Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Releases Two Stunning New HD Zelda Skyward Sword Videos

Nintendo has released two new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailers showcasing Faron Woods and the Skyview Temple. There’s been quite a few pieces of Zelda: Skyward Sword information today, you can catch up with it all here. Enjoy the videos!



      1. Exacly!

        It’s not released yet until next month, i bet he’s probibly being sarcastic but if hes saying what he thinks then 0_0 WHAT?

  1. Both boss battles look great. And what that (Kiwee?) said resembles a lot of what the Gorons say in OoT. DON’T EAT ME! I TASTE TERRIBLE!!

    1. TRUTH. Nice catch, I wasn’t even thinking about that. I love it when Nintendo “links” stuff from previous games, Bawhahah

      1. Hahah he’s trying to say that Nintedo took the classic sound! Ex. Video num #2 part 1:42

  2. This game looks sick and I’ve never played a zelda game before, except four swords because it’s free… which I also like.

  3. I’m tired of soo many vids, spoils the game. Like we get it, we’re all super excited and waiting. Not gonna ruin the game b4 I play it.

  4. Who’s that fuckin’ skeleton in video 2???
    SHOOP DA WHOOP Stalfos?
    Super Stalfos?
    Super Fatality Stalfos?

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