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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals Background Story To The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Nintendo UK has issued a press release detailing the background and introductory story of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We already heard details about Faron Woods and the Skyview Temple earlier today. Here’s the new information:

Introduction: The new game’s storyline begins in Skyloft, an island town suspended high in the sky, on the day before young Link™ is to compete in a major bird-flying competition. The winner of the contest will earn the honour of taking part in a special ceremony with Zelda™.

Link and Zelda: Friends since childhood, Link and Zelda have always shared a special bond. Events in the new game will add even more depth to their relationship.

Groose: Link’s nemesis at school, Groose, plays a significant role in the early moments of the new game. This bully of a character not only threatens Link’s chances to win the bird-flying competition, but he also reveals a jealous streak toward Link and Zelda’s special bond.

Fi: Early on in Link’s new adventure, he encounters Fi, the spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword. Fi’s guidance proves to be crucial as Link goes forth on a challenging quest that will ultimately result in the creation of the Master Sword.

Zelda’s father: Gaepora, Zelda’s father, is the headmaster of Link’s school. As such, he has knowledge of the history and legends of Skyloft..

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals Background Story To The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword”

  1. I think I’ve already read this, either from a previous post, or Nintendo Power. I think it is both to tell the truth.

  2. I have decided to stop reading or watching anything Skyward Sword related. From here on out I will just wait till the release to see everything myself instead of saying, “yea I saw that in the trailers.” I recommend u guys do the same. It was hard to avoid the Faron Woods post yesterday but I did it

  3. more depth to Zelda and Link’s relationship later in the game? Oh I see where Nintendo is going with this

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