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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out The Cool Packaging For These New Official Nintendo 3DS Bundles

Nintendo Europe has revealed the official packaging for the Ice White Super Mario 3D Land bundle and Lavender Pink Nintendogs + Cats bundle. The Super Mario 3D Land Ice White bundle goes on sale December 2nd and the Nintendogs + Cats Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS bundle goes on sale on the 18th November.

44 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check Out The Cool Packaging For These New Official Nintendo 3DS Bundles”

    1. My girlfriend has a pink DS Lite too! We got DSs for each other for Valentines Day a copule years ago. Romantic, isn’t it? Congratz on 200 posts! I would like to see you make some beef wellington.

  1. I kind of feel that the red 3DS would have fit better with the Mario pack myself. I really, really like the look and packaging of that pink Nintendogs + Cats pack though. I may have to show my friend that to see if she fancies it for Christmas.

  2. They will come to america soon. Think about it. If Europe gets it, then america will be sure to get it as well. We just have to wait until around thanksgiving for us.

  3. Come on now NoA…. bring it to North america too… you would be stupid to not have these up for black friday (well except the mario bundel anyways).

  4. i have and always will own two nintendo handhelds at a time. just waiting for white. but if they leak orange or green. To me its like sports jerseys one for home and one for away.

  5. Wie fies die Welt doch ist. Ich will unbedingt den 3DS in rosa.
    Dummerweise habe ich ihn mir damals zum Release in blau und zusätzlich noch das Nintendogs & cats gekauft. Böse Welt. :( :(

  6. I really want a Pink 3DS, and I’d love to have that Nintendogs game, I have the other two, so that would complete the set! I hope America gets the Coral Pink, Lavender Pink, Rose Pink, whatever. I think bundles with good games like this would be a GREAT way to sell the system. At most though, they should only add $10 to the price.

  7. Ok. So lavander is a pastel purple and therefore cannot be pink. Plus the box says coral pink wich sounds way better. Sorry, just sayin. Lavander pink is driving me crazy. Also is there any word on the ice white coming to the us in 2011?

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