Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Used To Feature “Rocket Fists”

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma mentioned on the latest edition of Iwata Asks that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword originally featured an item called Rocket Fists which eventually turned into the beetle item.

“At first, it was a boomerang. We thought it might fun if you could tilt the Wii Remote Plus so it flew however you wanted and tried out some things, but then we started talking about how that simply wasn’t much like a boomerang.”

“And it had a camera. We wanted to think of an item that would fit better with that feature and came up with rocket fists.

“At that time, it could also grab things, so we thought it would be cool if something like a hand were flying around.”

“In the end, it turned into a beetle. The way it looks like it flies out from your arm is leftover from the rocket fist.”


  1. That statue is terrifying. O_O

    Don’t use it again, sickr, for the love of Din, Nayru, and Farore.

    Link looks like a fish with his mouth agape xD

  2. i feel, that in my honest opinion, legend of zelda: skyward sword, will be better then elder scrolls 5.

    1. elder scrolls 5 is a real sequel unlike zelda which is the same exact game as ocarina time dont waste ur mony and buy elder scrolls!!!!111 trust me im a hardcore gamer

      1. Don’t call yourself a hardcore gamer if you only like one system and bash the others. You’re a limited gamer, not hardcore.
        Call yourself one when you start playing games regardless of system, genre, or popularity.
        On another not: why are you even on this site just to bash Nintendo? Get a life, fanboy.

    1. ummm, it’s differnt from Ocarina of time dumbass, It’s a mix of every Zelda game made. Watch all the trailers and stuff before saying something thats not true. SO get your facts right. :/ Ohhh my gosh a Ps3 lover no wonder why u hate a series uve never played before I bet. Go play your STUPID, MINDLESS SHOOTER GAMES.

        1. Whatever, keep thinking that. Have you ever even tried the wii. And the graphics don’t matter. Like I said go play ur stupid ps3 little boy.

    2. Fifa and Battlefield are also the same as their predecessors, if you scope of comparison is so broad…

  3. Coming here to bash the topic of discussions seems so 90’s. Do you really think someone is going to take to heart what you said ps3semonator and actually consider buying Elder Scrolls 5 instead of Skyward Sword after already deciding to by Skyward Sword? Here’s a tip, don’t waste your time.

      1. Same, they both look really good. Pre-ordered Zelda and I’ll get around to buying Skyrim at some point.

    1. I think it would be epic with or without them. In fact, if it becomes epic even without those things, then that’s real epicness.

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