Nintendo 3DS: Plenty Of Gameplay Footage In This New Super Mario 3D Land Trailer

Nintendo has released a new video showcasing the many levels found throughout Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS. Clearly a lot of the footage shown within the video could be considered spoilers. Super Mario 3D Land is out on November 18th in Europe and November 13th in North America.


  1. Hmmm, so I guess another variation of the Tanooki suit is a scarf that gives you the statue ability. And Tanooki Thwomps? WTF?

  2. I really want to watch it but since it’d be full of spoilers I’ll find out once I get the game. It’s much better to find out new things as you play it I think

  3. I love Mario, but I don’t like how everything is all cutesy and round. Was Mario always like that but it’s just becoming more prominent?


    REAL SPOILER (FOR REAL): WARIO WILL PLAY A ROLL IN THIS GAME! He’ll only be in 4 special levels. Mario meets up with him, does a task, gets a star coin, and done.

      1. nope. recently in an interview with nintendo they revealed there will be special “bonus” stages like boxes and tasks. Task examples are enter a level, toad needs 100 coins. Go through the level, get 100 coins, go to toad, get the star coin for the level. Or another example in a level, you see wario, he wants you to find the thieving koopa’s who stole his jewels. Go through the level, find a secret cave full of koopa’s, beat them all up, get wario’s jewels, give them to him, get a star coin from him. Simple.

  5. Two things: now I’ve seen luigi I don’t feel like playing with Mario and second I hope statue tanooki it not the only retro power up

    1. I didn’t. I personally hope they cancel this. We have enough mario games. Heck we could’ve stopped with the first one but now they have smb mario kart and all these dumb mario party games. Nobody likes them! Nintendo is seriously becoming the worst game company. I’m even starting to think sony is better.

        1. I’m serious. I personally don’t like it when a company comes up with a IP and makes 20 games from it. 3 is good enough is it not? And maybe a remastered remake in the future but that’s it.

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