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Nintendo Wii U: The International Business Times Says Nintendo Will Release Wii U In April

I’m not sure whether or not The International Business Times have misinterpreted Satoru Iwata comments but they’ve stated on their website that the Wii U will launch April 2012. We know that Satoru Iwata has previously said that the Wii U will launch after April 2012 but I haven’t heard anyone say that the console will actually be out during April 2012.

Nintendo intends to launch its next generation console the Wii U next year on April 2012.

45 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: The International Business Times Says Nintendo Will Release Wii U In April”

  1. I doubt it. Didn’t nintendo themselves say we will see the final form at E3? I wish it was in April but I kind of doubt it

    1. If they have the software then I don’t see why they have to wait….truly if the 3DS taught us anything its not to release unless you have games to back it up. I’m sure it won’t be released in April but if you build it and have they games they will come.

  2. Yeah, cause I’m going to trust a source that nobody has ever heard of. Nah, I’ll pass. I’ll believe it when Nintendo themselves say it. Weren’t they still fixing bugs and such on the system as is?

  3. Iwata recently said the Wii U will be shown in final form at E3 2012. So im guessing it will be released during or after june 2012

  4. Considering Ninty are showing the final version of the Wii U in June at E3, I think they probably meant the fiscal year beginning April 2012.

  5. They will show the final form of the U on the E3, I strongly think the realease date will be on the holiday of 2012, then they can explote more the sales.

    Anyway i want to enjoy Skyward Sword first, then I´ll start saving money for the U ^^

      1. Sony paid to have the name changed to advertise Move, despite the fact it didn’t surface as Move until 2009. :P

  6. I think they just got it wrong. There are many websites that are saying that the Wii U will release either after April or that it won’t release before April. Others are saying that it won’t release until April. They’re using the same month because Nintendo’s fiscal year ends in March, and the next one starts in April. Nintendo said they would release the new system in their next fiscal year.

  7. Well technically if they released in April, then the version at E3 would be the final version. :-)
    Seriously though, I would guess the last quarter of 2012 as well. Or August at the earliest

  8. Guys think a little. Obviously everyone’s console will be invisible for the two months leading up to E3. That’s when they’ll reveal the console and allow everyone else to see their’s.

  9. The question is though, when do we start to get more info about the Wii U. Okay the final version will be at E3, but I’m sure we’d be happy to hear more about it before then. Ninty said we’d hear nothing more about it until 2012 and that’s less than 2 months away……

    Wait, what? Crap! I have to start my Christmas shopping

    Ummm, never mind

  10. I seriously doubt it would be released in April. It would be a bad move to release it before E3. Unless they wanna get it to market before they display it at E3 so Sony and Microsoft don’t have time to copy them.

  11. I’d say around this time next year. Im not trusting a source I’ve never even heard of. Nintendo also said that the final version of the systemwill be shown at next years E3 which I believe is in June

  12. Hoping for a July release. Idk about anyone else, but I’m camping out in front of Best Buy the night before this console’s release, and the next morning I’m getting up an hour before opening time, and once I get inside and have boughten the thing as well as a ton of launch games, I’m throwing a party at my house and invitin all my friends just to play the Wii U. Hopin for a July release date so no one will be in school, and so it will be warm at night/morning when I’m camping out.

    1. Yeh..

      I was wishing a late June Early July release.

      Late June is most likely as nintendo said last form is coming on june. i don’t want August because i will be away on holliday and i want to play my games 2 weeks before then.

  13. sickr I just want to say…your icon is ADORABLE!!! Oh and by the way, this wasn’t news that I was exactly hoping for…I mean, there’s less legitimate updates and if it’s true, I don’t want Ninty to rush out their awesome new console!

  14. They stated they will demonstrate the final model at E3. E3 is in July, April is before July.
    I think someone is just guessing :D

  15. One THING PEOPLE is this Nintendo! Nope so why should listen to people who has nothing to do with WiiU Launch or Nintendo.

  16. Iwata didn’t say that it wouldn’t release before E3, he just stated that the final unit would be at E3. So…there’s still a slight chance that it could be released before E3.

    Hell, the 3DS launched in March of this year, yet the original DS launched in November.
    I believe releasing it in Spring of 2012 would be a smart move, as the console would gain more and more momentum by the holidays.

    Just saying.

  17. As much as I’d like Nintendo to release their next system, I don’t want them to launch an unfinished console. I think the 3DS was launched before it was truly finished, and Nintendo fans don’t want to see the same thing with the WiiU.

  18. I love how, even after a full page of comments, people are still saying “OMG NO WAI, DEY ARE GONNA SHOW IT AT E3 IN JOON SO LYKE DAT CANT HAPPEN DOOD!”

    Seriously. We get it. First comment stated that. Read the damn comments (at least one or two for crying out loud) before you post.

  19. I aLso hope they change the name.
    So many people (casuals who don’t research game stuff online) have no clue that it’s an all new console. Even a wII or Wii II would show people it’s new and not an add on.

    Sick of explaining it to people.

    1. True. But remember, casual gamers who buy ipod’s, ipad’s, and not to mention ALL OTHER GAME COMPANIES CONSOLES use similar names for all their products. Xbox, 360, ps, ps2, ps3, ipod 1, 2, 3, 3s, 4, etc. etc.

      People are getting used to this sort of thing ;)

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