Nintendo: Girls Really Dig The Misty Pink Nintendo 3DS And Other Interesting Nintendo Facts

During this week Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke to investors about a number of things to reassure them that Nintendo is still at the top of their game. Here’s some of the facts Satoru Iwata presented to those investors:

  • Following the price drop, the 3DS has seen more users in the girls and kids categories
  • The Misty Pink release has helped in bringing in more girls
  • Misty Pink was picked up more than 75% by girls
  • For most colours, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is the most popular game to pick up with the system
  • For Misty Pink, Nintendogs + Cats is the most popular
  • The vast majority of children will get the system either as birthday or Christmas gifts, or using New Years money
  • Yet to see this demographic make its true movement to the system
  • The number of kids who say they want 3DS as a Christmas present has increased greatly recently
  • Firmware update 3DS includes add-on content and an item-based billing system
  • DLC can be purchased straight from a game
  • Nintendo will also likely next year in some form do this [offer add-on content], in a form that would receive support from the customers.”
  • Third parties are ready to take advantage of these services early next year
  • Nintendo does not have plans to offer item-transaction games similar to the kind found on social networks
  • Nintendo will use smartphones and social networking to spread the word on content
  • Iwata is not ready to talk Wii U price
  • As we learned a bitter lesson with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, we are trying to take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch.”
  • Iwata would not address specific areas where he felt Nintendo failed with the 3DS


    1. “Misty Pink was picked up more than 75% by girls”

      Not the 3DS in general, but the pink 3DS.


        1. Calm your nipples, broksi. Ever heard of a joke before? I get what you mean, but really? An all caps rage?
          And in response to your last sentence, that’s an opinion about guys who wear pink, it’s not really something you assume. “hmm that guy is wearing pink. I assume he looks gay.” lol. Your second sentence falls into that category. Don’t get all mixed up in that rage. :P
          Chill out, and lets get back to talking about Nintendo.

        2. Dude.. it’s kind of hard not to assume when it’s the truth. and why are you getting all bothered? no one said being gay was a bad thing. just because we point out that the 25% that are guys are probably gay doesn’t mean we are hating on them.
          We assume that because gay people of course like the color pink enough to prefer it over blue, black, or red and have the excuse of being gay/more girly to have a permanently pink colored item like the 3DS. straight guys on the other hand wouldn’t have a pink 3DS because they generally prefer the manly colors and don’t have the confidence to be seen with a pink 3DS.

          Lastly wearing pink clothes and having a pink 3DS are two very different things. Anyone can wear pink, it just depends how far you go with pink that determines your sexuality.

        1. Or boyfriends who bought it for their girlfriends or sisters. It’s easy to think rationally about this. People love jumping to radical conclusions.

    2. it means 75% of girls picked up misty pink, but 25% picked another colour.
      OMG SM3DL comes out in japan in 3 days!

    1. Both suck in colour and im a fan of blue… That aqua blue is to damn green. I would love to see a dark blue 3DS but for now white shall do if it comes to NA.

      1. Aqua Blue is crossing between green & blue. It looks bright blue at times but looks greenish. thats what Aqua is. I think aqua is nicer then just blue… it gives more detail.

        Dark Blue maybe beast however.

        The comment anonymous said i somehow agree that pink is yuck.

  1. I know with the price drop my parents are getting a 3DS for my little brother and I preordered Super Mario 3D Land (for his birthday in Jan) and Mario Kart (for Christmas) for him.

    Myself I think I’m going to wait a bit to see if the 3D gets better because it gives me a headache right now when I look too long. But if I did get a 3DS it would be this color unless they finally release a Purple/Lavender one ::prays::

    1. Well you’re quite the thoughtful sibling. Personally I get my little sisters a game every Eid, and one of my sisters (all younger than me) a game for her birthday (she has a DSiXL). Next year I won’t be able to get them anything (going overseas) so I’ll try to send them stuff via my parents… that’ll be a great experience. *sarcasm*

              1. Hey im pakistani do i count. We shud have our own group what you lot doing for eid nintendo is so pro islam.

  2. Nintendo will anouce the Wii U price & release date in early 2012.

    Will the Wii U price & Release date be coming in on January or February?

      1. Nintendo said they will anouce in early 2012 like you know the 3DS? The 3DS they annouced the date 5 months before release with the JP.

        It’s going to be annouced in Janurary, Feburary or march.

    1. they said on 2012 E3 will show final Wii-U however it will tkae 2-3 months after E3 to be sale so I can say June or furthermore ! peace !

    1. One of the many things I appreciate about Nintendo. They don’t try to bull shit you out of your money with pointless free games with alternate in-game currency that you have to pay for.

  3. Well… its kind of obvious that girls would like the Pink 3DS compared to any other colors… i mean really.

    however the other information was quite interesting. i am happy to hear that Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D is the most popular game. It is a really fun game, and well worth the money.

  4. glad to see the 3ds picking up im personal having a nintendo christmas first super mario 3d land and LoZ skyward sword on the 18th and then MK7 for christmas

    1. probably in japan, or it might be ignorant to say this, but maybe just in Asia, ive heard of people giving each other red envelopes containing money for new years, it has something to do with luck…. like i said, im not sure, if this is true for all Asian countries, but i have heard of it happening in japan.

      1. Receiving money in red envelopes is what the chinese do. In korea, you bow to your elders on new years and they give you money. In japan they give you money in little decorated envelopes.

  5. No talk about bundles in other regions? Not that it’s my main concern.

    Still its good to see the pink 3DS is doing well.

  6. Wow Ocarina of Time is keeps on selling. I have to admit though, I’m a guy and that pink color looks pleasant in the eye. I’m a fan of color variation. I freaking love the boxart for Baka and Test and Summon the Beasts. I still prefer the blue one though.

    It seems the 3DS is climbing up fast. Just this past week, it sold about 73,000 units in Japan, and that was the lower of the systems sold since in the “Americas,” it sold about 75,000 systems in the same week and about 80,000 in Europe for the same week. It was the second best selling system this past week behind the PS3 just by a little, and that is “without games.” This baby is picking up steam fast.

  7. Well, I like it. If I’m going to spend that much money on something, I might as well like everything about it, including the color. It’s not a lot to ask.

    People want to say they are trying desperately to boost sales, but more than likely they were going to release these extra colors anyway. From past experience, they’ve always done this. They have done it with N64, with Gameboy, GBA, GBA SP, and all the other DS models. Just because they are doing it now when they are struggling to make sales doesn’t mean this is a tactic to make money.

    1. I know no friends expect 1 who owns a 3DS.

      Most of them own those old DS Lites.

      I want to say to them JUST UPGRADE! FORGET 3D, THE GRAPHICS & GAMES ROCK!

    2. Out of a school of about 500 as well, I know of at least 4 people who are planning to get one this christmas

  8. That’s great to hear. I’m waiting for an upgrade for the 3DS. Though if I were to get a 1st gen one, I’d get the Aqua Blue one!

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