Nintendo Wii: New Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Trailer Shown On GTTV

As promised Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime made a guest appearance on GameTrailers TV and showcased a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Wii. The video reveals a lot of new information, so if you don’t want to spoil the experience I suggest avoiding it.

Tip: Stephen Walton


            1. Remember, if you keep the time difference in mind you will be playing this game THREE days before the Americans do. It will be the 17th for them when it is the 18th in Europe.

      1. It is soooooo amazing!!! I cannot wait! Seriously, I’m almost in tears!

        This is the last post/ trailer/ Sickr / thing I watch until I have the game.

        This is worth watching. No serious spoilers, but probably the last trailer you want to watch.

        Skyward Sword is going to kick F**king Ass!!!!!

        PS: I am so Effing excited for nintendo to release the best Zelda Game EVAR!!!!!!

  1. Can’t wait! Ghirahim seems so determined to revive his master… Yet he already seems so strong himself.

    Seeing this, I now know that Ghirahim must be in SSB4! I wonder who would win in a bralw with him and Ganondorf. They should also give Ganondorf a sword!

    And the Sheikah could be an assist trophy.

    1. I hate you…. but a great idea about Ghirahim also!! if this were facebook you will have a like from me XD

  2. It is bad enough I know about the harp, I’m gonna have to leave the internets for a month if I don’t want to spoil it :( I want this to be my first legitimate Zelda experience since I was a kid. This game reminds me of “A Link to the Past” which is my faveorite Zelda game, and I am gonna love this game.

  3. Who is that? Is that… IMPA? No, Stop Nintendo. Thats enough. Just stop making trailers so you won’t spoil the game. People were probably so close to pre- ordering the game. Then they saw the trailers. They said: Oh! Now I know what will happen in the game, so I won’t pre-order it! Thank God for Nintendo’s SPOILERS! SO NOW YOU GUYS WON’T GET ANY MONEY!

      1. Are you crazy?!?! The storyline is one of the reasons The Legend Of Zelda is such a beloved series


      3. Story is one of the 4 key features of the Zelda games!!!!!!!!

        1) Story

        2) music

        3) gameplay

        4) EPICNESS

    1. I sold my Wii (due to financial reasons)!! [Insert countless expletives and swears]
      Bad idea, but I’ll get the Wii U.

      1. If your in the UK, you could get the Wii Slim but in other cases, Just wait for the Wii U to come out but the Wii U is launching at late June or early July if you want to know how long to wait.

  4. I noticed 2 things that seem to be important, but people overlooked it in the trailers.

    First, the Harp. If you can remember Sheik had the same harp in OoT.
    And in this trailer the blond girl going into the light has the same eye on her outfit as the one on the stones in OoT that tell you the time.

    I wonder what the relationship between those things are.

  5. Nintendo is trolling here? xD Please stop posting trailers of the new Zelda! Looks like Nintendo is even more excited about the game than us, and that’s saying a hell of a lot! I personally can’t wait! Anyways I’m not watching it, it’s hard to resist though… aghhhhh… lol

    1. I think we’ve only seen about 5% of the whole game through the recent trailers.
      They say the game is huge and filled with content.

    2. Im not watching it either! Good thing im playing assassins creed brotherhood, gears of war2, super paper mario, and metroid prime 3, to pass the time. Im trying to play all the best wii games before the wiiU hits next year!

      1. True, been buying Wii games to play before Wii U launches.

        I have to admit…. I never played Super Mario Galaxy but i’ve played so many 1st party games.

        1. Im playing through galaxy1 right now, I want to get dkcr next week, but im affraid im going to e overwhelmed!

  6. ok so…i say im not going to watch it…then 2 min later i do watch…….and…….it’s going to be better than OOT and far better…Sorry to those who hold on to OOT as the g.o.a.t. of zelda titles…

  7. 1:16 – 1:26 Those few seconds are the only ones that contain spoilers in that video. The rest of the trailer is actually pretty good and it shows other sections of the game plus a closer look to two previously shown bosses and two characters we’ve seen before.

    The trailer is really good and people who have play Zelda games before should watch it and avoid the time frame I mentioned above. The game look much sharper than in other trailers. It also includes a different angle of the bridge section that is included in the Harp trailer; that new footage is just epic!

    1. Just watched it :(

      Never mind, I don’t know every inch of the game but it’s a minor spoiler for me.

      1. That small section of the game is actually a VERY critical point in the game that people will recognize. I think they should’ve kept that part out of the trailer.

    1. I think it’s more like you’re giving life to those places similar to what you did in Wind Wakers.

  8. Well, I guess there’s the Sheikah confirmed. Not sure about the dragons though, the idea is decent but the design seems rather lacking for them. And that creepy whale like thing reminds me of the wind fish and Bellum from Phantom Hourglass, is there possibly a connection?

    But awesome trailer none the less.

  9. Just watching this trailer alone gives me the impression that this story is far more epic than any previous Zelda game. The production values seem to have improved drastically as well when it comes to story telling. I feel like this game could finally get some hardcore gamers who only play the “adult” games to jump on board. So excited! It’s a move in the right direction and I applaud you Nintendo!

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