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Nintendo: Hulu Plus Coming to Nintendo Wii And Nintendo 3DS Plus 3D Video Details

Nintendo of America has announced via press release that Hulu Plus will be coming to the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year, allowing Nintendo users to stream thousands of popular TV episodes

Hulu Plus: With Hulu Plus, Wii and Nintendo 3DS users will be able to instantly stream thousands of TV episodes – including the entire current season of popular shows like Modern FamilyGleeDancing with the StarsThe Biggest LoserHouse and Grey’s Anatomy – from premium content partners like ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, MTV and many more. Hulu Plus also offers access to classic TV favorites like LostBattlestar GalacticaThe Hills and hundreds of popular and award-winning movies. Hulu Plus is available through a separate subscription fee of $7.99 per month with limited advertising.

Nintendo 3DS System Update: At the end of November, a new system update will deliver a range of cool new features and enhancements, including 3D video capture, which will let users record up to 10 minutes of 3D video and enable people to create their own 3D stop-motion animation videos. The update will also add new puzzles to the StreetPass Mii Plaza and a new dungeon to Find Mii. Other features will be announced in the future.

Games Coming to the Nintendo eShop:

  • Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! lets players create creatures and bring them to life. This game is all about creation, customization and exploration. Available in November for $6.99.
  • Developed with 3D game play in mind, Pushmo asks players to solve more than 250 puzzles by pulling and pushing blocks. Players can also create their own custom puzzles. Launches in December.
  • Swapnote gives Nintendo 3DS owners the chance to send 3D messages to their friends via the SpotPass and StreetPass features. Users can hand-write messages in 3D and also include picture and sound. Available for free download in December.
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western is a 3D tower defense game that blends action and strategy. It features an armadillo who defends an Old West town rendered in 3D by literally rolling over his enemies. Launches in Q1 2012.

3D Animation: Starting today, Nintendo 3DS owners can visit the Nintendo eShop and, for $1.99, download a new 3D “Thriller” video that features singing and dancing by their favorite Shrek characters from DreamWorks Animation.

3D Music Videos: Fans of the Nintendo Video service on Nintendo 3DS will soon see the arrival of new 3D music videos, including “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” from Foster the People’s Torches album.

28 thoughts on “Nintendo: Hulu Plus Coming to Nintendo Wii And Nintendo 3DS Plus 3D Video Details”

      1. People ask for Youtube, they get Hulu+. I’d say that’s a pretty fair share. Sure, Youtube has billions of online videos, but Hulu’s got hundreds of thousands of full-lengthed TV shows and movies that you can’t watch on Youtube. I’ll be getting this.

    1. What don’t you like about the layout? I think its great! I don’t get what every always complains about ¬_¬

  1. SWAPNOTE…. it took a while but finaly a message service to the 3ds at least it is complete with voice and pictures, o/ besides am i the only who think in 3d home made porn dasudha with the video recording? hahahaa

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  3. The only two things I care about are Hulu and 3D Video Recording. Now I can watch the A-Team episodes on the go, lol.

  4. Yes Finally HULU on the wii and 3DS. I just hope it supports CAPTIONS for the deaf, hard hearing, or people that love having CC on.

    1. Normal Hulu isn’t usually accessible outside the US for legal reasons (and probably largely due to setting up the adverts). I doubt that this will be available for UK residents anyway.

      Hey, I wonder if this does mean that we might eventually get a 3DS version of the iPlayer (without 3D). Could be cool.

  5. I didn’t care about Netflix because their selection is rather poor, especially for anime. Now Hulu is a different deal. Funimation put their dubs on Hulu, so I’m in. I liked everything in here except for the new music videos and the short films that you have to pay for. Those suck as, especially that blue man video.

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  7. hi there your wrong tobby watts i bought thriller and living carrots today and there alwsoume 3d videos thriller was 6:22 long and living carrots was 12:33 long alwsoume 3d but why is hulu and netflix offering 2d movies zero 0 3d movies at $8 per month

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