Nintendo: Plenty Of New Release Dates From Sega Including Sonic Generations

Sega has issued a press release detailing a whole host of release dates for the Nintendo 3DS. Some of these dates were previously confirmed and others such as Crush 3D have changed. Now’s the perfect time to place down some pre-orders!

Shinobi – November 15th (U.S.), November 11th (EU)

Sonic Generations – November 22nd (U.S.), November 25th (EU)

Crush 3D – January 10th (U.S.), January 13th (EU)

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics (3DS) – February 14th (U.S.), February 10th (EU)


    1. Yeah, that’s just the Nintendo 3DS version. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are released November 1st in North America.

    1. They’re all worth buying… the first two should be must-buys for retro gamers, the third is a critically acclaimed PSP title that didn’t sell well (like most 3rd party PSP games), and the fourth is a great collection of skill-based and sometimes deep minigames. With Mario and Sonic.

  1. Hey sickr, might want add “3DS” after Mario and Sonic Olympics. For a moment I thought it was the Wii version!

  2. Hmmm somewhat dissapointing. Not dissing Sonic, but I prefer a Mario type of platformer. Shinobi looks cool though

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