Nintendo 3DS: Awesome New Mario Kart 7 Characters Revealed

The latest edition of Nintendo Power reveals a few additional characters for Mario Kart 7. We already know about a couple of them but it looks as though Nintendo has included Wriggler and Honey Queen to the line-up. I had the fortune to play the game a few weeks back and I can safely say it’s shaping up to be something quite special.

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    1. I would actually like to see Mr Game and Watch as a character you get near the end of the game, and maybe throw in Pikachu for fun, but no-one else from other games.

        1. I didn’t really like ROB in Mario Kart DS, because no one had seen him since the NES era when the game came out. At least G&W is at least somewhat related to the Mario universe from the GBA collection games.

    2. I like how people keep confusing Mario Kart as Super Smash Bros. Not only did SSB came out years after Mario Kart did, they’re not even the same damn concept.

      1. You’ve got your facts wrong, SSB came out for the N64 while Mario Kart came out for the Super Nintendo.

  1. Always been a fan of Wiggler so its awesome we can play as her. ^_^ Definitely will check her out. :)

  2. I wanted Lanky and Chunky Kong :( I like Wiggler, but not a fan of Honey Queen. Also – why Metal Mario? Couldn’t it be a powerup? Anyway, I’m hyped for this! Already pre-ordered!

  3. Seriously? Honey Queen and Wiggler? Why not introduce some more Donkey Kong characters or more well-known emenies like Hammer Bro or Petey?

    If Bowser Jr or Diddy Kong aren’t in this game, I’ll be very annoyed, cause they are the characters I use the most in Mario Kart Wii…

    1. Whatever happened to Captain Falcon, an actual racer that Nintendo has all the rights to? I know its a crossover, but transplanting random characters (or inventing them in the case of Baby Peach) doesn’t make any more sense.

      IMO, Donkey Kong got way too much attention. DK is an established character, and Diddy is OK since he got a nod in SSBB, but Funky was just a bit too much. Adding more will be just the same.

    1. I know it’s Mario kart, so it only has mario characters, but pikmin would be pretty cool. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Super Mario Sunshine people (pintas?) are in it.

  4. Sweet! The sweetiest things is that they said each character will have their normal kart. AKA Normal kart lol. 3 custom karts. (2 are unlockable) and each player can also have other characters karts like in MKDS. Can’t wait to see metal mario’s, wiggler’s, shy guy’s, and honey queen’s custom karts!

  5. I look forward to Wiggler but Queen Bee? I kinda fell that she is a waste of a character. Buts thats just my opinoin.

  6. as long as we also get waluigi, bowser jr and birdo along with these other entries, i will happy with the character selection. i think metal mario should have been a power up and lakitu and queen bee are odd choices, but I’ll get over it. I think Pianta and Noki would be cool addition as well as petey Piranha, but as long as they are the background of some levels I would be satisfied.

  7. It’s interesting, but I kinda hoped they’d add in those Tree guys from Super Mario Galaxy 2 or E. Gadd or Kamek. The Queen is a bit of a disapointment. Wiggler is nice though

  8. kinda wish you could change the color of shy guy, so it is not just red :(
    but o well, Yay for having shy guy in the game!!!

  9. I’ve always figured it a long shot (being MARIO Kart and all), but I’ve been holding my breath for Kirby’s addition, one day…

  10. I’d say all four of the new characters are strange in their own way, but Honey Queen especially. I mean, if you need a representative from the Galaxy games who’s a heavy weight (which Honey Queen seems to be), why not Lubba? Lakitu and Wiggler aren’t bad choices but confusing if you think about it. I mean, to differentiate between the referee, the playable Lakitu has a red shell, which seems a bit contrived… why not give the referee a red shell to differentiate between ALL normal Lakitus? Also, Wigglers are pretty damn long, which raises questions as to how they’ll fit in a Kart. I guess it’s the Mario world so logic doesn’t apply, but still, if you’re including Mario enemies, why not have a Goomba or a Boo? (as for how the Goomba could steer… how about with his mouth? It would be somewhat funny to see)

  11. Aren’t these the last 2 characters to be announced for the game? Meaning 16 in total? That is what someone else said. I mean on the Japanese website, there are 4 newcomers and that’s it.

    1. Let see we have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Koopa, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, Rosalina, Lakitu, Miis, Shyguy, Wiggler, Queen Bee, and Metal Mario that is 18 Total.

      1. Waluigi hasn’t been confirmed yet, so 17? Speaking of which, why would they not have Waluigi in it now???

        Visit the official Japanese website for the game to see the characters revealed so far.

  12. Honey Queen?! How did they even get her to shrink down enough to fit into the Kart? Last I checked, Honey Queen was big enough to crawl around on top of.

    And Wiggler, really? Nintendo what do I have to do to get you to put Fawful and Midbus in a Mario Kart game?

    1. No they haven’t they have tons to choose from this isn’t pokemon where they must design brand new ones.

  13. Wriggler is not too bad a choice,but Queen Bee?Seriously?Who’d want to play as Queen Bee?I’d rather see Goomba as a playable character or if there has to be someone from Super Mario Galaxy,why not Bee Mario?

  14. What I think you should be able to do is change the color of your character, like have Metal Mario be a skin for Mario rather than a whole new character; have different colors of the Shy Guy; pretty much just like Brawl had. That would be awesome.

    1. That’s quite a good idea.Why can’t nintendo do that?Or maybe they could do a racer creator where you create your own Mario character to race as?

  15. id like to see hammer bros and e gadd as playable characters and the poltergust 3000 and fludd as weapons, suck up enemies or cancel out all boo items or soak the track behind to make it slippery like a banana peel, could use all of fludd’s attachments too, use the hover pump to travel further in the glider mode or the super speed pump used like a mushroom but constant for a short time period. one can have such nerdy dreams…

  16. Wario has a group of employees that he could slap in karts and put on the racetrack. Or tennis court. Or golf course. NINTENDO, Y U NO USE WARIOWARE CHARACTERS

    1. That actually would be pretty cool! Also, considering how Wario’s bike made it into MKW, when you look at Wario Ware, a lot of characters have some cool mode of transportation! I’d love to play as Mona on her little scooter!

  17. Do you people not get the point of MARIO Kart?
    It has MARIO in the title

    Not Zelda, Not Pokemon.

  18. Wow I can race as my own mii! That’s about as exiting as being able to play as my mii
    In NSMB MII , other than that it looks class

      1. The Mario Kart article with the charater pics might just be a secondary feature. It might be skyward sword.

    1. The back of the ocotber issue had Girahim from LOZ skyward sword. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Link is on the cover

  19. Yall complaining about Queen Bee but if they added BABY MARIO, LUIGI, PEACH, DAISY, WARIO yall will be UPSET!

    1. Actually, this place has been pretty cool about it. On Nintendo 3DS Blog, the comments are almost entirely that. A couple even went so far as to say they were no longer excited because Queen Bee was there. Their loss.

      I guess this section’s version of that is assuming any non-main series of a Nintendo franchise must work like Smash Bros. Of course, DK’s presence doesn’t exactly send that point home.

  20. besides shy guy and lakitu (mii was already on mkwii) these have to be the worst character additions EVA

  21. Wish list

    Petey Piranha, Pianta’s, Mouser, Hammer bros, Goomba, Cpt Falcon, Cranky Kong, toadette, Toadsworth, Pauline, Prof E. Gadd, Kammy Koopa or Kamek, Wart.

    and ……………….. PEDO BEAR!!!!… jks

    1. Petey Piranha was in Mario Kart: Double Dash on the Gamecube, but only in that version.

      Petey needs to come back or else Mario games are not complete.

  22. Yep, haven’t heard this question before.

    There’s another Lakitu filling in. Plus, the fact some bodies of water can be driven through makes Lakitu less necessary anyway.

  23. So IGN just wrote about this and they said that Nintendo is still hinting at more secret characters to be revealed. I hope that’s true, so that means that we may still have a few more favorites returning and some newcomers as well.

    1. Hopefully Goomba will be one of the new racers,if there’s any more.It’d be fun to play as a Goomba.

      1. Goomba Wouldn’t Be Driving Unless He Is A ParaGoomba Which Would Make No Sense what So Ever WDIEB

  24. you now what would be cool Nintendo, adding a track creation mod. that would really spice up Mario kart…one can dream.

      1. yep, i still play it for the player made tracks. mario kart should really have a track creation mode. i get bored after getting all grand prix. and the online multiplayer is fun, the first few weeks. only reason i play mario kart (ds, and wii) is for the local multiplayer, but even that gets boring at time. having new track that you can make yourself or download from the online community would give you endless time of gameplay fun. and some player-made tracks are even better than the one that comes with the game! seriously, Nintendo should really add that.

  25. I actually really like the idea of playing as Queen Bee! REALLY obscure (because she’s a side character no one thinks twice of) but, come one, it’s MARIO! You guys played as a giant reptilian monster and an ape with a tie on and a bee is what’s gonna kill this for ya? haha I love it! Also, side note, Mario needs more female characters. I really appreciated the addition of Rosaline in these games but as stated before, adding Mona from Wario Ware would be as epic as my meal times!

    1. I am so tired of all these negative Nancys THIS^^^ is how people SHOULD act about this AMAZING announcment!!! ^_^

    2. Agreed I think Pauline and Wendy o’koopa would be some good additions to the series, that’s why I like Honey B in it cuz it needs more female racers. Also they still have the rights to Diddy kong racing why not timber the tiger or drumstick or Dixie kong? And bring back birdo, waluigi and Diddy kong.

    1. Ahem listen up you two, Queen Bee is a character that Mario started climbing around on and collected items while she thought she was helping him with an itch……….that’s about it…..she’s also the queen of bees…

  26. Wiggler awesome honey bee unexpected metal Mario cool lakitu FINALLY!!! Now complete it with waluigi, dry bones, Diddy kong bowser jr, baby Mario, birdo and king boo then it would be perfect. Other cool inclusions would be Monty mole petey piranha Dixie kong goomba E-Gadd the chimp and Ludwig. Pianta saminio 2 from sunshine would make sense as well as you have to race him but he hasnt made any other game appearances.

    1. Wiggler+Crash+Mushroom = KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. They should add more characters from super mario sunshine, like piantas and nokis. as for stages, they could add a super mario galaxy themed one(that isn’t rainbow road, perhaps a bowser foretress). Really looking forward to this game!

  28. Awww I was hoping that nintendo would have added “coin” to the playable characters. How cool would it be to drive as a coin? Gosh darn it! (Being sarcastic cuz errbody is crying over there characters) just pick one and race! -_-

  29. I’m excited for this game! I hope E-Gadd makes an appearance, along with Pauline. Nintendo needs to put in more females. (I know of Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette, Birdo, Pauline, Queen Bee, and Kammy Koopa as possible female characters)
    Also, why not add a stage relating to Paper Mario? When you go to it everyone becomes a paper version of themself. In the bg you could see previous party members too. Meh, Probably not.

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