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Nintendo 3DS: Sonic Generations For Nintendo 3DS Is Still Scheduled For November Release

You may remember I posted a rumour from Games Radar stating that Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS had been delayed until sometime early next year? Well, the rumour has turned out to be complete rubbish as Sega says that the game is still scheduled for a November release on the Nintendo 3DS.

Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS system will be released later in November 2011.

– Sega

22 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Sonic Generations For Nintendo 3DS Is Still Scheduled For November Release”

  1. Well that’s good at least.

    Still disappointed by the lack of a Wii version though. Sega’s “we need it to be in HD” excuse doesn’t seem to ring true seeing as, as far as I’m aware, the 3DS doesn’t support HD either.

    1. The 3DS version is being built separately, but it still uses assets from the HD brothers.. However, for the Wii version, they would need to remake the game assets since the Wii cannot reproduce neither HD graphics nor HD effects, which the 3DS can. That was the biggest drawback of the Wii, not the HD resolutions and stuff.

      1. Exactly. Capcom is able to pull near RE5 graphics from the 3DS using the same or similar engine

        Can’t do that on te Wii 1

      2. Then why not just adapt the Colours engine? It emulates much of what Unleashed did on the Wii. Problem solved.

        The 3DS version doesn’t look THAT amazing, anyway. I’ve seen nothing that couldn’t look just as good on the Wii on the right engine if Sega put in the effort.

        As I’ve said before, Sega are just lazy and people put WAY too much effort into being apologists for them.

        1. Treason is a 2D-only Sonic Generations wouldn’t work on the Wii; it’s not enough content for a console. A handheld is perfect for the quick and short levels a 2D Sonic brings. For a Wii version they would have had to reprogram the entire game for the Wii, which they both don’t have the time or money for. Plus the Sonic Colors team could be making a new engine for the Wii U and a new Wii U game at the same time.

          1. More recently, they’ve changed their tune about bringing it over to Wii U next year. Initially they were adverse to releasing any kind of port on Wii U, but Sonic Generations seems to be their first potential exception.

            Another game that was already coming this year, sure, but that’s all we really could hear about at E3 anyway since the real exclusive game announcements will be saved for E3 2012.

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