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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Brings 3D Performance Via SpotPass To Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK has announced via press release that it’s providing a 3D performance by the world-famous Berliner Philharmoniker through Nintendo 3DS SpotPass. The video which is available via Nintendo Video shows an orchestral rehearsal of the “Russian Dance” from Igor Stravinsky’s Petrushka filmed in full 3D. The video is available for a limited time only.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Brings 3D Performance Via SpotPass To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. This had better not be the one thing they put on the store this week. I’ve been waiting weeks since the Zen Pinball and Might Switch Force trailers – I want them nao! :3!!!

  2. For some reason I thought that was a typo on sickr’s part and it was supposed to be “3D Video Performance.” Silly abujaffer, mistakes are for amateurs!

    Anyways, still great because it’s FREAKING THROUGH SPOTPASS! It’s a first for the system, and hopefully we’ll see demos and whatnot through SpotPass in the future. (Demos on the eShop in general would be a nice start though.)

  3. Was anyone else compelled to click on the link because of the confusing wording? I was all like, “But the 3DS already has 3D performance. It had the ability to do so right out of the box.”

    1. Yes I was like wait what. But I was also thinking that they were meaning a 3d fix for the 3ds to make it better. Like firmware or something.

  4. I’m right there with you Mike Bobosky. I would have replied to your comment but for some reason when I use my BlackBerry, there are no “Reply” buttons.

  5. I know this is Nintendo UK, but WTF? Just stop Nintendo (as a whole). These silly short videos won’t do crap to bring in new customers. You should do it once yo get a better hold of the casual market, but not now. Those videos of the blue man were horrible to say the least. You should work on getting full 3D movies like Toy Story or something even if we have to pay for it. You’re just wasting precious time and MONEY paying this people to bring their content to the 3DS. Get your act together!

      1. The problem is not whether or not the 3DS is “rising.” The thing is that Nintendo is spending resources in these little clips that won’t convince anyone to buy the system.

  6. To bad Nintendo Video APP doesn’t work in the area that I am at ….. I really hope Nintendo consider making The Nintendo Video Service to all locations I missing lots of cool videos

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