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Nintendo Wii U: EA Boss Peter Moore Is Fascinated With Wii U

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts new Chief Operating Officer has revealed what his development team find most interesting with Wii U. I’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with the second screen.

You recently reassured the market that you are fully onboard the Wii U with your key franchises. What are your developers finding most exciting about the Wii U? 

They’re still working with the software development kits, Jason. And as always happens, Nintendo continues to deliver updates to the SDK, and we find cool and interesting things there. I think the broader element is the idea of a second screen, which is something that many of us do now. I don’t know about you, but watching TV I find myself either sitting with my laptop doing emails or my iPad browsing the web while the TV is going on in front of me. I think I’m watching it, depending on what it is. Obviously if it’s a sports event, then I’m giving it my full attention, but anything else and it’s probably only getting 40 per cent of my attention and I’m pretending to my wife that I’m watching TV with her. But the second screen mentality, it’s not only doing something different, but also every now and then you are watching TV and have a question and it’s fascinating now to do enquiries and find out information about something that you are watching on the main screen using your second screen. I think the concept of a second screen that it being used in tandem and in parallel to what is going on the big screen is fascinating for us as gamers, we think that is a big deal. A lot of our games are built for calling plays or strategies that you can’t see on the big screen.

41 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: EA Boss Peter Moore Is Fascinated With Wii U”

      1. I somewhat disagree. Although saying they suck might be going too far, a good fan should still question themselves so they aren’t biased fanboys. Lately, I’ve been playing mostly GC games, because Nintendo has hit a rough spot. But with all the games coming this holiday, I think that will turn around.

        1. Mostly because the Gamecube wasn’t overrun with shovelware.
          I hope Nintendo goes back to having almost no shovelware at all.

          1. Seriously. They need to kick a lot of those “developers” for the Wii to the curb, or at least screen the games those “developers” intend to sell on the Wii U for quality assurance to make sure we don’t get anymore oh that 3rd string nonsense they passed as games ¬_¬

            1. You as a hardcore gamer is being biased. You forget that the Wii was mostly targeted at casual gamers and families. Grandma’s not gonna be playing Call of Duty chief.

        2. I agree with with, but if you’re having trouble playing your Wii right now, I’d suggest checking out some games that came out for it like Muramasa the Demon Blade, Fragile Dreams, Metroid Other M, maybe you never played Twilight Princess. The Runde Factory games alone will give you a ton of gameplay. Try going to and browse the games for it. If you find one interesting enough, then go to youtube and search for a review or something. The same for the DS, which has a gigantic library.

      2. Any fan that wasn’t brainwashed by them realizes they have a lot of potential but they’re not using any of it and they suck.

  1. Now we just need to get Square Enix to fully support the Wii U so that Kingdom Hearts 3 can either be exclusive for it or be on it as well as PS3/4

    1. Before they do that, they would need to release the first two games on either the 3DS or Wii U. Maybe they’ll have an HD stamp at launch or something.

    1. I can see parnerships with companies like Timewarner Cable and DirectTV. You can use the Wii U as a receiving unit and if you have a hard drive, you can record as many programs as you want. Plus, you could have one channel on the TV and a second channel on the controller just to check out what else you could watch before changing channels. They would need some sort of add-on for the antenna though. I think Iwata hinted at something like that during E3.

      1. Yea, your right. Very nice ideas that I haven’t heard of. I’m wondering as well if there would be apps on the controller since nintendo is starting to embrace more socially. Not like Apple’s apps though

  2. I’m not surprised that Peter Moore is very fond of the Wii U since he enjoyed the Dreamcast durring the days he was president of Sega of America. And The Dreamcast and Wii U have a ton in common, mostly because they both have screens on their controllers.

      1. It’s actually 854×480, but that is not by any a bad thing. Even if they were to put 1080p on that screen, it would pretty crappy compared to your 1080p TV because of the size of the screens. It would also mean an expensive resource. It’s like phones claiming to record and reproduce videos in 1080p; they still don’t compare to a big screen due to size.

    1. Thats interesting, they gave you a dev kit to keep hey?

      Give me the link that says the Wii U screen on the controller is capable of 1080p.

  3. now wait a second there peter… how are you going to use your laptop or ipad, while watching TV, while also holding the wiiu remote? DUN DUN DUUUN. lol

  4. Who knows, we’ll be playing their sports games on the Wii U, but they’re all the same anyways with updated features such as little gameplay adjustments, and graphical improvements, et cetera. I just hope the Wii U gets proper support from the developers this time around.

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  6. Okay Peter we like your opinion and everything but cough up what your going to put on the system already! I’m anxiously waiting announcements for Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed, Army of Two, Dante’s Inferno, etc.

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