Nintendo 3DS: Metal Mario From Super Mario 64 And Lakitu Playable In Mario Kart 7 And Other Details

Nintendo America has issued a press release for Mario Kart 7 which details the game’s online mode as well as the single player and SpotPass and StreetPass features. Here’s all the details they have kindly provided:

At the heart of Mario Kart is multiplayer racing. Using a broadband Internet connection or local wireless built into the Nintendo 3DS, players can race against their own friends or even against opponents worldwide. The new Community feature allows players to create groups with other Mario Kart fans while setting up specific rules to make customized racing environments. Easy setup allows players to quickly create a community and share with others via the StreetPass feature. Community leaderboards will also show the most up-to-date information from recent races. Solo players can race through the Grand Prix and Time Trial modes using either the Circle Pad layout or the motion-sensitive gyro controls of the system to steer their karts. The gyro controls also allow players to control their karts in a first-person perspective, a feature never before seen in the Mario Kart franchise.

Mario Kart 7 will also use StreetPass and SpotPass features built into the Nintendo 3DS system. Walking by other Mario Kart 7 players in real life with StreetPass enabled allows gamers to exchange racing scores, win/loss records, number of collected coins and other game data. With SpotPass enabled, players will be able to receive ghost data to race against. Up to seven ghosts can be downloaded at the same time, allowing for a full eight-player race. Additionally, a Mario Kart channel will be a central location for players to view information collected through StreetPass and SpotPass.

Every iteration of the Mario Kart series introduces new twists and turns, and this newest Mario Kart game is no different. New playable characters include Metal Mario from the Super Mario 64 game and Lakitu, the spectacled cloud-riding Koopa. Players can also choose to race as their own Mii characters. New power-ups include the Fire Flower and Super Leaf. The Fire Flower allows players to throw blazing balls of fire at other drivers, while the Super Leaf makes the Tanooki Tail appear on the back of karts to knock other drivers and items out of the way. And, of course, the karts come equipped with gliders for maneuvering through the air and propellers for underwater propulsion.

The Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup introduce eight new courses, including ones on Wuhu Island and one created by Retro Studios set in the jungles from the Donkey Kong Country Returns game. The Shell Cup and Banana Cup feature eight classic courses, including Luigi’s Mansion from the Nintendo DS and Koopa Beach from the Nintendo 64. There will be 16 new courses and 16 classic courses total.



  2. I’m still waiting for the day Nintendo puts Midbus and Fawful in one of these Mario spin-off games.

  3. want. NOW, i just wish it was called “mario kart 3D” over mario kart 7. no other mario kart game was ever named with a number, unless one counts mario kart double dash

    1. I agree, no point to add a 7, unless the last one was named with a 6. 3D works, or Super Mario Kart 3D or Mario 3D Kart? Whatever it will still be a great game.

    1. You are fucking stupid it clearly says there’s 16 new and 16 old maps. You think there’s 8 maps per cup???

  4. I was hoping for every Mario Kart track up til the DS version to be here. Oh well, at least I’ll get the GBA Mario Kart since I’m an ambassador.

    1. I think Mariokart would GREATLY benefit from DLC. Each iteration could have every prior course, along with 16 new courses. Unfortunately, Nintendo does not like DLC :(. If they remake them they can charge for them, if not they can be brought forward free of charge.

      1. Nintendo themselves wouldn’t use DLC, which is fine by as I don’t want to be charged extra for stuff that should’ve/could’ve been in the game. But other 3rd Party Devs could use DLC on their systems.

  5. KOOPA BEACH FTW!! I’ve wanted that course ever since Nintendo started the whole retro track thing. I wish there could be one super game where all the tracks are available, even the arcade games. I’d buy a Wii U just for that.

    1. Considering that next year will be the 20th anniversary of Mario Kart and the release of the Wii U, I would be surprised not to see a new MK game released before the end of 2012.

  6. I know I’m asking too much… but it would be nice to get more courses, sayyy… some from mario kart wii??

  7. they should of added a track creation mode like in modnation racers. i mean once i done with all the grand prix and unlocked everything i probably would get bored after a couple of days. sure multiplayer battles and races would keep you playing, but you would probably want to ride on a new track or something. i think a great idea for mario kart wiiu is to make use of the tablet controller as a drawing canvas to make your own tracks. it would be easier using the tablet and the pen that comes with it to draw mountains and tracks, instead of using an analog stick. then posting your creations online so your friends can see that would really make mario kart a whole new experience.

    1. imagine a custom cup! similar to f zero x’s x cup. where they get 5 random submitted tracks of the internet and make a cup out of it!!!?? I hope something like that is implemented! It would also greatly add replay value.

  8. didn’t we already know about metal mario and lakitu? i’ve known about them for at least a month. whatever i’m so stinking exited about this game. pre-ordered it in may!

  9. *Looks at the classic courses confirmed*

    Airship Fortress, Luigi’s Mansion, Koopa Beach, Maple Treeway, Kalimari Desert, Waluigi Pinball and others? Is this like the dream Mario Kart retro track line up or something?

    I also have to admit the seven item makes me interested, especially how it gives you seven random items to use at any time. That’s pretty neat.

  10. So you can make clubs? Sounds cool! And changing the rules, YES!!! Always wanted that 8)
    Wonder if there will be a way to search for and join clubs?

  11. Honestly this news made me think super mario 3d land from maybe to no. I’m probably not getting this or 3d land. Geez nintendo. Get some good stuff…

    1. Yeah, because this totally makes Mario 3D Land ANY different, considering it’s about Mario Kart.

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