Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Messaging System Coming In December

Finally we will be able to message our friends on the Nintendo 3DS with a free messaging app on the eShop called Nintendo Letter Box. You’ll be able to write or draw messages to your friends and you can also attach 3D photos and voice clips you’ve recorded using the Nintendo 3DS Sound App.


      1. YEEESSS. Need.

        Also. This better be online! Technology has advanced SO far in today’s society. Why can’t we just have an online sort of pictochat? I mean we’ve had iming on our phones for a few years…

        1. Ok i think i need to clarify somethings
          1. IT IS FREE
          2. it will let u send writings sounds and pictures to your friends
          3. it will use spotpass and will update the person with a message instantly when he opens his 3ds
          4. it can also be used with streetpass

      1. you’re asking for a 3D rendering program for free on a small system? That’s what flipnote 3D would be like. The most we could get is a flipnote that allows for multiple layers. They would still be 2D images but with multiple layers for added depth.


  2. Finally! This is great news! Even if it’s local (big disappointment that would be), it would still be a welcome feature to share videos and pictures through.

    1. Alright, read the source (which for some reason I waited until AFTER I wrote the comment by like 2 hours) and it’s online! Now *gets greedier every step of the way* I want it to be cross-system. *crosses arms*

      1. You didn’t know? It is cross-platforming with the Wii U. The Smash Bros. coming is a proof of that. Also, some DS games are cross-platform, too. FFCC Echoes of Time and some Pokemon games are some of the cross-platforming games with the Wii. WOMBO COMBO!!! THAT AIN’T FALCO!!!!

  3. Finally, I can write entire sentences to my 3DS friends! btw, my 3DS friend code is 1805-2193-5192. Hope to see you on the tracks in MK7!!!

  4. Oh wow im so glad i held off on buying a 3DS till December! All the awesome stuff is starting to come out soon.

    1. Yeah… while ive been playing Oot, streetfighter, and mercenaries 3d for months. Also enjoying free games, vids and streaming netflix. Yeah messaging is really the awesome stuff… (from my android phone which can message, IM, multitask like crazy, and call my grandma <3 )

  5. It is online ppl, why would it not be. Hellooooo!!! this is like the same messaging system the Wii has

      1. The point he was trying to make is that the 3DS was released too soon. This feature should’ve came out-of-the-box instead of taking eight months to get here, ya know? We all bought the system while it was still in “beta.” Heck, remember last year’s E3, when Nintendo stressed over and over to the press that the 3DS’ that they were using were “pre-production prototypes?” No? Well, I remember, and what ended up getting released? That’s right, those very same prototypes.

        Still, I’m glad these features are finally getting rolled out. Now they just need to make it to where if I race someone in MK7 and felt challenged, that I can add my new rival to my friends list so I can race ’em again later. :-) Not being able to friend randoms is kinda lame. You can do that on every other game system out there, including the Vita, which isn’t even out yet. :-(

  6. well that’s better than nothing! this will be like the Wii Message service, but STILL! finally we can send sometjing to our friends :)

    i’d still love PictoChat online. chat char chat.

  7. Finally! I always knew Nintendo would eventually release a messaging app for the 3DS. I mean, there really isn’t that much of a point in registering friends if you can’t even communicate with them. And this won’t be just any messaging system; by the sounds of it, this’ll be more like an online next-gen pictochat with audio and picture-sharing capabilities! Can’t wait for this update. And all those haters said it would never happen…. I pity them. And yes, guys, to all of you that can’t read, this WILL be online-enabled, not just local. So stop complaining!

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