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Nintendo Wii: The Last Story Given A Brand New Name And A Firm Release Date?

Wiitalia are reporting that the acclaimed Wii RPG The Last Story will be titled The Last World and will be released in Europe on February 22nd. Sadly there’s still no news as to whether Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower will come to North America.

26 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Last Story Given A Brand New Name And A Firm Release Date?”

    1. I’m going to say that’s what they’re going for. Cliche, overused subtitles the public is familiar with. That’s why they added that dreaded “Chronicles” to Xenoblade.

      That and Nintendo Europe likes to do things even more in its own way than the other Nintendos. Remember Advance Wars “Dark Conflict”?

  1. holy crap, why not just call it The Last Game and be done with it? It sounds like a boring, cliche movie that people will pass on.

  2. Well, I don’t mind the change. I mean, didn’t you guys sense that The Last Story was a spin-off of Final Fantasy? :)

  3. I wouldn’t care if it was named to “The Last Crap” if it was released NOW. Just translate it to english (EUA, England, Australia, whatever) and release it. If the gameplay is not changed I’ll be fine.

  4. I’m tired of placing hope in these games, no one even seems to care in the world. I mean those who have control over these things. People want it, and yet all they can say is there are no plans, they are just frustrating the heck out of us.

  5. My bet is that they changed the name because there are some idiots who would think that this is actually the last story and thus

    1) They don’t buy the game since they haven’t played previous stories.
    2) They would be totally confused if a sequel is released.

  6. Lame name, will import screw NOA and whoever was like…. no we don’t want good games in the US… more COOKING MAMA!

  7. They changed the name because people who dont know much about it will think it’s just a cheap knockoff of Final Fantasy.

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