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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out These Super Cute Mario And Luigi Nintendo 3DS Sleeves/Pockets

Japanese gaming site Inside Games has uncovered these adorable Super Mario 3D Land themed pockets for your Nintendo 3DS. Style conscious gamers can select either a Mario or a Luigi themed Super Mario 3D Land holder for their Nintendo 3DS console. Not too sure how much they cost but they look fantastic.



      1. thank you but i honestly dont care for first post… see unlike most posters.. ive gotten laid lol.. in all seriousness, i do want obe of these.


  1. mmm…. so funny… here in spain, if you pre-order super mario 3d land in a GAME shop, they will give you a sleeve… maybe are they giving THESE sleeves? it would be funny, xD


  2. Very cute!

    SIdenote: People who b*tch about people saying “first” are just as annoying as the original poster. I’ll never understood why people get so upset by it. Just ignore them. They’re not hurting anyone.


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