at all.

    1. Minecraft’s art style is pixelated, which you can change to a higher resolution if you want. but those HD ones look really ugly to me.

    2. While the Modern Warfare 3 engine doesn’t look as impressive as the CryEngine 3, id Tech 5, and the much lauded Frostbite 2 engines, I think it’s pretty impressive given how much Infinity Ward managed to make from the archaic Quake 3 engine code.

  6. I haven’t a clue why anybody with a nintendo wii would buy any shooters. Everything is shit tier on the wii unless it is a nintendo game like Mario or Zelda. Other than nintendo titles and no more heroes, the wii sucks. I’m keeping it around for skyward sword and that’s about it. Other than that it’s xbox all the way. I didn’t think my wii would gather dust but it really has. I figured I’d bounce between the two, but there really is no point in my wii anymore lol.

      1. As much as I hate to say it, you guys are kinda right. Every single Wii game I own is a first-party one. Not to say that I’m short of games, because there are certainly many of them. (I think…. 27?…Maybe?) But I’m hoping that will change for the Wii U. As for my friends with their XBox’s and PS3, (they’re “hardcore” gamers), they have like 5 or 6 each. A few CoD’s, 1 or 2 GTA’s, maybe a RDR or an Assassin’s Creed, but that’s generally it. Sometimes I pity them.

      1. Scratch what I said above; not “all” of my games are 1st party; I do have a few 3rd party ones, like Goldeneye 007, Excitebots; trick racing, and Blazing Angels and like 2 others. I’m interested in trying Conduit, though.

  7. Have any of these Battlefield fanboys seen what BF3 looks like on 360 or PS3? Everything you’ve seen has been PC footage. You’re in for a pleasant surprise…

      1. With the beta at first I was like WTF? But after like 5 hours coulden’t stop playing it. Both MW3 and BF3 will be great games. It’s a good time to be an online shooter fan.

        1. I actually quit playing the beta, nothing but piece of shit camping players. I’ll let somebody else buy it first and I’ll try it then to see if it’s worth my time.

          1. Agreed…I could careless about the graphics in battlefield it just didn’t feel as good the movement wasn’t smooth i just over all didn’t like the feeling of it….yea I know it’s a beta but they aren’t going to change the mechanics the final product will have better graphics and less glitches but that’s about it.

  8. For those who rage on FPS games with no logical reason, are fail. yea COD is overhyped, the players are retards who think they’re hardcore. That does’nt mean you should hate the game. It’s really fun and I enjoy playing and competing. All I see is COD is gay this, COD is spam that. COD always tries to put new things and that’s with ALL games with sequels or series. Don’t whine about a game being the same thing when the same could be said for countless other games. If that’s the case what is batman arkham city, what is dead space, how about zelda, how about mario, how about god of war, devil may cry, the list can be forever. Raging on all FPS shooters but I bet if Nintendo had it’s own FPS shooter exclusive that was epic and came out every yr or other yr. I bet you would’nt complain. Don’t even call me a fanboy cuz i’m stating facts and i am a Nintendo fan that ENJOYS other games on OTHER consoles.

  9. i like call of duty on wii,very fun game,any other console its feels like a chore to play,motion controlls are the best for shooters hands down

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